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Last month, we made random live quests spawn more often. This month, we have re-added a couple of your old favorites back into the queue. So the next time you hear the sounds of trumpets blaring or townsfolk crying out in horror, it may just mean that the deadly Archus or the terrifying Raze are on a rampage once more!

If you do happen to be unfortunate enough to be around for one of their assaults, be sure to give us any feedback, you may have, as we will be making some adjustments while we get a feel for how players fare against them. Also keep your eyes peeled for new random live quests popping up in the future. Now that they happen more frequently, we will want to make sure that you don't get burned out fighting the same handful of battles over and over again.

More Than

If you have a need for speed... at least where your weapons are concerned, then you should be pleased to find that that speed enhanced weapons now spawn more often throughout the game. Which is especially good if you use them for live questing, since random live quests have also been changed to spawn more often.

In other news, you may have noticed that the high score lists stopped updating after the crash last week. Well, they've since been fixed and are now back to updating on an hourly basis!


Nine years, nine months. That's how long it has been since Wyvern first opened for Alpha testing. It's hard to believe that it has been almost 10 years, but through the good times and, yes the hard, Wyvern has endured. It's an amazing feat and something that shouldn't pass without a bit of fanfare. So, we will be doing something a little special for the grand anniversary and hope that you all can stop by and help us mark the day appropriately. It's a bit soon to give away any spoilers, but expect some hints to pop out as we get closer to the big day. For now, just try to remember the date: February 4, 2011. Hope to see you then!

Free Action Where Art Thou?

Good news free action ring lovers! Instead of having to wear two rings of free action, to get the benefit of its bonus, you now only have to wear one... should you be lucky enough to obtain it in a live quest. To make this possible, all current free action rings have been removed. Enjoy!

ISP Unhinged

As you may be aware, we've been having some prolonged ISP related issues lately that have been contributing to lag and, more recently, connection problems for some. We believe these issues to now be resolved, but we'll be keeping an eye on things for the next few days to be sure they do not start up again. If you experience any further problems, be sure to let us know.

Things That Stack

You may have noticed that trying to shop for projectiles and thrown weapons could be a bit of a pain as they would (mostly) only appear in spawns of one. This was very much unintended and so we are pleased to announce that many, of those items, now have a chance to spawn in larger quantities! Mind you, there are exceptions. For example, arrows of returning will never appear in spawns of more than one (for obvious reasons). But, the more common, cheaper items should be a tad easier to procure from now on.

In other news, there have been a couple of website bugs that allowed players to "stack" more than 5 accounts onto their email addresses. As a result, many people have 6 accounts attached to a single email address and a small number of people have anywhere between 7 and 18. We fixed these bugs so that you cannot do that anymore, but it is possible that excess accounts will be deleted for you in the future. So, we recommend that those of you who have been affected, take steps to make sure that you are properly within the 5 character limit. If you are not sure if this applies to you or not, you can use the website's Find A Player feature to have the game send you a list of the accounts attached to your email address.

Mithril: The Metal, the Myth, the Legend

In our continued efforts to balanced not only swords, but various weapons, we've made some adjustments to mithril weapons, in particular, today. The primary effect of these tweaks is that they can now all be wielded with one hand. Which is, of course, due to the, light, well balanced (so to speak) nature that makes mithril so famous. We suggest you take some out to get used to these changes and re-evaluate your thinking on what weapon is right for you. You may, very well, find that the benefit of having a mithril weapon and shield is more valuable to you than having some of the, now two-handed, weapons you had been upgrading to in favor of increased damage... or not. It's all up to you to use this new bit of diversity to decide what is best for you.

A Week of News

This past week has seen a number of updates that many of you may already be aware of. But for the rest of you, we'd like to take this time to catch you up. In no particular order:

Swords - A number of standard swords were changed from one-handed to two-handed weapons to better match how powerful they truly were. But fear not, for there are still some weak one-handed ones to be had, including a few new ones. We also may make a few more (slight) changes to swords, overall, as we collect your feedback and observe the current changes in effect. So stay tuned all your loyal sword wielding adventurers!

Staves - Like with swords, we made some adjustments to various staves. Specifically, we weakened the Shepherd's Crook a bit and did the same to all of the Mages Guild staves, in addition to making them one-handed. Obviously, they're not very good in combat since you can't do much with a one-handed staff of their size, except to bonk a naughty apprentice on the head. However, most Mages do not care about this and are much happier to just absorb their staff's magical bonuses while hiding behind a shield and casting spells from afar. So it's only natural that the Mages Guild staves not be combat oriented.

Fishing - For those of you missing the ability to do some fishing, feel free to rejoice for everyone's favorite fishing shacks have reopened throughout Wyvern! As before, you can experience the wonderful world of fishing in New Verden, Davos, Glacier Point, and the Isle of Maiye.

Blacksmith Gloves - A little while ago, we made some changes to help revive the blacksmithing skill a bit. While not as major, this week Blacksmithing Gloves were changed so that they can be worn by all players, instead of just axeman. But you'll still have to do a lot of work to find and obtain these gloves, as they are very much still a quest reward.

Enchanting - Also a little while ago, we made some adjustments to enchanting prematurely that have had a negative impact on the game and so we reversed part of it. As a result, you will find that enchanting armor is no longer as overpowered as it has been and so you should be careful if you were depending on enchanted armor to get by. Down the road, we hope to get enchantments properly balanced, so that it offers a nice bonus for many of you that isn't as overpowered as it was or as underpowered has it has been in the past. However, we won't be doing this right away and we can't say when it will happen, so just keep your eyes peeled to the news.

Group Heal

Last year, when we announced that spam healing had been fixed, we told you all that further additions were coming down the pipe to help make your character's lives easier. You've seen some already: AC was fixed, healing stones were added to the game, etc. Well today, we have one more for you. We've been dying to get this to you awhile now, so are very pleased to announce the addition of the group heal spell! This should not only make it much easier to have access to quick healing, but it should increase the importance grouping with other players. Something that we will continue to build on in the future.

Speaking of groups, we'd also like to remind you all that while we have removed the level limits on grouping, that does not mean that you cannot break the rules while in a group. We want you to have fun with it and put together a good party with various skills. As a result, you may end up taking along a low level thief to help get through some doors and in exchange your group allows him to collect a bit of loot or you may do something similar with a healer. All of that is fine. However, it is very much against the rules to lead low level players around for the sole purpose of helping them get free xp and/or gold. This is, in part, considered skirting the no transferring rule. So please make sure you do not lead people, who do not contribute, through dungeons for these purposes. If you have any questions about this rule, the forum is a great place to ask and you are always welcome to try contacting a wizard in-game.

Headache Be Gone

To further limit a bit of the annoyance factor that some of you have no doubt encountered when interacting with other players, we added a timer to atmospheres so that they can no longer be spammed. Additionally, the ignore command has been improved so you will no longer see the atmospheres or says of someone you have put on ignore! If someone you ignored still manages to find a way to bother you, be sure to contact a wizard.

In other news - Uncurse altars, anvils, and indentify tables have all been improved so, not only can you now uncurse, repair, or idenify an item based on its name, but you can estimate how much your uncursing, repairing, or idenifying will cost ahead of time (players trying to uncurse stackable items should find this especially handy). To learn how to do these things, make sure to use the "instructions" command when you're standing over one of those three objects.


Given all the new ways that have come out to protect players against the death element, we have readjusted the resistance given by Amulets of Death Protection. So if you're still one of those dinosaurs who tries to fend off a Reaper's death ray with only that one piece of metal hanging from your neck, take note before it's too late. Also, keep an eye out incase we decide to tweak it a bit further (you've been warned).

In other amulet news, you may have noticed that there was an Amulet of Night Vision which sold for two different prices. In any case, the lower priced one is now an Amulet of Darksight, which offers a few less points in darksight than its more expensive counterpart.

XP, Bugs and Tweaks, Oh My!

Several tweaks and adjustments occurred today.

Cone spells are continuing to be tweaked and adjusted. We've been working on a balance between power and duration. Towards this goal, the cone spells that did not have a duration now have one, and it maxes out. They have been adjusted so that the higher lore spells have longer duration than lower lore spells.

Player Enchanting has been adjusted to give a broader range of protection from all types of damage. If your previously enchanted items do not appear enchanted when you first login after this change, just re-login and it will adjust them.

There have been some changes made to the way players gain experience (XP).

Some bugs were also addressed today.

Let us know if you notice any bugs or have any ideas by using the bug or idea command.

2 Major Rule Changes

As we've been making changes and seeing what works, doesn't work and needs tweaking, we are also looking at ways to improve the game experience for lower level players and groups. Today's changes reflect these aims.

Group level limits have been removed. You can now group with any one, of any level. Of course, do keep in mind this does not change any other rules. Including the rule that you can never help your alts, and the like. Due to this change in grouping, the invite level limit has also been removed.

The Give command got a small update as well. You can now give items to other players that are of low value and there is a limit enforced per reboot. This will accomplish a few things; It will help the low level players that need a sword in a hurry, and it will help groups as they share reagents or other low value items. If you don't wish to be given items, you can use the nogifts command.

There are also some other minor fixes that were done. Last say command was fixed as well as filters working on grouptells.

Axe Guild and Fortress Changes

Now that all weapons are created equal, as the saying goes, the Axe Guild no longer needs its extra 10 Axe skill bonus to be comparable. That has been removed. To keep them comparable to other guilds, they are receiving +5 to Strength and +5 to Find Weakness.

We are also announcing a very small change to the spell Fortress. Your earth skill will now increase a timer on how long it lasts. It is a very long timer, but it will not last indefinitely any longer.

Closed Alpha Testing

Last year, we let a few of you in on our plans for a bigger, better version of Wyvern that would have a brand new code base and a full time staff to pump out new and exciting content on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the state of the economy, combined with the problems involved with finding investors willing to support a 2D game, caused us to have some prolonged funding issues that went unresolved for quite some time. As a result, not only has there been no follow up news, but the wizards were beginning to doubt that it would be possible to finish this project. So they thought it would be a good idea if people didn't take it too seriously.

However, we are very pleased to announce that things have turned around in the last few months as we now have some new investors and, as a result, we have been very hard at work on an alpha version of Wyvern 2. It's still in its early stages, so it's a bit buggy, but we feel that it is at a point where we can open it up for closed alpha testing. What this means is that will be setting up a private server, for the new version of the game, on an invite only basis so that a lucky few can come over and help us work out some of the kinks. Those of you who do get the invite will get a sneak peek at a few new races, a bunch of brand new items, some new areas, and various other things that some members of our team have been working on while everyone has been hard at work rewriting Wyvern's code in Ruby. But, most of all, you will get to know that you have played an important part in helping us create a new era in Wyvern history.

We know that there are a lot of you who would love this opportunity to help us, but unfortunately, we only need a few dozen testers at this time. So we've decided to give you all an opportunity to make a plea for an invite. To do so, simply email us at LetMeTestWyvern2@cabochon.com and tell us why you think we should invite you to help us in this pivotal stage. It doesn't have to a verbose or particularly eloquent letter. Just say whatever feels right to you and those requests that catch our eye will receive a return email telling them what to do to make a test account and where to go to access to the alpha testing server. It's not up at the moment, but it will be in the next few days. So you are welcome to email us at anytime between now and then. Just be aware that we're not going to wait for all the emails to come through and then pick the best ones. Rather, we will be selecting the ones we like, as they come in. So hurry up with your email as alpha testing slots are bound to go quickly.

DISCLAIMER: Invites cannot be traded and invites cannot be given out by wizards. So you must email us if you wish to try to obtain one.

As exciting as alpha testing may be to some of you, we know that many others are interested in when exactly we intend to go gold with Wyvern 2. Well, as a few of you know, we promised to get it up this spring, but due to the aforementioned issues, we've pushed back our planned release date to early 2011 (hopefully in time for Wyvern's 10 year anniversary). However, we promise it will be well worth the wait. There will new races, areas, guilds, live quests, items, and much, much more. We even have a couple of guys working on an exciting portable home and portable clan hall system. Unlike previous incarnations, this new system will come will a mini in-game map editor that will allow you to create your old interiors just as effortlessly as a wizard can make a map. Perhaps, the best part of all is that you and your friends can play in your newly created building as soon as you're done, as there will be a built in check system that will make sure you don't put anything where it shouldn't go and tells you everything you need to do to have a complete map. As a result, the need for someone on our staff to review your work will be completely eliminated.

Of course in order to make this all possible, the final product needs to be pay to play. But, the old Wyvern will keep on running for free. Which is exactly why we promoted trusted members of the old wizard base, last year, and let them go to work, fixing up the game. Even while we strive to push the boundaries of online, 2D gaming with Wyvern 2, there will always be people, not only maintaining the old game, but working to provide new experiences for anyone who choose to play on our free server(s).

Mages & Giants

Continuing with our announcement, yesterday, of working to tweak races and guilds, today we have another special treat. Magical stat boosts can now put Mages over their maximum level in elemental skills. So, basically, high level mages that use rings, amulets, other stat boosting gear, have natural bonuses, etc., will find that they have a few more skill points next time they check their skills! Meanwhile, giants now move faster while shrunk. So if you're a giant who is tired of moving at the speed of Godzilla, in one of those old movies, this should help you out! Enjoy and keep an eye on the news for similar updates.

WebStart & More Balances

After much effort, we are pleased to announce that we have the old Wyvern Webstart client up and running again! This should open the game up to many of you who were perhaps having problems using our regular old client, as it is a bit outdated and may not work so well on certain systems. If you are such an individual, we recommend you go here and try it out. For those of you who have no problems, but decide to play with the WebStart client, be aware that some game art may not match what you're used to. WebStart users will find that they can see a bunch of updated artwork, submitted by Arisu (and other wizards). Where as, everyone else will have to wait until we release a new client or until we are once again able to update the old one. But, since this is, literally, a cosmetic change, it shouldn't be a big deal.

In other news, we've made some adjustments to the Ranger's Guild and to Fire Giants. The purpose of this update is to put this guild more in line with other guilds and this giant more in line with other giants. So you all should be pleased with the adjustments. As always, stay tuned for more tweaks as we try to get everything, not too hot, not too cold, but just right!

Telling the future

Crystal balls, MMA viewer balls, and the scrying spell were changed to tell the person that someone is spying on them, but not who. They are also told how to turn spying off and that on their next move, the spier will no longer be able to watch them when they do so. You will also no longer be able see messages, as you were potentially seeing something the player would have rather kept private.

In unrelated news, portable holes were changed so that you can no longer use them to get out of traps. You can still go into them when trapped, but you will find yourself trapped again when you come out.

Weapon Tweaks

Daggers were left in the dust apparently. With no blade guild many years ago, daggers were rarely used and so when they were created daggers were not properly upgraded to meet the weapon criteria. Now, because of Rogue's guild, daggers are being used. So we took a look at them today and brought them up to current weapon standards.

We also took this time to look at -all- other weapons and bring the ones that were not up to the current weapon standards up to where they should be. This should help players a great deal.

Just for general information, all weapon skills are now comparable to each other. This will help all the guilds, especially Rogue's guild, to hold their own in battles.

Let us know via the bug command or idea command if you notice that anything is unusual or that we may have missed something while looking at so many weapon files.

Spell Tweaks

Today's spell tweaks... and the winners are..... Fireball, Blizzard and Dragon Breath!

Fireball and Blizzard have been tweaked so that the mana cost does not increase as your skill increases. There has been an appropriate adjustment to their power, but you will find the extra mana a nice change that allows you to use fireball and blizzard more often.

Dragon Breath has been weakened after realizing that it was over the top. So we've made the appropriate adjustment so that it's not quite as dangerous, but it's still Dragon Breath!

Let us know if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

Snack Time

For all you hungry, monster-eating fiends out there, we have made it so that chunkier monsters now restore more food points. But, don't expect to fill your belly up with cave troll meat. This is still raw food that has not been cleaned, so if you want to be able to eat a whole meal, store bought food is where the real food points are at. Also, knowing that this new food system is especially hard on new players, we made it so that low level players do not get hungry as quickly! Don't expect it to last very long, though. Once a player starts to get into mid-level territory, they will get hungry at the same rate as everyone did before this update.

In related news, we made it so Sokoban lovers now receive a special food item upon solving a level. You can use them while you're solving levels, so that you don't have to leave to buy food or you can save them for later use. However, you will find that you no longer get quest points for solving Sokoban... at all. Due to rampant cheating, there's really no way that such a mini game can fairly reward players with quest points and so, this was a long time coming. But, Sokoban is still a lot of fun for all the puzzle solvers out there and it can serve as a fun distraction from monster bashing for many. So, stop on by some time, solve a level or two, and enjoy its new selection of random music!

Finally, there's been some confusion about what happens to your food points when you logout. In an effort to end this confusion, we'd just like to remind you that you do not lose any food points when you're not logged in... at all. Instead, you will always come back to find that you had the same amount as when you logged out. You just want to make sure that you actually logout when you're ready to leave and you do not let the game boot you for being idle. To do this, type "quit," apply to a reality bed, or go to client's toolbar, click on "Game" and then click on "Disconnect." If you leave by another method, such as walking away from your computer without doing anything or Xing out the window, your character will remain on the server, even if you client is not opened on your computer.


The Paladin Council of Elders has finally decided that Dark Elves are too evil to be Paladins. They have evicted all dark elves from the guild and henceforth bar their entry. Some speculate that this is because dark elves have replaced their racial bow ability with a blades bonus. This should encourage some of you to give the Rogues Guild a try, as it did not exist when Dark Elves were originally developed.

Those of you with special speech patterns, i.e. paladins, nagas, cavies, will now notice that your speech pattern applies to all shout channels, not just those previously reserved for in character communication. Race/guild filters are for adding flavor to the game. If you have a problem with talking with them, then there are plenty of non-filtered races and guilds to choose from.

We welcome back the main shout channel as a channel you can unsubscribe from. To unsubscribe from main, type "unsubscribe main". Unlike in previous incarnations, the main channel will not have the "[main]" tag it once had, but will look the same as the regular shout channel did of recent times. In addition, if you have someone on your ignore list, you will no longer see their shouts in any channel!

We received some reports of player summoned monsters that were either not hostile to other monsters or were hostile to players when initially summoned. This has been corrected; so feel free to utilize those legions of chickens and foxes to attack your favorite foes with.

Some cone spells have been updated to do more damage and to be more in line with how much damage ball spells do. In addition, some monsters where not getting enough element skill points for the spells they used. So as you are traveling around, be aware that some monsters may be much stronger than you are accustom to. As always, we may make further adjustments to balance the damage done as we see the effects of this change.

If you cast a ball or cone spell, then logged off before the spell completed, they were sometimes being left on the screen. While they did not continue to cause damage, this was not the intention. Now these spells should disappear when the player disconnects.

Big Bang

The first big change of the year is: Changing how racial bonuses/negatives are applied to players. For most, this should be an invisible change. Rakshasas will notice that they now have the negatives in weapon melee skills that they were always supposed to have: -7 in all weapon based melee skills, unarmed is not weapon based. Those players that had a melee skill should notice that it is gone now. Any training over your level should be gone now as well. As with any change to the core to the game, there might be other inadvertent affects, so please continue to test a report any problems.

Frost Wave

In the past, the Frost Wave spell would damage you if you moved (while it was active). However, since this was especially hard on certain players, we recently changed it. You'll now find that it doesn't hurt you at all. Enjoy.

Wyvern: Year in Review

It's no secret that Wyvern had infrequent and sparse updates over the last number of years. So, it was no surprise when 2009's first news post announced that it was starting off the new year with a new area and was then only followed with two additional news posts, over that next three months. What did come as a surprise was that, three months and five days after that initial news post, a flood of updates and bug fixes were forthcoming, the likes of which had not been seen since 2003.

As a result, Wyvern has gone through a bit of a tremulous period. Significant changes were made to correct long standing issues and push Wyvern forward toward that overall vision we all hear so much about. In the meantime, players have been asked to be patient while these issues are worked out and the time comes where all these threads can be pulled together to bring the game to a point where it is more stable, more fun, and more populace than in the previous couple of years. So, join us for the remainder of this review as we take a glimpse at the significant updates of 2009 and round things off with a hint out where Wyvern is headed in 2010 and beyond.

Note: If you're interested in a topic, below, you can click on a link to read the full news post.


An important part of the work done in 2009 has involved balance. The game was in a bit of a bad spot. It had gotten to the point where, for some, Wyvern was less about playing a fun, challenging, game and more about going through dull tasks to rack up XP. There's still a lot of work to be done in this area, which will not just add some more of that challenge back into the game, but also promises to make sure players can have fun doing it without things being overwhelming. In the meantime, a lot of progress was made in 2009 and to prove that, here are the top 7 balance updates of the year.

Bug Fixes

Another important focus of 2009 had to do with fixing long standing bugs. Some, were happily exploited, while others were a barrel of frustration for the players who encountered them. Like with balance, significant progress has been made to fix the game's bugs. Here are the top 7.


As the wizards focused much of their efforts on balance issues and bug fixes, maps became less of a priority in 2009. So areas weren't developed to the full extent that they had been, in previous years. But, there were some updates of note. To start out the new year, Arch Wizard Contrare introduced everyone to the inventive New Verden University. Following that, a blast from last year's summer event reappeared in the form of the mountain village, known as Hawthorne. Then Elder Wizard Binyamin gave New Verden its third major makeover and Minath Elion received some made over indoor maps of its own. Finally a new pk arena, for low levels, was opened up in Amita and came complete with a little something, made by the game's newest wizard, Khalon, called the Applewood Farm.


2009 was an especially exciting year for game art. Granted, new art is introduced to the game all the time, but we were really able to improve upon some of the game's older art this year. Monsters got redone, various items got redone, blacksmithing items received unique images, amulets received unique images, monsters received fresh corpses, and new guild images were introduced for Humans. Much of this was thanks to the hard work of Wizard Arisu with special contributions by Wizard Valkon. You can read more about some of these updates here, here, and here.


Truly, a lot of work got done in 2009, but not all of the year's highlights can neatly fit in a particular category, so here are the top 7 miscellaneous updates of 2009.


How much work exactly got done in 2009? It's hard to put into numbers, but to give you an idea, a whopping 69 news posts were made this year with only two having been made before the month of April. June was the busiest month, seeing a total of 13 news posts, with May and April falling only slighty behind. By September, things slowed down a bit as the wizards had gotten much of the major balance/bugs over with and began focusing on loose ends. As for the hardest working wizards of 2009? That has to go to Contrare and Teshuvah with Arilou, Arisu, Binyamin, Khalon, and Valkon adding their own special touches to the game.

Overall, it's a been a great year that has set up a lot for 2010. As we move into, not only a new year, but a new decade, we will continue to work to shore up the game's balance and continue to fix Wyvern's never ending list of bugs. Our goal is to get the game balanced enough to where we can once again work on the fun updates that players enjoy so much... and when we get there, we will be able to do it at a level which players have not seen since 2004. There's still a hard road ahead, but not an impossible one, and while 2009 saw a lot of updates that might be considered nerfs, 2010 will see more tweak type updates that are aimed at nudging things toward a game that properly mixes a game's need to be challenging and fun at the same time.

What's near the top of our list, you ask? Food and healing, we reply. The game needs more updates to make it easier for players under the new food system and the game needs more updates that make it easier under the new healing system. When we set up the new healing system, our goal was so that players could develop classes that are able to survive perfectly fine without healing while others developed classes that existed to not only be healers for themselves, but to support others in a group setting. This has yet to be realized, in part, because it involves a lot more changes to various aspects of the game. But, moving forward, you will see us lay more of the foundation, that will not only help you get there, but will help you in your travels.

In conclusion, we have high hopes for 2010 and we look forward to seeing your familiar 'faces' as we try to realize those hopes. Goodbye 2009, hello 2010... Happy New Years.


Here is not one, not two, but three gifts for players. The element limit on all spells has been reduced from 1 to 0. All should work to a less degree with 0 in the element. You still won't be able to use the spells with negative elements.

The second gift is that Random Dungeons now go much deeper than before. There is still a limit, but we will see if any of you are good enough to find the bottom. This is a temporary change while we continue to tweak other things, so enjoy.

The third gift is you now should starve ever so slightly less frequently. Just like any other change, this is a work in progress and could be tweaked again as we see the impact.

Someone let scrooge loose and he changed all rods to have a recharge delay, so no more spamming of fireball/blizzards from rods.

As is true in real life, the joy is in the giving, so you can give back to Wyvern by continuing to beta test all facets of the game.

Rescheduled PK LQs

Due to a family emergency, the PK LQs scheduled for today were unable to be run. We apologize for not giving any warning, but it was a very sudden thing. To make up for it, they have been rescheduled for tomorrow (Sunday) at the same time. Thank you for everyone who patiently showed up and waited. We couldn't be more sorry.

Live Quests

We'd just like to remind everyone that there are some live quests planned for this weekend and you can find out about them by checking out our new game events feature, on the website. We know things have been a bit slow lately and we hope to get back on track soon. But, in the meantime, we'd like to let you know that we appreciate your loyality to Wyvern and thank you for your patience... with some live quests!

Return of the Arisu Art

Fans of Arisu's game art will be pleased to see some more of her work about.

To start with, we mainstreamed some of your favorite monsters from last year's First Day of Summer LQ! They're not quite as tough as the ones who responded to Nec-Bathat's call on that horrid day, but they sure do like the taste of player meat.

Following that, you will find more monsters with corpses, including all of the main thieving monsters. This means the remains of leprechauns, both nymphs, and pests will be easier to spot. Just remember that thieving monsters cannot teleport out of the map they ambush you in and they will always leave a corpse. Sometimes, they will teleport right as you deal the killing blow, (or die from a trap or monster's spell) so you may have to look around for it. But, hopefully, these new corpses will aid you in locating your pilfered loot before the game reboots on you.

To round things off, we now have a new pocket sized game meter to help you keep track of the server time. It can be found in most general stores and sells for much less than those Zif-O-Meters. So, if you find yourself constantly asking for the time or you want to make sure you get a quest in before the game reboots, think about picking one up. Alternatively, the fancier Zif-O-Meters, that come in a variety of colors for a variety of occasions, can still be found in Coran should you want to keep track of time in style.

Scheduled Game Events

In August, we teased an upcoming website feature that would help us announce game events in advance. After some thought, on how best to do this, we decided to go with google's calendar service. It's very easy to use. Just click on the Game Events link, located on the left hand index (right under the player forum link). Once there, you will see a full sized calendar. Any upcoming events will be listed under the day they are taking place and if you click on the event name, a description will come up that will tell you what to expect. Meanwhile, Pacific Time is used for all start times, so keep that in mind for figuring out when the event will happen for your time zone. Also, most events will be announced a few days before the planned date, but you should check it often so you don't miss out on anything!

To kick of this new feature, we have four upcoming events planned! This weekend, expect some pk fun with a lq for everyone, Saturday afternoon, and a lq for low levels, Sunday night. For some mid-week fun, we decided to do some fun with food, given the nature of our latest set of updates. All events are xp safe, so all levels are welcome. Even if you haven't been on in awhile, now would be a good time to catch up on things, chat with old friends, and partake in an event or two!

Menus II

In the previous news post, we introduced a new feature that allowed you to order food from a menu as a way to lessen the intense competition over shop food. After a month of observation and tweaking, we are pleased to announce that we now have a proper ordering system for Wyvern's taverns! It has already made its way to a good number of them and it will soon be in many others. The idea is that you will be able to walk into almost any tavern (or restaurant) in the game and place an order for some quick food to fill your rumbling belly.

Details of how the system works, can be found in the player manual. But, you should also know that taverns, in the starting towns, offer food at less than shop price, for players under level 5, while others have taken advantage of the food shortage in stores and hiked up their prices a bit. So, you might want to comparison shop if you have the opportunity.

Down the road, expect some more updates centered around making it easier to survive under the new food system. But in the meantime, we'd like to remind you that the create food spell, creates better food, the higher your skill in life is. So, if you find that the food you are creating is almost useless to you, then you need to train life or find some items that give you life bonuses. Also, it's very much possible to survive on found food alone. Just search through some buildings in towns and cities next time you get a chance. There is plenty of food just "lying around." Overall, it may be an adjustment having to deal with food now, but if you take some time to get used to it, it should become second nature in no time.


Some of you may have found it a bit difficult to locate food since recent changes have led to players trying to stock up on as much of it as they could stuff in their little cheeks. As a result, we became fearful that you would start trying to eat each other and so, we created menus that allow you to directly order food as a way to make it quick and easy to fill those hungry bellies of yours! However, be aware that this food will last a very short amount of time before it begins to spoil. Therefore, eat up quickly and stick to shop bought and found food when stocking up for a good old fashion, dungeon crawl.

At the moment there's one menu The Hanging Half Orc Tavern, in New Verden, which is for levels 5 and below only, and there's one for everyone else at the Wharfside Tavern, in Minath Elion. If these menus prove to be a success, expect to see them all over Wyvern in a few days! So try them out, bug report any problems you may find, and let us know what you think.

Ranger Guild Armor Adjustments...

Ranger's Guild Master was fired today. He was charged with causing confusion amongst his guild members. He will be replaced at the next guild meeting, date is yet to be determined. To clear up any confusion the Ranger's Guild is announcing that the guild armor limitations are as follows:

No Cloaks may be worn Only Leather or Cloth Gloves may be worn.
Only Leather or Cloth Gauntlets may be worn.
Only Leather or Cloth Body Armor may be worn.
All other armor is currently allowed.

We hope his clears up any confusion caused by the hapless Ex-Guild Master.

Monk Guild Changes and more...

The Monk's Guild is getting a much needed update today. Now they will get a +5 Bonus to their hunger level on joining the Monk's Guild and another +1 bonus to hunger level every other guild level they achieve. This is because Monks have the ability to control and deny their bodies, which becomes stronger as they gain guild levels.

They will also be getting +2 Mind Magic Skill every Guild level and +2 Healing skill every Guild level, instead of the previous +1 per Guild level for Mind Magic and Healing.

We have noticed some unusual things happening with food spoiling since food became more important. We made some adustments today to make food spoilage work properly. Also, there are a few things that will also be put into the game soon to make it easier for you to purchase food. So keep an eye out for those.

Let us know if you notice any bugs or ideas via the bugs or idea command.

Hungry Hungry Player

Today we've made some efforts to balance how hunger works in the game. For most of you, needing to eat food is a novelty that doesn't matter much unless you're purposely trying to starve yourself to see what happens. Well, we'd like to see it be a tad more interesting, so we made some adjustments to the rate at which you all get hungry. As a result, you will find that you need to eat a bit more to fill up and various races will now get hungry at different rates. You will also find that the satiety spell no longer completely fills you up, but instead it uses your skill in Earth to determine how many food points to restore.

On the other end of the scale, eating corpses will now restore more food points depending on how meaty the monster was. So if you're watching your weight, don't think eating a 100 ton dinosaur is still the same as eating a 1 pound rat. But, beware, eating a dungeon, swamp, or cave dwelling monster that hasn't been washed, skinned, and prepared for your diner table is not always the smartest thing in the world to do. So, if you insist of feasting on the blood of slain foes, you may find yourself with a nasty stomach ache...or worse.

In other news, if typing "swim on" and "swim off" is too much of a bother, you can just type "swim" to toggle between them and if you've been naughty and found yourself with a temp ban, you will now see the reason why when you try to relogin. But, do yourself a favor and read the rules so you don't ever have to worry about that.

Today is 09-09-09....

Just thought I'd share that with you. On a more serious note, a lot of work was done this week with more internal things, so there isn't a great deal of news to announce. There are a few things you should be aware of.

HoF images for humans will no longer revert to old images when they change guilds.

Scare Monster and Confuse Monster spells can no longer be cast on other players.

How Treasure Piles work has changed. They now act like a chest and you will use the commands "loot treasure pile" or "get from treasure pile", or "apply". They will disappear when emptied.

PK Deaths no longer make your death count get higher. This will not effect current death count, but any death count from this point on. The only way to see your PK death count is to be a member of the pk guild. So your death count (from this point on) will be monster deaths. If you want a PK death count, join the PK guild and use the pkscore command. This is a benefit of the PK guild only, now.

There is a new command, "nogifts". This prevents you from being given things by other players if you wish to stop it. (a pile of torches etc) You can use this command by typing nogifts on or nogifts off. If you don't use on or off, it will just toggle it.

Please continue to give us great ideas and report bugs!

What more is there to say but more....

Today there are some major and minor updates.

Halflings ability to become invisible was always meant to be the ability to hide in the shadows and not to work like the spell invisibility. Today there are updates toward that end. Now halflings will become visible when they attack a monster and give away their position. It is still possible for halflings to hide after the battle is done and enough time has passed to allow them to blend into the shadows again. Halflngs, like other races, can still use the invisibility spell or items. This change does not effect PK battles.

Poison, Poison Breath, and Poison Cloud are all able to become stronger now with the proper skill training.

The long standing bug where some items, like fire walking boots, would become unidentified if you put them in a bag and relogged has been fixed. So these items should no longer become unidentified.

A few things were fixed with traps. These include giants not noticing them at all, and using items to push through traps etc. Giants and Nagas also can no longer shrink, grow or shift to get out of traps.

Giants and Nagas can now shrink, grow and shift in Minath Monster Arena.

Plain bracers and girdles can now be enchanted. If they already give bonuses like strength they are considered already enchanted and can not be enchanted again.

Girdles and Bracers can be damaged now.

All potions now stack once they are repaired and identified.

Let us know if you have any problems, and continue to suggest ideas.

Coming down the home stretch...

We are finally nearing the end of spell fixes! (Everyone cheers!)

Todays changes are:

A few spells got cast limits. These include Magic Mine, Destruction, Create Trap, and Create Food.

The spell Bless now requires the reagent pixie dust.

Some bugs with Identify Tables, Repair Anvils, Orbs and the Jeweler tables finding items on the floor have been fixed.

Guild fixes: The bugs with the Rogue's guild, the Ranger's guild and the Monk's guild having issues with wearing or unwearing armor and skill change problems have been fixed. The down side of this is that if you were wearing a girdle that is made out of a material your guild doesn't allow you will no longer be able to wear that girdle, it now checks that slot as well.

Some bugs with player groups were fixed. The group will ungroup when player logs off, includes disbanding if leader logs off so you won't have to ungroup and regroup.

Fireball, blizzard and other ball spells will now explode if the target next to you is damagable, not pass through it.

Mana shield spell duration with Mind has been tweaked. You will need more Mind skill now to have it last longer.

The "last' command now works for says and your own messages were added to last says, tells and guildtells.

Let us know if you have any problems via the bug command.

The Tweak goes on...

Today we continued to make adjustments to spells.

You will now get XP for killing by Death Ray and Petrification.

How Guild XP is given when in groups has changed, this should make it easier for groups to gain Guild XP.

Cave Guild now gives Guild XP for Rakshasas wearing weapon Claws.

You will now get XP when your summons kill via Petrification.

Your coins should no longer get cursed.

More spells were adjusted to require 1 skill if you are able to use the spell via other means (scrolls/pots etc), Zero skill if they are not, and to dispel on death or quit when appropriate. These include: Continual light, Magic Map, Satiety, Summon Player, Join Player, Enchant Armor, Enchant Weapon, Repair, and others.

Wizard Eye - dispel error was fixed so that it no longer says you dispelled it again when it is already dispelled. (Bad Spam!)

Enlarge and Shrink Armor can now be cast on objects on the ground like the Enchant spells.

The Slow Spell now correctly slows your attack speed as well as your movement speed.

The Firewall spell now correctly takes Sulfur as a reagent.

The Fortress spell now requires 2 reagents, a rock and an earth stone. Earth stones can be found in most reagent stores.

Create Pool and Create Lava spells now have a duration, can be dispelled by caster, and dispel on death and quit. They also now have a cast limit.

Find Traps now works. Mind magic controls its effectiveness. Have fun experimenting with this one!

Continue to give us your input and ideas, and report any bugs or anything unusual you notice.

Giant Adjustments

Today we've made some adjustments to the stats of our four giant races. They've long suffered from balance issues and, as it turns out, part of the problem is that they were missing intended properties that were even listed on the website. For example, you may have noticed that the character creation page told you that Fire Giants were vulnerable to cold when that just wasn't the case. Well, we fixed that and to make it fair, Frost giants are now vulnerable to fire, Storm Giants are vulnerable to both cold and fire, (but to a lesser degree) and Stone Giants are vulnerable to paralysis and confusion. The website has also been updated to reflect these changes.

If you're a giant, you can use potions of enlightenment to see just how vulnerable you are. However, do not be alarmed by what you see. You may be inclined to compare it with resistances, but they actually work quite differently from one another. So if you have, say, 35 vulnerability in an element, it is nothing like having 35 resistance against that same element as the resistance actually will protect you more than the vulnerability will open you up to harm. We recommend you play with these changes for awhile and get used to both the changes, themselves, and having to use certain magical equipment to compensate. We think they are quite reasonable given the tremendous benefits giant races receive, but if you have constructive input, after having tested the changes, you're welcome to let us know.

Also, be aware that some tweaks were made to giant speed. They all attack a little slower with Storm Giants now swinging their weapons the fastest of the four, Fire and Frost Giants coming in a bit behind, and Stone Giants, in last place, having trouble figuring out which side of the club to grip. They also all move slower now. Once again, Stone Giants are forced to tug along in last place, but this time the three other giant races are equal in movement speed. These adjustments are reasonably minor and as a treat, we discovered that Naga Hydras were a bit too slow while working on this and so we sped them up while we were at it!

Spell updates and more tweaks to past updates continue...

The updates you will notice today are:

Healing spells have been tweaked. As we continued to watch them after the first change we realized that they needed a boost. So today they got a boost to the amount they heal and the timer was tweaked based on Life skill trained.

You will notice more spells require 1 skill in their element to use. That is how they are all going to work as these spells are updated. If you can cast the spell other ways without any skill (scroll, pot, wand etc.) you will be required to have 1 skill in the spells element to use the spell. There may be a few exceptions from this depending on the spell (for example: magic whip is still zero skill because it is affected by whip skill, a melee skill, and dart spells are still zero because some are natural abilities.) but expect this to continue to be the norm in general on most spells. This is our first step in preparing spells to be used for the Mage guild updates at a later date. This update includes changing the message that you get when you don't have enough skill in that element. Instead of just saying "You do not have enough skill." It will now tell you what skill you are missing. Let us know if you notice any problems or messages that are off in some way by using the bug command.

Mana Shield now requires two elements. Spirit skill for strength and Mind skill for duration.

A few bugs were fixed with the newly functioning Hurled skill. This fix allows the throwing or firing of kept, hurled weapons as long as they are not cursed. You can't throw other kept items. The second fix is that Giants should no longer hit their feet when throwing south. (sadly....we liked this effect, but alas.....)

A few other fixes were done to hurled and ranged weapons:

Arrows fired using the mouse no longer skip hitting monsters in the first square.

Objects that return automatically when thrown or fired will return when fired or thrown at point blank range.
Bows/Crossbows now properly add their abilities to the the arrows, with the exception of speed. This includes those bows/crossbows with +damage, +accuracy, and those enchanted by players. Speed will be updated at a later date.

A general change is that Wands, Rods, and Scrolls should now obey the general casting limits for maps. If you can't cast magic in a map, you can't use these items as well. Potions are still exempt from this requirement.

The following spells can now be cast on group members and dispel upon death or logging out: Darkness, Fly, Glimpse, Invisibility, Light, Forestry, See Invisible, Water Breathing, Water Walk, Xray, and Speed.

Please continue to use the bug command and idea command and we fix, update and tweak things.

Upcoming Live Quest

Worshipers of the god, Sakragae, are sending out a call throughout the land for brave young adventurers interested in helping them collect strange magical gems from the player killer forest, south of Amita. In exchange for your services, they are willing to swap your gems with rare items and other valuables that they have found in their travels throughout New Verden and the surrounding areas.

By communing with their god, they have determined that the next appearance of these gems will be this upcoming Saturday at 6 PM Pacific Daylight Time. The phenomenon usually lasts between 30 and 45 minutes with gems randomly appearing every 5 minutes. However, be warned that there's likely to be competition from other adventurers who might try to increase their chances of collecting as many gems as possible, by stabbing you in the back. Fortunately, no xp can be lost within the pk forest, but it is recommended that you dust off your best level 8 or lower character and make sure you train and equip it as best you can before the event.

At the moment, the worshipers believe that future events will happen about once a month or so and as soon as they find out when one is coming, they will announce it on a soon to be released section of the website for scheduled game events (keep an eye on the news for more informating about this upcoming website feature). However, the nature of these gems is mysterious and so, for how long they will keep appearing at a regular frequency and how long the worshippers will be able to determine when the phenomenon is going it occur, is anyone's guess. Therefore, in a few months it may be found that players only have a brief moments notice to prepare themselves or that the gems have stopped appearing altogether. As such, we suggest you take part in the fun while you can!

Hurled Weapons, Random Dungeons, and Summons!

For many years now, you've seen signs of the hurled skill everywhere. Spears, throwing knives, throwing stars, rocks, and more. All of them strung about the game, but with no real use besides looking pretty due an unfortunate bug. Well, they've had it easy for too long, so we've finally decided to fix that bug and put them to work. As such you will find that hurled weapons everywhere now properly damage your enemies. So train those skill points and put those guild and item bonuses to good use! Hurled weapons are not as accurate as ranged weapons, but can be a useful aid for those of you who find yourselves in tough spots. To use a hurled weapon you can either ready it or use the throw command. Happy hurling!

In other news, we've continued our recent efforts to improve summoning. This time we've done so by realigning cast levels so that you will summon monsters that are at comparable levels, to the power of the spell you are casting, and by adding a massive number of new monsters to the list. As a result of this, you will also find that these new monsters appear in random spawns, magic traps, and random dungeons everywhere! Some of these new monsters can pack quite the punch (or, at least, are quite adept at kicking you in the knee) so be careful out there and prepare for the unexpected. A very special thank you goes to Binyamin, Teshuvah, and Valkon for contributing the new monsters that have made this update possible.

Shards and Stones

Adventurers throughout the land have been all abuzz about finding strange shards during their recent exploits. They say there's little rhyme or reason behind their appearances and that they just seem to appear in hundreds of different locations. So exploration is key to collecting them. Those who are especially dedicated explorers will find that the gray dwarves, in Thergerim, will exchange 25 healing or mana shards for a healing or mana stone, respectively.

Neither the shards nor the stones can be traded, but the stones are powerful items that will let you drain your hp or sp and store them for when you most need a little boost. So they are well worth the effort and they are the latest in our efforts to give you more options in the wake of recent changes to healing!

What You've Waited For!

Some great changes were added today, one of which you have wanted and waited for as long as Wyvern history records.

Random Dungeons

Summoning Spells

Repair Anvils - Repair Orbs - Repair Tables

Identify Tables

Portable Holes now require your body to recover from the fatigue of being in an extra dimensional space between uses of any hole. So you won't be able to rotate portable holes.

As always, please continue to let us know how things are going by using the bug and idea command.

More Spell Changes

As our quest continues to fix the spells available in the game, today we announce a few more updates.

Ball and Area spells such as Fireball, Blizzard, and Frost Wave will now increase SP use as the spell gets stronger.

Fear, Confusion, and Paralysis now actually use your Mind Skill for successful casting.

Free Action and Bravery have had a few more updates. While these resistances were lowered, they can now be stacked with worn items. So you can't stack magic (spell/potion) but you can stack magic with items and items with items to increase the resistance. Just so you have some idea of where they are now, Free Action is still twice what other resists are (and is on the list for further possible adjustments) and Bravery is the same as other resists. Both also now use Mind Skill to determine it's effectiveness.

Please continue to keep us updated with any problems or ideas you have via the appropriate commands. (bug or idea).

Spell Changes

As we continue to work on spells we have a few more items to let you know about today:

Most spells that have a duration will dispel upon death or quiting now, including summons, resists and strength.

Summon Spell Changes (these effect all summon monster type spells):

Fortress spell and Fortress scrolls:

Frost Wave

Today's Events

As I'm sure you can imagine, the live quests today were a lot of fun! Whether it was battling it out in the deadly arena or roaming through the challenging gauntlet, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and everyone who participated came away with something to remember the day by. If you missed it, players were nice enough to post screen shots on the forum for you to ooh and ahh over.

Meanwhile, in addition to wanting to host an event for you all to enjoy, us wizards were curious how the server would hold up after we introduced recent changes designed to increase performance. If you're not aware, one of the big problems for Wyvern has been that the server begins to lag if the number of players online at once gets too high and as that number increases further, the server can easily crash. A large part of the reason for that involved certain aspects of various spells and so a large part of the recent spell overhaul involved correcting or improving what we could to, you guessed it, increase performance.

As a result of today's testing, we're pleased to announce that those changes were quite successful! There were over 50 consecutive people on today (including wizards) with over 30 players participating in the pk lq (about a third of that number were mages) and there was barely any lag. There were a few spots of it here and there, but very minor, and most importantly, the server didn't come anywhere close to crashing. We still have a lot of work to do so that the game can handle more players online at once, but this is significant progress towards moving the game back to where it was and beyond!


For those of you who don't know and for those of you who need a reminder, it is very important that you get yourself a coin purse for carrying all your money. There is currently a bug where coins kept in your inventory will create their own pile, instead of stacking with existing coins, and if that happens, the game will remove the coins from the second pile upon logout. If this happens, we will not refund your money except in the most extreme of cases, where we may be willing to consider it, but make no promises. So, if you do not have a coin purse, go get one now and if you take money out of your coin purse for any reason, make sure you put it back in before you logout. Coin purses sell for only 50gp these days and can be found for sale in various general stores. But, to make sure you have no problem finding one, the Amita general store now has a few in permanent stock, on the top floor.

We'd also like for you to tell an arch wizard if you find that you have two piles of the same type of coin in your inventory. But only do so if you see one who is either visible or shouting because it does us no good to check once you logout where the game will have taken your extra coins if you had not put them away.

While we're in the business of reminding you of things, we'd also like to once again remind you to read the news before you play each day. We know many of you have gotten used to not doing so, but the rules tell you that you're expected to do so for a reason and now that we're updating again, this rule has become more pertinent than ever. So if you don't want to be killed by your own fireball or by not knowing that your quit/healing alias didn't work as they used to, read the news every single time before you go to play for the day. Also, check the login message (which is in green text) every now and then (you may have to scroll up a bit to see it). In the past, this was rarely ever updated, but we have since started to change it a few times a month! Expect for it to tell you about major updates that you should read about in the news, planned events, friendly reminders about things that will impact your playing experience, news that is too minor to be posted on the website, and more.

Upcoming Live Quest

The wizards will be hosting a special pk live quest this upcoming Sunday at 3 PM Pacific Daylight Time (6 PM Eastern Daylight Time). We welcome you all to come and test your battle prowess against others in a special arena where any level player has a chance at victory so long as they are quick on their feet and know how to handle themselves in a less than idea situation. Best of all, there will be special prizes for those who come in 2nd and 3rd place, while the winner will receive a jewel weapon or platinum armor of his or her choice, and everyone who participates will be able to come away with a special something! That's a pretty good deal for an event where you can't lose xp, so make sure you stop by and don't be late because once the lq starts, you won't be able to join in on the fun.

As an extra special treat, there will be another lq after the pk champion has been declared. So for all you high levels who like to wage war against powerful monsters while trying to get your hands on the rewards they offer, stick around!

Spell Overhaul

Lately, our focus has been on trying to fix various problems related to spells. Some code was messy in a lot of places, there were performance issues which were a large factor in the lag that has been especially bad when too many players are online at once, and there were a bunch of minor things that just needed adjusting. So we buckled down and, while we're by no means done with spells, we've made significant progress and have a lot of things to let you know about today. So read through this news post carefully, go and play test the changes, and feel free to give us any constructive feedback you may have.

Changes that have a noticeable enough impact on players are as follows:

Hourly High Scores Return

After being disabled for a number of years and after putting in quite a bit of work to fix them, we are extremely pleased to announce that the high scores once again update on an hourly basis! In fact, they've been updating properly again for the last couple of days and we are pleased to say that they've been running smoothly and without lag!

Given that this was one of our oldest and biggest long standing issues, we are very excited to finally have this fixed and we see this as a huge step in our efforts to move the game forward again. So we hope all you achievers out there enjoy yourselves as you watch your character(s) move up the high score lists and we hope you all stay with us as we continue to work towards making the game a more enjoyable, fun, experience for you all!

A Command, a Spell, & Some Art

Today we have some minor updates to announce:

First, we made a new command called nopictures. We know that some of you are shy about having your picture taken and others think those strange light up boxes will steal your soul. As a result, arguments sometimes ensue and it can get unpleasant. So we decided that you should be able to decide if other players can take your picture or not and, as you probably guessed by now, nopictures will be allow you to do just that.

Second, we made some adjustments to Siren Song, a monster only spell. If you've ever encountered it in your past adventures you would know that it has a rather chaotic affect on your movement. Now, however, it properly drags you toward the caster so, if you run into it from now on, be careful that you don't find yourself wrapped in a bear hug by a monster that can kill with its foul breath alone.

Finally, you will find some new art in game in the form of a pair of corpses and a brand new piece of armor. Interestingly enough, each piece of art was made by a different wizard; One by Arisu, one by Zoharial, and one by Knop.

Map of Amita

Players have long been saying that Amita can be a bit overwhelming for new players. You can get lost easily, finding important locations can seem daunting at first, and don't get us started what it's like to try to find out where you are if you respawn in the church after dying before you've fully explored the village. So, there is now a map of Amita that exists entirely within the game! You can see this map by applying to one of this less than simple village's numerous signs. Doing so will bring up a mini graphical map that comes complete with icons marking important locations and a little red arrow to show you where you're viewing the map from.

To make this possible, some tweaks had to be made to Amita so that all the individual game maps, that make up the village, fit together perfectly. As a result, you find a few new maps to explore and you will find that existing sections have been modified to some degree or another. Some of these changes will make it easier to add new content to Amita in the future. But, more importantly, it is our hope that, should this update be successful, it will lead to futher improvements of this nature that will result in less head scratching for newer players and more fun!

Mini-quest Information, Meet the Recycling Bin

After much consideration, the arch wizards have decided that the discussion of mini-quest information shall no longer be considered cheating! What this means is that you can now talk about (and freely group in) areas like Kyalami's Memorial Tower and the mine from which whirlphlosion axes can be recovered, as much as you like and in much detail as you like. But, it is still very much cheating to do that with quest information. To avoid confusion as much as possible, we have put warnings up around many quest areas, but they're not all marked as clearly so as to avoid making it too easy for questers looking for locations as part of the quest's challenge.

So to make this absolutely clear, a quest is anything that rewards you with actual quest points at the end of, or during one of the game's listed quests, where as a mini-quest had many of the qualities of quests, but instead of quest points, your reward was an item (or items) of some sort. When we started protecting information pertaining to mini-quest information, training areas in the game were very simplistic and often consisted of either a lot of single maps that could be accessed by applying to various structures or a basic string of maps that offered little to no challenges beyond monsters and traps.

Now we're doing away of that style in favor of complex dungeons which are very much like a good number of mini-quests; They offer challenges/puzzles to be overcome, have unique aspects to them, and they often give you some sort of special reward. The only significant difference is that we would never want it to be considered cheating for people to discuss and help each other out in dungeons, especialy since they will make up the bulk of training areas as the game progresses. However, players had no way to distinguishing between them unless told by a wizard or we specifically put a sign up saying it was not a mini-quest. As a result, we decided that it was an outdated practice to keep protecting mini-quest information and hope this will make things easier and more enjoyable for you all!

PK Forest & Applewood Farm

From the disturbed mind that brought you the arena of Death and Chaos comes the next evolution in senseless murder...The Player Killer Forest. Located along the path to Amita, for levels 8 and below, is a multi-map arena of killing goodness. Should you risk this dangerous path you can reap new and detailed monster training areas that you will have all to yourself as your foes kill each other just outside those cold, dark, dungeon walls.

Are you brave enough to risk the madness and claim the long lost treasure of a dark evil before time runs out? Of course you aren't, look at the scrawny specimen I am conversing with. No matter, for goblin food is not welcomed within...The Player Killer Forest. Which, by the way, comes complete with an interesting area by our newest wizard, Khalon, called Applewood Farm. Visit with the simple farmers, stop by the hot springs, or see what horrors lurk within the nearby forests...If you dare.

Tower of Conundrum

The Tower of Conundrum has been changed to a quest from a mini-quest. For information please see the Quest Book in the Quest library of New Verden Adventurer's Guild.

If you've done it before your prizes are gone from your inventory and you are welcome to do it again to get the prize and the Quest Points.

Updates, fixes and more stuff..

For today, on tap, we have for you:

You will continue to notice changes in spells, and as spells that have other ways of being used (wands, rods, scrolls, potions) will be given a minimum magic requirement. If you want to use it with no skill, use the items. Use the bug command if you notice anything unusual.


Today's updates include:

Also portable holes are still having problems with you getting stuck in them. If you do get stuck in one during the day when a wizard is around please let us know while you are still in the hole.

As always, let us know if you have any problems with these via the bug command.

Autobag fixed

It appears that the "autobag not working with loot" bug is fixed. So your autobag rules should work again. Please let us know if you find any problems with it via the bug command.


A few things have gone askew with the autobag fix for quest items. Looting corpses/chests etc wont work with your autobag right now. It will be fixed within a few days. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Fixes you've been waiting for...

Today some fixes were done that many would consider small but they are things you will notice and have been asking about for many years.

Please let us know with the bug command if you have any problems with any of these.

Bug fixes and delays

Today we finally get to announce a long awaited bug fix! Portable holes should no longer glitch and not let you exit properly. On the other side of that coin, portable holes no longer let you use the quit command while in them.

Speaking of the quit command, a small quit delay has been instituted. It shouldn't be too much of a bother as it is only a few seconds, but it is enough that quit isn't going to be a fast option to save your life anymore.

In other news, a new monster-only poison spell has been added to a few high level monsters. Be very careful out there!

Chock full o'News

First, we're pleased to announce quite a few changes to guild stats. The changes, at the moment, are as follows:

We also changed the guild section of the player manual to reflect these changes and will continue to do so if you make any further changes based on observation and feedback following these current tweaks.

Secondly, we made some adjustments to arrows to correct a number of quirks that players have had to live with for some time now. As a result, you will find that arrows (and bolts) that are fired point blank at monsters will properly stack when picked up, where as they didn't before. You will also find that enemies standing on the bases of trees will no longer be protected from arrow fire!

Thirdly, items of all kinds will no longer stack if their damage and durability are set at different amounts. So, as always, we recommend you keep some sort of container handy.

Fourthly, teleport and blink will no longer work unless you have at least 1 point trained in spirit. Spirit also has an effect on the number of times you can cast teleport in succession before needing to take a breath and catch your bearings from all that teleporting (blink has no such limit). There is, however, no initial delay. Meaning, you will be able to cast the first teleport the same as you always have, but you may find that you need to wait a bit before casting the second or third.


Thanks to bug reports from loyal testers, not unlike yourself, it has come to our attention that gems could not be repaired. Which has recently become an issue when we started fixing a bug that resulted in items auto repairing themselves upon logout. As such, we have contacted a jeweler and asked that he make some gem repair tables for players to use. Fortunately, he was able to come through in a pinch and so you will now find gem repair tables on the top floor of the New Verden bank. Please be sure to let us know if you find any more items which cannot be repaired on an anvil, the magic repair stations in auction houses, or the new gem repair tables.

In other exciting news, we've once again adjusted invisibility potions and as a result you will now find that they last a bit longer. You'll also find that we updated the graphics of another of our ancient monsters with some Arisu designed images. See if you can spot which monster got the makeover next time you go exploring!

Resurrection Takes a Holiday

Wyvern's faithful scrolls of resurrection have long gotten a lot of attention and, for a simple scroll, that can be very tiresome. So, sadly, they decided to go off into semi-retirement by becoming artifacts. Now they can lay about in the lairs of terrifying monsters while sipping tea and watching adventurers die by the hundreds trying to get to them. They even received a new rank to go with their change in status and will from this day forward be known as scrolls of major resurrection!

But, do not fear, for they have found a replacement for you all in the form of their little sibling, the scroll of minor resurrection. You will be able to find scrolls of minor resurrection in all the same places you used to find the scroll of resurrection. In fact, if you had an a scroll of resurrection in your inventory before today, you will find that the scroll of minor resurrection has happily taken its place. They won't restore as much exp as their predecessors did and they're not any cheaper, but they're still a bargain if you're someone who continues to not see the wisdom in training spirit traveling.

In other news, we're continuing to make adjustments to the prices of scrolls and potions as needed. For example, today you might have noticed a slight increase in the value of resist scrolls. Keep an eye out for further adjustments and, to follow up on yesterday's news post, continue to keep an eye out for us fixing auto repair items. We already fixed of a couple of them, which includes the unicorn horn, but we still have more to get to.

Art, Bugs, and Pie

Wyvern's wizards have been especially busy of late, making new artwork, fixing bugs, and baking pie. Well, maybe not baking pie, but we are pleased to announce some wonderful new artwork and exciting bug fixes that have been released recently or are on the horizon!

When it comes to art, our resident art wizard, Arisu, has been hard at work. This time introducing a brand new set of eight amulet images to replace the clunky old red one that has served us well for so many years. She's also designed custom images for Human axeman that are just as spiffy looking as those Human caveman!

When it comes to bugs, we've continued our efforts to go through and fix those longstanding ones we all dislike so much. Fixes of note are as follows:

When it comes to what's next, new artwork is sure to be on the horizon. But also, as of tomorrow we are going to start fixing items that auto repair themselves when you logout as a result of a bug. This means you will have to repair things like unicorn horns and the sword of Noir, among others. We want you to be aware of this ahead of time so that you won't be careless with items you never had to worry about before. You should also be on the lookout for any items which cannot be repaired by an anvil or magic repair station and if you find any, please bug report them.

Tweaks II

Today's adjustments and fixes include:

Rememeber: Use the bug command to let us know of anything unusual and idea command for suggestions!


As promised when these heal changes began, we are watching carefully for anything that needs adjusted and fixed.

Continue to keep us updated with more ideas and bug reports, so we can continue to make this an easy transition for you!

Healing Nerfed: Part II

Last year we announced an unpopular nerf to healing spells with the insinuation that follow up changes were likely. After much consideration and some brainstorming, we have decided to not only follow up on it, but revamp our previous efforts to help balance healing. Now the level limits are gone, allowing you to cast or make use of any healing spell at any level, but with some restrictions. Some of the details of these restrictions are as follows:

Of course, we realize that some of you may find these changes to be a bit dramatic, but keep in mind that our goal is to prevent races and classes that wouldn't be healers in a million years, from dabbling in healing magic while also specializing in skills that make them nearly unstoppable powerhouses. We also want to restore a lot of the excitement in playing the game that was lost when combat tactics were thrown aside in favor of standing next to a monster and jamming your heal alias until the monster died. You should have to run away, dodge spells, make use of wands, rods, potions, and even switch between weapons and armors often. For example, there's nothing like finding a small alcove to hide in, so you can heal, while your heart races as you wonder if a monster is going to find you before your spell takes effect or not.

That's how the game was designed to be played, but along the way unresolved bugs, abuses, and, yes, even mistakes on our part, caused gameplay to change drastically. So, this and other updates will attempt to restore some that early vision for the game. But it's a process and we need your help. Our overall goal is to make the game challenging, but fun. However, it's just as bad if it's too challenging as it has been when it's too easy. So we need to you to keep testing the game and letting us know what you think. If you find certain monsters to be too hard now, let us know. If you have comments about the current healing system that are productive and might help lead to changes that balance it, let us know.

We very much want to do everything in our power to make this as easy a transition as possible for you all. So, if we find that certain monsters need to be weakened or some armor needs to be made more powerful here and there, we will do so. We're also going to do more to support a healing class that can work with non-healers in a group to help supplement some of the access many of you had to healing spells before this change. So in addition to helping us out with your feedback, keep an eye on the news for upcoming additions and changes.

Maps and Monks

We finished redoing the outdated monster maps within Minath Elion's city limits this morning. There are still a few monsters in various houses, but not on the same level as it was in the past. We feel these changes provide a more believable atmosphere for the city and are an important part to balancing the game.

Additionally, we added many of the new Minath npcs to the Package Delivery System and, in the future, we may add more non-combat related things to those house maps that some of you might find interesting. However, right now, we want to focus on creating some more good training areas and other goodies. So keep an eye on Minath and the rest of the game world for unannounced surprises coming down the pipe!

In other news, we made some slight adjustments to some of the guild only monk armor in the game so that they offer a level of protection that is more akin to the guild only armor of other guilds. Enjoy!

Join Player

We made a slight adjustment to join player. Now, in addition to the player you want to summon having to have join turned on, he or she also needs to be allowed in your maps. So make sure you have that player invited or make sure they are grouped with you before attempting to cast the spell.

On an unrelated note we would like to, once again, remind you to be careful as you battle monsters in your quest for fame and fortune. We have continued to make adjustments to how certain damages work and so just because you never had to worry about killing a particular monster yesterday, doesn't mean it won't make soup out of you today.

Careful out there!!

As things are being fixed you may notice some changes in the damage you take (especially acid). Some will be less and some will be more. So be careful out there! As always let us know of any problems.

Progress Report

We've noticed that some of you have been wondering what we've been up to lately and what's next on our list of things to do. Well, to answer your first question, we've been hard at work fixing, tweaking, and adding things behind the scenes. In the past few weeks, we've gotten some major longstanding issues out of the way, but now we're taking some time to go through and add/fix some more minor things.

On the addition front, we added a tv channel for you socializers out there. People found it a bit confusing to use movies for both and had been asking for this for awhile, so here you go! If you have any ideas for more channels, you're welcome to share them with us by using the idea command, but try to steer clear of crazy channel ideas. We only want ones that are both practical and useful. So, please, no suggestions for channels that let you talk about subjects that are against the rules or for wacky things like a bathroom channel so you can have an outlet to let us all know when you take bathroom breaks (yes, someone actually suggested this).

On the fix front, there are just too many things to list and not all are obvious to the average gamer, but all had gone unresolved for far too long and were in need of a good wack with the code-fix wrench. Two examples that we think are of note involve some changes to the recycling bin and ball spell code - Ever lost a good item to a recycling bin by accident? Well, if the item is marked as kept, recycling bins will now tell you that you should unkeep it first before making your item flash and disappear! Meanwhile, I'm sure most of you high level mages have noticed that sometimes those ball spells get way out of hand and keep firing more balls than you should be allowed to have active at your current fire/water level. Well, those overcasting problems should now be a thing of the past, but if you run into it again please bug report it immediately.

As far as what's to come, you're just going to have to stay tuned. We have some really fun things planned for you and we also have serious bug fixes we want to get done. So we hope you keep helping us by play testing the game and making good use of that bug command!

Bag and Weapon Namers!

Everyone's favorite Bag and Weapon namers are back! They can be found in New Verden Adventurer's Guild in the Lounge. Enjoy!

AC Fixed!

After a long hiatus, you will be happy to know armor has been repaired and its "armor class" protection is effective for you again. Now, those Orcish Chainmails are actually useful! As an added bonus, your armor can be damaged, so keep an eye on it. Let us know if you see any problems.

Training Cap Removed!

A long standing xp bug effecting players over level 30 has been fixed today. As such, we encourge all players who were restricted by this bug to go back to enjoying the game to its fullest! Go out, fight some monsters, do some quests, set up some pk matches with your rivals, or just continue to chat with your friends if that's your thing. Whatever it is you do, just try to enjoy yourself and have some fun!

Tales from Wyvern Revived

It's been a long while since we've updated Tales from Wyvern, but we'd very much like to start it up again. So, if you have any Wyvern related writings, such as stories, poems, or songs and you want them displayed on the webpage, please visit the Tales from Wyvern section to see how to send them to us. We look forward to reading your work!

Arch Wizard Contrare!

We are pleased to announce that Contrare has been promoted to Arch Wizard! He has done wonders with Wyvern code and we look forward to putting him to work. Expect some wonderful bug fixes soon (well, mostly wonderful bug fixes). You have enjoyed many of his code creations, and can look forward to more as time passes. The High Council at Wyvern's secret headquarters in Minath Elion are incredibly pleased to be promoting Contrare to the most powerful Wizard rank in the land in recognition of their efforts. Please join us in congratulating him in his new role!

Updated New Verden

Recently a former New Verden resident, the Widow Grigsby, passed away. She left a sizeable sum to the town fathers of New Verden with the request that they use the money to, "Clean it up--and for crying out loud, get rid of that rat infested, derelict house down by the hospital!"

They, with some help from the talents of Elder Wizard Binyamin, have complied with her wishes, and travelers are now invited to visit the new Grigsby Park, just south of the New Verden hospital!

Troglodytes and Graphics

As a follow up to our news story the other day about quest points, Teshuvah made some changes to the Troglodyte King Quest so that it would be possible to take off the level cap. Now, if you forgot to do the quest before level 5, you have a second chance at collecting those three extra quest points!

In other news, we've been continuing our focus on improving Wyvern's look by updating and adding more graphics. The latest batch is from two of our wizards, Arisu and Valkon. You can see some of Arisu's latest work if you explore. There were several more outdated graphics that got a makeover and there's even something new for you explorers to sink your teeth into. Meanwhile, Valkon has been updating weaponcrafting graphics over the last few days and just completed his latest batch this morning. Mithril, Diamond, and Electrinum weapons and slabs now have totally unique images! No more diamond clubs that look like they're made of wood or swords that you'd swear were of elven design.

Side Scroller

We reduced the amount of quest points Kiz's Side Scroller gives from 20 to 7 today. That is actually the amount set when the quest was originally introduced, but due to lag and slow internet connections, people were having a hard time with it and so we bumped up the reward. Years later, that is obviously no longer an issue. Between that and the quest not being randomized, a lot of people have no problem breezing through it. Therefore, we feel this change appropriately reflects the current level of difficulty most questers face when trying to complete it.

This change will effect all players from this point on so for those of you who already did the quest, do not worry, we have not taken quest points from you. For those of you who think this is unfair to those who solve it after this point, keep in mind that this is originally how quests were supposed to work. We have not done it a lot in recent years, instead favoring to remove quests entirely and wait for the wizard to randomize it or make the difficulty match the level of reward, (which still leaves older players with quest points that newer players cannot get) but you may be seeing a return to this in the future. Which may, very well, also include raising quest points in certain areas.

This Week on Wyvern...

In addition to the changes that have been announced here recently, we've been continuing to tweak things behind the scenes that aren't ordinarily newsworthy. But to show our commitment to improve as many aspects of the game as possible, no matter how small, here is a list of some of those things we've done in the last week alone:

What do we have in store for you for this upcoming week? Who knows. Maybe a new random dungeon monster or two, maybe some more updated graphics, maybe more new maps and areas. We've been saying this a lot lately, but stay tuned to find out!


The mountain village of Hawthorne is once again accessable through the cave system outside of Blackrose. Last seen when it was destroyed by Nec-Bathat and her minions, the survivors of that awful day are now plagued with new problems and need the help of brave adventurers like yourself if they are going to survive. But to reach them, you'll have to brave monster infested caves that are not for the faint of heart. Are you strong and brave enough for the task? There's only one way to find out...

Toys in the Attic

Binyamin, the (newly-promoted) Elder Wizard, has repaired the errors with Toys in the Attic. For those of you who have missed it, the Big Toy Castle (along with its Building Block King) is back!

Arisufied Artwork and Atmospheres

That's right, we said Arisufied. As promised, last week, we've gone and updated more old artwork. This includes graphics for a new heath tree, a new chest, new orcish stone axes and wooden shields, and a pair of improved looking traps.

But that's not all. All dsms have gotten a new coat of paint, to put the change they've gone through lightly, while those Hydras we keep harping on finally got their act together and decided to look like a creature worthy of your terror. If you're not too frightened of their multi-headed attack you absolutely must try to spot one. They look great and we're not just saying that. We were blown away by what Arisu managed to do with them and we know you will be too. As always, keep an eye out for unannounced graphical changes and be sure to thank Arisu for all her hard work.

In other news, we went through the ideas log, earlier, and picked out the most reasonable recommendations for new atmospheres that we could find. As a result, there are now 16 new atmospheres for you to enjoy! One of the more interesting ideas was suggested by Randorxeous who thought it would be fun if you could use atmospheres to play a game of tag.

For a full list of available atmospheres type "atmospheres" next time you're in Wyvern or visit the atmospheres section of the player manual. If you have any ideas for more atmospheres, by all means, let us know by using the idea command.


The wizards have been hard at work continuing to spread long needed updates throughout the game. Some of you may have already noticed a couple of them.

First, we've made price adjustments to items created through weaponcrafting. They were horribly underpriced for so long and while it did not matter when they were first introduced, it has been a problem ever since 2004 when we introduced a system that no longer allowed players to sell items for whatever price they decided upon themselves. So, as you can imagine, this was high on our list of things to get to and we think you'll be happy with the amounts we've come up with. They should breathe some new life into the art and allow players to once again choose blacksmithing as a way to make money without focusing so heavily on a combat based class.

Secondly, we've made a series of adjustments to old maps. Some minor, some not so minor. On the minor side, we changed the Minath Training Hall so trainers no longer wander around. As a result you should no longer accidently end up training the wrong skill as you try to chase down a specific trainer who is keen on leading you right next to another trainer. On the not so minor side of things, we completely redid the Temple of Life. It now looks much nicer and has a few added plot points that explain what exactly happens when you find yourself dead one moment and in a temple or chapel the next. Next time you die, check it out!

But that's not all. If you're an avid player of Wyvern you should notice a few other changes, if you haven't already. Better yet, we also have more new things in store for you and more things we want to update/fix in the coming days and weeks. So keep an eye on the news and keep on exploring.

Website Improvements

A lot of areas on the website have been out of date or in need of a correction. So, today, we went through and did just that to whatever we could find. Changes include simple things like updating the graphics used on the website so it no longer uses game graphics from 5 years ago, correcting a broken link or two, and once again adding a proper link to the rules page in the player manual. Which you should all familiarize yourselves with.

More detailed changes include the following:

Over the next few days and beyond we will make further changes and improvements, but we need your help. There's outdated information in the manuals, broken links that we have yet to spot, more frequently asked questions that we can address, and so on. So Arilou has made a post about it on the forums and asks that you help out by posting any errors or suggestions there. If you're not so inclined to make a forum account, you can ingame Arilou by using any of Wyvern's many post offices. However, keep in mind that it will be easier for us if everything is all in one thread.

Wyvern Screenshots, Art, and More

Those of you with a sharp eye may have noticed that some new game art was introduced today, while some of the game's outdated graphics received a long overdue makeover. This includes, but is not limited to, custom images for Human caveman and new graphics for the healing and mana fountains that have served you all for so long. Not only do they look great, but you can now distinguish the difference between the two by the color on their bases. Special thanks to wizards Zoharial and Arisu for contributing the artwork.

In related news, our "newest" screen shot was over 5 years old, so we gave the site's screenshot section a much needed update. There is now a whole set of brand new screen shots that show off some of the game's more interesting and visually appealing content. You can compare it with our archives of older screen shots to see how far we've really come. Likewise, we want to keep up that spirit of constantly trying improve the game's look and feel, so today's update is just the beginning. There's a lot of old artwork that needs a new look, but we won't always announce it. So keep an eye out when you play the game. That ugly old hydra monster or some of those generic items you've gotten used to might be next up for a makeover. Stay Tuned!

Arch Wizard Promotions

We are pleased to announce that Arilou and Teshuvah have been promoted to Arch Wizard! These two Wizards have worked tirelessly on improving Wyvern for many, many years now, more than they care to admit. Their outstanding dedication, both to expanding Wyvern's content and to administering the day-to-day gameplay, is unmatched in Wyvern's long history of Wizard involvement. The High Council at Wyvern's secret headquarters in Minath Elion are incredibly pleased to be promoting Teshuvah and Arilou to the most powerful Wizard rank in the land in recognition of their efforts. Please join us in congratulating them in their new roles!

Training Cap

Sadly, an XP bug has been found in higher level characters. Until Rhialto fixes it or finds another solution players will not be able to train once they are level 30. Keep an eye here on the news for any updates or changes. Players level 30 and above are not allowed to train, pk etc and may only sit and chat, retrain, or play in the casino etc.

Platinum Armor

Platinum Armor level has been reduced to level 23. Please leave Teshuvah an ingame mail if you have any problems. Platinum Armor, and other things, can be found in Thergerim. The entrance to Thergerim is in Noir.

New Verden University

To start out the new year, Contrare has created a new area, on the outskirts of New Verden, which offers some truly amazing and inventive new content. If you have the time, visit the students in their dorms, stop by the gymnasium for a game of basketball, or learn something new by auditing one of the many informative classes the University has to offer.

Automated Live Quests Return

The auto-LQs of old return this week, with a fresh coat of paint, thanks to the hard work of Senior Wizard Contrare. At the moment, there are only a handful of random scenarios in the system, but more are on their way! This new auto-LQ platform will allow wizards to launch a variety of goodies for you in the future. Auto LQs are yet another exciting way to enjoy the Wyvern questing experience, in between the less frequent but more extensive wizard-run live quests and events.

Casino Island Remodeled

Today we celebrate the grand reopening of the Wyvern Casino! Tired of sitting in the auction house with nothing to do? Well then go spend some of that extra coin at the fabulous new slot machines that come complete with new and exciting prizes. A special thanks goes to the wizard Contrare for making it all possible.


Blackrose has had a minor upgrade to make it easier to move around and to allow the moving of Blackrose Mage Arena closer to the center of the city. Enjoy!


Stoneybrook has been rebuilt after the chaos and destruction caused during the Summer Feast. During this rebuild some expansions have occured. Be sure to look around and read the signs for info on how to purchase homes and rooms. There are suburbs, slums, treehouses to be purchased, along with rooms at the boarding house. There are even tents for those low on funds!

All Platinum armor was available for 10% of its normal value for one reboot to help those who did not cheat. We realize not every one who lost platinum will be able to get it during this reboot and apologize, but it was the best that could be done.

Platinum Armor

We report sadly that all platinum armor that was in players inventories had to be removed. Why you ask? Because some players found a way to dupe items and duped entire sets for themselves and their friends. To make it fair the arch wizards decided this had to be done. We apologize. The armor is still available in Thergerim for you to purchase again. If you notice other items missing in your inventory while Arch Wizards track the logs you will know this is the reason as well. Again we are sorry to those players who did not cheat, but we endeavor to keep it fair for all.

All Platinum armor was available for 10% of its normal value for one reboot to help those who did not cheat. We realize not every one who lost platinum will be able to get it during this reboot and apologize, but it was the best that could be done.

There are not many properties, so don't delay. The houses are having an open house for everyone to look around and decide for a few days. After that you will have to make an appointment with Teshuvah to fully see the properties.

First Day of Summer Feast and LQ

To honor the fifth anniversary of the original First Day of Summer Feast and to show our appreciation to all you loyal wyverneers, the wizards will be hosting another feast this year on Saturday, June 21st (please, no mail telling us it should be on the 20th). There will a feast that you can attend all day long with games, live quests, tournaments, and other fun stuff spread throughout the day. To top it off there will be a major live quest taking place sometime in the afternoon that is a can't miss event in and of itself. Overall, it promises to be a fun day that will offer things to do for players of all levels. So, if you are able, we welcome you to stop by any time during the day and partake in a few of the goodies we have prepared. We look forward to seeing you there!


The village of Stoneybrook has been established near Almien on the World Map. You may purchase land and businesses there. Please visit the Town Hall for information on how to do this.

There are not many properties, so don't delay. The houses are having an open house for everyone to look around and decide for a few days. After that you will have to make an appointment with Teshuvah to fully see the properties.


The Trading Town of Thergerim has begun to be explored! The rumors are that the entrance to the underground merchant city is in Noir. The gray dwarves are hearty merchants, so make sure you bring a lot of cash! But be careful, there is word of a Necromancer that seeks to steal from all who travel there.

Auction Houses!

We have several new Auction Houses to give you more places to gather that maybe more convenient for you. One is in Beitdag, and one is on the Isle of Maiye. Minath Auction house has also had an update to give you a little flash from the past!


Aliens have been spotted around Wyvern! Be careful that you don't get abducted!

Valkon's New Area!

One of our newest wizards, Valkon, has put out an exciting new 12 point quest called "The Laboratory Debacle," located somewhere on the Western Islands. To learn more about it read the quest book in the adventurer's guild library.

Healing Nerfed

We've instituted level caps on healing spells, in response to player complaints that high-level players are "spamming" heal spells with aliases and becoming effectively death-proof. The new limits are:

For example, if you're 8th level you can cast minor healing, but if you're 9th level it will have no effect on you: you'll need to upgrade to medium healing. For now, players can always cast the Heal spell (a full heal).

The source of the spell doesn't matter: you can try it with a potion or scroll, or have someone cast it on you, but if your level is above the maximum, the spell will simply be too wimpy to affect your powerful physique.

We will continue to observe the balance of heal spells, and if we feel they are still too easy to abuse, we may make further modifications to them.

Blade Spells Fixed

Static blade is fixed now, as are similar spells. You can now cast them on magic whip again. However, static blade has been slightly changed. It works 1 to 3 jolts, randomly, so players know it's actually working (since sometimes the jolt is too small to see), but it's definitely fixed so the damage doesn't stay high.

Death Bug Fixed

We've fixed the "Death Bug" that's been with the game since it came back online 3 weeks ago. The bug was that if you had a spell active when you died, you didn't actually finish dying. As convenient as you may have found this to be in your adventuring, we went ahead and fixed it, so be warned! If you die, you really die now. — The Management

Create Character and Reset Password are back

We've found and fixed a bunch of bugs in the char-creation and new-password pages. Those pages are turned back on again. If you had a new character that was reset last week, we apologize, but such are the perils of beta software.

If you have a character that you can't log in with, try deleting it and recreating it from scratch. If the character has possessions and experience you'd rather not lose, then contact a Wizard and we'll try to fix you up.

Thanks for your patience while we work our way through the remaining system bugs. 15 months of downtime created a lot of issues, but we're working on them as fast as we can.

Yowza - 3 day outage

Our server machine lost power on New Years Day, and we weren't able to restore it for three days. We're working with our ISP to be able to do on-demand restarts, so hopefully this won't happen again!

We've heard that there were some remaining problems with logging in, so for now character-creation and other helpdesk website functions are disabled. We're going to spend a few days to shore things up. You should be able to create characters by Jan 8th. In the meantime, if you are having trouble logging in with one of your characters, rest assured that we're working on fixing it asap!

Login problem fixed

For the past few days, about 200 characters have been unable to log in to the game. We've fixed the affected player files and have emailed the owners. If you have trouble logging in with one of your characters, please contact a Wizard.

Update: we accidentally reset a bunch of new characters (all created since 12/26). Oops! If you log in and find all your stuff disappeared, and you're back to level 1, please contact a Wizard and we'll set you right. Our apologies for the inconvenience as we get the game running smoothly again.

A groggy Wyvern slowly recovering strength

We've finally fixed the insidious player-creation bug. All 200 or so characters created since the game returned have been deleted, since they could not log in. You are welcome to create new characters now. Please let a Wizard know if you have any trouble. Bear in mind that currently you cannot use AOL email to create Wyvern characters, but we're working with our ISP on a fix for this.

As we predicted in the news item below, there are still some things that are broken. Two of the bigger bugs are (1) a reported "death bug" related to the Mana Shield spell, and (2) a number of existing characters cannot log in, as it freezes up the client. Thank you for your patience as we work to investigate and fix these issues.

A Merry Wyvern Holiday to You!

Happy Holidays! Wyvern is back after being offline for 15 months! Thank you all for your patience. Rhialto had a ton of stuff to do this year, and running Wyvern (even with the help of great wizards like Teshuvah and Arilou) is a big job. But the game is back now, running on a new server, new database and new website.

Some things will be broken for a while. Rhialto rewrote a lot of code last year just after bringing the game down for maintenance, but he didn't finish 100% of the work. Some of the forums, high score lists and other sites may not work for a while. But the game should be back to its old self from before the Great Hiatus – no player data or map data or game code has changed.

Thanks to all you loyal players and wizards who've kept the faith while the old game bear was hibernating. And welcome back!

— The Wyvern Administrators

Wyvern in Shop for 50,000-mile Tune-Up

On September 7th, our trusty Wyvern game server finally gave up the ghost after many faithful years of service. As a result, the website and game have been unavailable for a few weeks.

We're very busy getting Wyvern up and running on the new server. It's a huge amount of work, and the game will most likely not be allowing logins again until sometime in November. On the bright side, it'll give you time to catch up on your homework!

In the meantime, as a token of good faith, we spent a few days sprucing up our crufty old website. The content is nearly all the same, but the look and feel have changed. We hope you like it!

The new website has some glitches and broken links here and there, but rest assured we'll get around to fixing them eventually. Our first priority is getting Wyvern running again.

Thanks for your patience, and we look forward to seeing you all back here again when Wyvern starts back up in a few weeks. Wish us luck! (Note: not enough of you wished us luck, so the game was down for over a year. Next time, -really- wish us luck!)

Contrare's Labyrinth

What has Contrare gone and done now? Scream now or scream later. Someone needs your help in a log cabin in the woods. But is he evil or good? Time will only tell. Be sure to pack light-ly. For those of you long timers, it has shades of an area long since gone. And watch those score lists change, as quest points are at stake. This quest area is suitable for those level 10 and up. For more information, check out the quest book which can be found in New Verden at the Adventurer's guild quest library.

Wyvern History

Wyvern History was made when Betty reach level 33! Betty enjoyed quite a party! Many players were there to wish her well and get their very own Limited Edition Betty doll (Doll vailable for a very short time in Khaytsi). Can level 34 be far away for someone?

Rules Reminder

Just a reminder that any abuse or loophole to get around the rules will result in adminstrative actions being taken against you. Any loophole or bug that you find should be reported using the bug command. You are responsible to know the rules, which can be found here.

This includes getting around the rule that you can't invite anyone into your map that isn't within 5 levels and grouping with anyone that is not within 5 levels (no matter how you do it, it is going around those two rules).

New Wizard

A rift appeared today in the Wizard dimension! A new Wizard has appeared. The Junior Wizard Contrare has happily joined the band of wizards. Will the balance of good verses evil shift? Time will be the only judge! Beware the unknown! Soon you shall see his work ingame, check the news often as we will announce it here first!

System Maintenance and Player Purge

To improve system performance, we have removed about 60,000 players from the Wyvern database. The criteria were: (a) age is 0, (b) xp is 0, (c) level is 1, and (d) haven't logged in for over a year. It's possible that in spite of the redundant precautions, we may have deleted a character that someone was using, so we backed them up first. If you are suddenly missing a first-level character with no xp, please let an Elder Wizard know.

We took the game server down for maintenance today for about eight hours, during which time we did the purge above, fixed some bugs, and backed up our databases. We apologize for any inconvenience this maintenance outage may have caused.

Hof Gift

When you reach level 25, there is a present waiting for you at the Wizardess Teshuvah's Castle. You can find the castle on the Isle of Maiye, just south of the Hotel and Resort

Questing Guide

A guide to help new players understand questing has been put in NV Adventurer's guild Quest Library. Please feel free to guide them there if they need assistance.

Survival Guides

Survival Guides are now available in the New Verden Adventurer's Guild. They are transferable, so feel free to help out a new player by either buying one for them or showing them where they can purchase one themselves.

Clockwork Wyvern

The very fabric of time itself has come under attack. Without your help, time itself could cease. For more information, check out the quest book which can be found in New Verden at the Adventurer's guild quest library. Good luck!

New Mage Item

The wizard Cinaeth has crafted new mage only staffs for all you spellcasters. They can be found for sale in the Mage Guild's shop and should help to improve your ability to cast spells in your element of choice.

Coran Reopened!

The Elder Wizards have reopened Coran in Zifa's absence. If you see any problems or bugs in Coran please use the bug command or ingame mail a Wizard. Enjoy!

Current Game Issues

The game had DNS problems for a few days, because of this players didn't realize how to log onto the game. You all may want to put the player forums in your favorites so you can get to them without the web site next time. Then you would have known how to get online as the game itself wasn't down and we posted logon instructions there.

Also, in all the fixing last night that Rhialto was doing, the ability to put offered items in bags broke. He is working on this issue. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Until then it's an annoyance. You can use an autobag rule to bag them for now if you want.

Wyvern's 5-Year Stats

Last month, Wyvern hit its 5-year anniversary of being open to the public. (We opened our doors for alpha on Feb 4th, 2001.) How's Wyvern been doing? Here are a few stats we've put together for you.


Today we have 162,561 characters:   92.4% male, 7.5% female. The total number of Wyvern accounts ever created is now over a quarter million. (The difference is due to players deleting and re-creating their characters, or occasional purges where we delete inactive characters, and their names are re-used.)

Some people create more than one character. If you look at people (basically, email addresses) instead of characters, over 150,000 people have created an account. Over 75% of those people have active Wyvern characters.

If you add up all the time Wyvern players have spent on the game, we've logged over 130 years of 24-hour-a-day gameplay.

We also ran a quick database query to generate some stats by player race.


Wyvern offers many ways to chat and socialize, including shouts, whispers, tells, group-tells, guild tells, "say", non-verbal emotes, wiztells, pktells, in-game email, and other mechanisms. The most popular channels are tell (over 11.4 million to date), shout (over 6 million), and say (over 3.75 million).

We've also logged over 1.2 million guild-tells, a quarter million PK channel tells, and over half a million wiz-tells (those Wizards sure are talking about you a lot!) Wyvern players are evidently not shy about sharing their feelings — we only get about 3 whispers per day.

Finally, we introduced a player-warning system in mid-2003, to help players police the game. We've had over 15,000 player warnings issued since we enabled that feature. Great job, folks!


All content in Wyvern is created by dedicated Wizards.

Currently we have over 15,000 unique objects in the game: monsters, armor, weapons, magical items, walls and terrain, spells, vehicles, and other goodies.

There are about 10,000 hand-created game maps, not counting auto-generated maps such as dungeons, mazes, sokoban levels, etc. Placed side by side, assuming a tile is about 1cm on your screen, these maps would be over 1.2 miles wide. Stacked vertically they'd be over a mile tall.

The scale of Wyvern maps varies by area, but if you assume that a map location in the game is (on average) 10 feet on a side, then Wyvern could be considered a "theme park" of over 15 square miles of beautiful, hand-crafted, playable territory, plus many more square miles of random content in our dungeons, mazes and caverns. And the game is always growing.

That's a lot of work from our dedicated Wizards! Not only have they created maps and objects, they've contributed artwork and source code as well. Wizards have written 50,000 lines of Java and 75,000 lines of Python code to produce custom quests, spells, areas, and fancy game effects. They've also hand-painted and uploaded nearly 20,000 images!

In all, Wyvern is about 500,000 lines of source code in Java, Python, Ruby, Perl, JavaScript and Lisp, plus about 2 million lines of hand-generated XML. And we have over 25,000 beautiful game-art images, and 3 ugly ones.


Wyvern is a thriving, complex, challenging, wonderful game. It never stands still, and yet whenever you come back after a long absence, you'll find it as familiar as ever.

As always, Wyvern remains free to play. It's all paid for out-of-pocket by Rhialto, and the content and game administration are handled by our tireless, dedicated Wizards, most especially Teshuvah, Arilou, and Raeden.

We think Wyvern is the coolest MUD on the Web, and we encourage you to try it!

New Hof Image Requirements

Until further notice a new requirement to obtain a Hall of Fame image has been implemented.

Now, before you obtain a HoF image you must:

If you have these, read and follow the image guidelines on the web page, and then ingame mail a Senior or higher Wizard for further direction. You get ONE hof image only. You don't get to change it for any reason. So make sure it's what you really want and looks like your character, not a costume your character is wearing.


The evil thing called reality has taken a hold of our precious Wizardess Avalon. Until she returns to our midst, the Wizardess Teshuvah has been granted the priviledge of taking care of the great city of Blackrose. We hope that soon, the great wizardess Avalon will return! Hail Avalon! Return to us!

Tornaum Castle Quest updated!

Tornaum Castle Quest has been updated. Make sure you read carefully what NPCs say!

The Cat is Out of the Bag!

A resident of New Verden needs your assistance. Rachel's cat has wandered out into the forest. If you'd like to help Rachel, go to her small house on the west side of New Verden. The quest is recommended for levels 2 and up.

Stamps are here!

The Stamp Collector's Shoppe is now open for business in Beitdag! Be among the first to start the hobby of stamp collecting now!

Guild Quest change

And in exciting news for the those who want to join the Axemans Guild, the quest required to join has been changed to the Jewel of Besar. It's more in line with the difficulty of the quests for the other guilds.

Score list update

Score lists are, for now, only updating during game reboots.

Database Errors

We had some fairly severe database issues on Saturday, causing players who logged in to simply disappear. We apologize for the inconvenience. The problem has been fixed, and most of the affected players have been restored. A handful, sadly, were not recoverable. Such are the perils of playing a free game in beta test. We sincerely apologize to players the database monster ate forever.

Special thanks to Teshuvah and Arilou for once again coming to the rescue. They analyzed the problem, notified our operations staff, and helped ensure a speedy recovery for the game. We deeply appreciate the tireless efforts of Elder Wizards Teshuvah and Arilou: their vigilance in monitoring the game and their constant improvements to the game world itself have kept Wyvern thriving.

Gallador's Mansion

Legend tells us this mansion was designed over 200 years ago in the Black Barn Bar. The Black Barn was a noted den of iniquity, removed some miles from the nearest center of population due to extreme displays of public drunkeness by its patrons. Gallador himself never resided here for he died of comsumption three weeks before completion.

Since that time the mansion has gradually fallen into disrepair. Years ago a fire caused damage and legend says it is now inhabited by ghosts and that the undead roam its corridors and rooms. Nevertheless, it is also said that great treasures can be found by those brave enough to explore.

Gallador's Mansion, generally for levels 10 and under, can be found a short walk west of the Alaria Guard Tower.

Grave Robbing

News has spread among Wyvern's criminal population that the Amita graveyard is a treasure trove for graverobbers. Apparently, the King's Guard no longer has an interest in patrolling the peasantry's graves, so low lives are now free to steal everything they can dig up there, while in other places they would either be stopped before their shovel even hit the ground or had found that someone had looted all the graves years before they even got there. However, should you decide to join them in their dark deeds, beware, for disturbing the dead has its dangers and the last thing you would want is one coming alive to feast on your warm flesh.


Two new areas have burst forth from the nightmares of Binyamin's mind!

The Shoggoth Caverns are hidden deep inside sunny Beitdag. Do you have what it takes to find the entrance and brave the Arch Shogoliches within?

Dragondell stands to the north of the Black Forests of Oxbow. Enjoy its quiet paths, its gentle wildlife, its scenic beauty. Only don't venture too deep, for there is a horrible evil contained within!

Fixes and Friendmuffs

There's a new friendmuffs command that lets you temporarily ignore friendtells from people who have you in their friends lists. We're working on some "friend approval" commands that will prevent non-friends from adding you to their friends list. They should be available soon.

In other news, we've fixed the infamous "top-o'-the-hour" bug (also known as the "login bug") that would cause the Town Crier to become confused and schedule early reboots several times a day. We've sent him to counselling and bought him a new watch, and all seems to be going well now.

Finally, we've gradually dialed the game reboot cycle back up to every 6 hours over the past few days. The long-term goal is to have the game not reboot more than once a day or so. We'll keep an eye on it with the setting at 6 hours and see how it fares.

Darcy's Retreat

A new area by the Wizard Cinaeth, found northwest of Alaria. Darcy Le Grenuille, spurning tradition and building a retreat amongst the ruins of villages pillaged, plundered and abandoned as demonic invaders awakened by the great evil moved in and took residence. Darcy Le Grenuille and his wife entertain visitors to their home with music and fine dining. Nevertheless their home contains many dark secrets in its halls, and the surrounding villages contain many dangers for the the adventurers to explore. Suitable (with caution) for all levels above 6.

Sokoban Prizes Retired

The Tower of Sokoban in Alaria has been a source of joy, wonderment, and frustration for thousands of players, ever since it opened its oaken doors to the public two and a half years ago. The Tower has long awarded prizes to the persistent adventurers who unravel its secrets. However, Sokoban is an old game (1982, Thinking Rabbit, Japan), and solutions to all the levels abound, so Wonderment has increasingly given way to Temptation, if you catch our drift. The Tower remains open to the public, but we've decided it's time to retire the prizes.

Solving the levels is now officially its own reward! As always, the Tower remains a fun puzzle for curious and intelligent players looking for a different kind of challenge.

Inside sources tell us that Rhialto had a tear in his wizened eye as he tapped his wand on the prize machine, sending it to Bermuda for a comfortable retirement on the beach. "I love all Wyvern players equally," the ancient ArchWizard was overheard to mutter, "but sometimes I just can't help feeding a cheater to my pet Razortooth Chaos Wyvern, Fluffy. He says they taste better than regular players." Rhialto then shook a large mothball out of his beard, wandered into a corner of the room, and apparently turned into a large houseplant.

Fluffy was unavailable for comment.

New Area

The wizard Kharpern has created a new jungle area for exploring. The entrance is a volcano southwest of Rakshasa Haryma. Speaking of exploring, I wonder how many of you have found the extensive area in the jungles east of Rakshasa Harmya that the wizard Teshuvah created a while back? Have fun exploring!

Fishing and More!

Fishing has arrived in Wyvern. You can fish in New Verden and the Davos ruins if you are a beginner. And you can fish in Glacier Point and on the Isle of Maiye if you are a pro. Find the fishing shacks, read the signs and speak to the shopkeepers for details!

The Isle of Maiye has had a number of updates: a troll village on the eastern side of the isle, a wildflower patch with pickable flowers, a new flower shop on the pier, a treat shop and more!

There have been other updates, too, including the forests of Glacier Point, the jungles of Rakshasa Harmya, and PK arenas in Oxbow, to name a few.

Alaria Gauntlet Remodeled

The wizard Arilou has remodeled the gauntlet in Alaria. I always found the old one to be fun and challenging to go through, but sort of plain-looking. Now it's as nice to look at as it is fun to play. Nice work, Arilou!

New Areas

A new area for lower level players has been added in the ruins north of Davos, a goblin village ripe for the smashing.

A new fishing village has been discovered on one of the islands in the southwest area of Wyvern. Something indicates these folks may not be from around here.

Shout Channels

Shout channels have been changed a bit. Since most general shouts are 'out of character', that's where they'll be heard now, on the ooc channel. This allows players who want to role-play or just not listen to most shouts to unsubscribe from the ooc channel, but still hear auctions and the like. Filters like naga ssspeech and and paladins now work in the rp, lq and auction channels, instead of the general shout channel.

Game Server

There were problems with the ISP that hosts the Wyvern server yesterday. Wyvern is now running again, so have fun slaying those dragons!

Night and Day

Wyvern now has night and day cycles! Each cycle is two hours long, so there will be two 'nights' each four hour reboot. Note that not all areas have been updated for this yet, so you'll see some maps that are lit incorrectly. If you see a map that should be dark at night but isn't or vice versa, report it with the bug command.

Identified Items and Stores

Stores are now a bit pickier about buying, selling and unselling items. Some items like spellbooks have to be identified before they can be sold to a store. It's highly recommended to identify any items before you sell them, if you think there's a chance you might want to keep it.


A couple of long-standing bugs have been fixed with nagas. First, they now have the polearm skill to start. It was specified in the manual, but wasn't implemented. There's a polearm trainer in the Minath Elion training hall, but there aren't many polearm weapons yet.

The other long-standing bug is that the dragon and hydra forms weren't being slowed down correctly. Viper and cobra were correctly sped up a bit, but the larger forms weren't slowed down.


There's a new trap you'll encounter sooner or later. It consists of a moving barrier which sometimes blocks the way. Not surprisingly, it'll squash you if you're in it when it closes.

Some of the food you encounter may be spoiled, and hence poisonous. Given the lack of refrigeration, some types of food spoil faster than others, so be careful what you eat!

Finally, more monsters have inventories now, so you'll find more things to sell when looting corpses than before.

Wyvern Post Explorer

The Monks of Wyvern are in need of your help. The Wyvern Post delivery Service is overwhelmed with so many letters to the other monks. They could use your help to deliver their correspondence. Read more about it on the quest page.

Demon Hordes Quest

The Demon Hordes Quest is back online. All quests are changed occasionally, so remember that even if you've done a quest before on another character, it may not be the same as it was.

The Estate of Portis Blackroot

A new area by the Wizard Cinaeth, "The Estate of Portis Blackroot" is now open. The area includes a quest, "The Lost Amulet", for levels 16 and above, but there are many areas for lower level players. The estate can be found along the West Road of Minath.

Your Character

Just a reminder that you are not allowed to give your password or character to anyone else. Nor should you take up someone's offer to "help level up your character", as it's invariably a scam. Read the rules for the full scoop.

Server Outage

The game server was down most of yesterday due to ISP problems, and this morning due to database problems. Those have been resolved, so the game is once again available for playing. Have fun!

Turned to Stone

A bug in the monster AI code that's been around since March has been fixed. One effect of the bug was that stonewind and petrify didn't work very often. They're back to the way they were before, so don't forget those resists next time you encounter a medusa or their ilk!


The wizard Raeden has created a new guild, the rangers guild. Rangers have a variety of skills, but do most of their fighting with whips, and are always up for exploring. Read more about them on the guilds page. You'll have to solve a new quest to join, Secrets of the Sidewinder Caverns.

I Hunger

Most players probably don't encounter it because food is consumed so slowly, but when you starve, you stop healing. Now, as an added bonus, you'll be briefly confused by the experience, too. Which if you've ever gone too long without eating, you've doubtless experienced in real life, too.

Isle of Maiye

The Isle of Maiye (pronounced with a long 'i' sound) is home to a new resort hotel. It features a boardwalk, beaches, a swimming pool, gardens, and more. While the resort is a peaceful and relaxing place, the nearby forests are somewhat eerie, with the sound of laughter heard amongst the trees.

The area also features a new quest, The Orb of Maiye. Both can be found on an island in the southwest, which you can find on the worldmap.


Items created with Fenixdown's armorcrafting system now have values assigned so they can be offered at auction. If you think the values can be improved, use the idea command to suggest new values.

Bura Shaan Remodel

The wizard Raeden has remodeled the city of Bura Shaan, so it's looking cooler than ever. Check it out next time you're in the frozen north.

Watery Wonderland

The wizard Binyamin has opened a new high-level area (20+), which can be found south of Minath Elion. The artwork scales new heights, but some of the monsters are kind of fishy...

Also, a number of bugs have been fixed in Fenixdown's skinning and armorcrafting system. If you find more problems, please report them with the bug command.

New Area

The wizard Yatoka has opened a new area called Henteko. It's believed that it exists in the same time as the known world, but is on a chain of far distant islands. The area can be reached via the Well of Time (in the far north)...sometimes. The Well is unstable, and may send adventurers elsewhere in time and space. The area also includes a new quest, The Curse of Henteko.

Resists Redux

The bug in the enlightenment spell / potion has been fixed, and the spell now includes the cap information. It correctly shows your resists (and vulnerabilities, if any), including racial bonuses, spells and magical items.

More on Resists

To help deal with the changes introduced by fixing the resistance cap bug, resistance spells are now more powerful for each skill point you have in the related art, 4% resistance for each point instead of 1% as before. However, note that the enlightenment spell / potion has a bug and won't show you the correct values of your resistances. We're working on a fix.

Wyvern Glossary

Puzzled by 'pally'? Baffled by 'BR'? Thanks to the players Shadowfinch, Tuor and Pan, there's now a glossary of abbreviations and phrases used in Wyvern.

Resists and Caps

A long-standing bug with caps on resistances like resist fire was fixed recently. It wasn't supposed to have been possible for players to be 100% immune to any magic, but an error in the code allowed it in some cases. Doubtless many of you are noticing the change. Rather than react vocally just because it's changed and you don't like the change, please take an honest look at it, and if you still feel there's a problem, suggest possible solutions with the idea command.

New Guild, New Quest

The wizard Galdor has created a new guild, the Rogues Guild. Rogues specialize in fighting with blades, but would rather avoid a fair fight and use their stealth. To join the guild, you need to solve the new quest by the wizard Arilou, Shrouded in Darkness. You'll need to solve the quest just to find out where the Rogues Guild hall is.

ISP Outage

Cabochon's ISP had problems the last several days, making it difficult to reach the game or the website unless you happened to read the player boards and find out the IP address. We're working to resolve the issues longer-term, including investigating new ISPs. Hosting isn't bad, but the kind of bandwidth Wyvern uses isn't cheap.

Tornaum Castle

Tornaum Castle and its quest have gotten a facelift. It's now the quest required for entry to the Cavemans Guild, too. If you're already in the guild you don't need to solve it unless you quit and rejoin.

Live Quests

In a long-awaited change, live quests (LQ) have been changed to be more fair. The experience points are divided amongst all the players who took part (and are still logged on) based on how much damage they did, and the LQ prize, if any, goes to the player who inflicted the most damage.

/player Manual

Thanks to lots of help from the players Shadowfinch and Tuor, the /player manual has been updated. Lots of long-standing errors and out of date information has been fixed. If you find other problems with the manual, please report them with the bug command.

Repairs and Auctions

The New Verden Auction house now has an orb for repairing magical items like wands and scrolls. It's not needed to use or sell the item to a shop, but is if you want to auction the item for sale to other players.


The wizards Teshuvah and Raeden have created a new way for lower level players to make some money. There are mines near New Verden and Davos with uncut gems for mining. It requires a pickaxe and some patience, as not every rock you smash open will yield a gem. Please report any bugs or abuses with the bug command.

Reboot Cycle

To see if we can't deal with the occasional sluggishness, the game has been put back on a 4 hour reboot cycle (was 6 hour) for the time being. Don't forget to pick up your auction items before each reboot!

Package Delivery System

Fenixdown's package delivery system has been revised, with some bug fixes, more varieties of packages, and lots of new NPCs in different places to deliver to. It's not only a great way to make some money, but it helps you to explore and get to know the lands of Wyvern. There are WyvernPost stations in New Verden (in the post office, upstairs in the adventurers guild), Alaria, Bandar Gaah, Minath Elion, and a number of other locations. Report any problems with the bug command .

Rules Clarification

Just a reminder that transferring money or equipment to other characters is not allowed. It doesn't matter how you phrase what you're doing, if you're caught transferring money one way or another, you'll face the penalties for it. As with all rules, if you feel a rule is wrong, don't break it anyway or try to argue it with a wizard. Write a calm, clear email to Legolas or Rhialto explaining why you think it's in error. If they rule against you, well, better learn to live with the rule.

Beautiful New Area

Raeden has opened a beautiful new area replete with flowers called Botanica. It includes a new 4 point quest. Check out the area when you're north of Blackrose City, even if you don't want to do the quest -- it's lovely.

Auction Prices

As you doubtless know, auction prices are limited with a both a minimum and a maximum price based on the value to reduce scamming, illicit transfers of money, etc. So if you find that you want to sell an item, but the value is too high or too low to sell at the price you want, is the correct thing to do:
  1. Complain in shouts about how messed up auction limits are.
  2. Sell items back and forth until you both get the price you want.
  3. Report the problem with the bug command
If you chose A, you'll probably be ignored. If you chose B, you may get banished for going around the rules. So the correct answer is therefore C. If you find values for items that you feel are incorrect, report the problem (and suggested values) with the bug command.

Ships Ahoy!

The graphics for ships have been updated, and the size of the rowboat and log raft have been changed to put them more in line with the size of the galleons. Updates to the pirate ships will be coming soon.

There have been a number of bug fixes, most of which will be unnoticed by all but a very few.

The drop rates for dragons and some other creatures has been increased (shocking, I know) some. The balance of gold, XP, etc. is still being tuned. We'll get better at tuning it as we develop better tools for tracking how slow or fast people gain money and experience.

Finally, the ruins near Rakshasa Harmya have been expanded a bit, with some fun stuff for levels 6-12.

More Changes

Many of you have noticed new images for the corpses of some monsters. The latest round were drawn by Munkmaster with some minor touches by Legolas. Nice work, Munkmaster!

There's a new quest, the Westerly Forest quest. It's for levels 7-9 and is worth 3 QP.

There are a fair number of player-run sites for Wyvern, but a particularly well done site is Wyvern Answered. Nicely done guides to the live quests, different artifact weapons, and maps and descriptions of the different areas in Wyvern. And a sometimes very amusing news ticker.

Finally, the mix for random artifacts has been freshened up a bit. You may see different artifact weapons than you're used to, or sometimes you'll end up with a nice gem instead. And you may notice a change or two to the vorpal blade artifact.

Minor Changes

Following a player suggestion, you can now type a period after a name with the who command to get an exact match. Handy when the player you want to see has a common name or one that's a common start to other names, like Ra, e.g., "who ra." matches only Ra, not all players who's names start with ra.

To help reduce lag a bit in PK arenas, deaths no longer leave a gravestone in PK areas. Popular PK arenas like the mage arena in Blackrose routinely got dozens and dozens of gravestones each reboot cycle, sometimes as many as 10 per square.

Finally, there's a new monster that you may encounter in random dungeons and other areas, a nasty brute called the monopod.

Amazing Glacier Point Remodel

The wizard Teshuvah has remodeled the city of of Glacier Point. In short, it's amazing. It features 200+ maps, new artwork by Legolas and Binyamin, new monsters, three new quests and a number of interesting and fun surprises.

Bug Fixes

Bugs are being fixed all the time, but most people won't notice the changes. One that you may notice is that non-metal helmets no longer protect your head from falling rocks as well as metal ones do.

New Minath Monster Arena

The Minath Elion Monster Arena, which has served us faithfully since December of 2001, has been showing its age. Players have been getting more powerful over the years, and we finally had to draw the line when someone beat the arena with guest6. The Minath Arena has been completely remodeled, with contributions from Rhialto, Legolas, Teshuvah, Janica, Raeden, Caius, and Knop. The original arena high-score list has been preserved, and we will be releasing some statistics on what's been one of Wyvern's most popular features for well over 2 years, with over 25,000 fights and over 4,000 distinct participants. Feel free to test your skills against the new and improved Minath Monster Arena today! As always, it can be found in the royal city of Minath Elion, northeast of the castle.

Troglodyte Quest

The Wizard Teshuvah has created a new quest for lower level players. Read about the new Troglodyte Quest or find info in the Adventurers Guild. The quest is recommended for levels 2-4.

Various Changes

There are various changes some of you have noticed:

New Client

We've updated the client to version 1.4.9. If you quit your client completely and restart, you'll get the updated version. This is mostly an artwork update. It's a long download, but it includes all the new artwork for many areas, and also the fancy new Rakshasa pictures. One minor new feature: you can drag-and-drop things between the ground and inventory windows, although it's not very sophisticated yet. There's also a meter showing your shout points, but it's not yet hooked up. One bug: if you have a very long title, your screen will be too wide, but we'll have a fix for that shortly. In the mean time, if you're in the teachers guild, try quitting it for now to shorten your title. (But keep answering questions and helping other players!)

Spell of the Swamp Witch Quest

The wizard Zifa has created a new quest, the Spell of the Swamp Witch. Begin by finding the Swamp Witch in the swamps in the ruins near Rakshasa Harmya. We'll add more info and a book in the Adventurers Guild library soon. There's some fighting (hard fighting, recommended for levels 20 and higher), but it's mostly thinking and exploring.

Item Transfers, part II

Some of you have voiced unhappiness over the change to item transfers. Please remember that the game is in beta test, and is subject to change, and is going to have bugs as we work on things. There are a number of unanticipated problems with the recent item transfer change. For example, players on a group expedition have no way to share healing potions. We're working on finding and fixing these problems as quickly as we can. Report bugs with the bug command, and ideas for improving the system with the idea command.

Item Transfers

To encourage safe trading using the auction hall, a change has been made to item transfers. Once you pick up an item you find, it's yours. No one else can pick it up. This means you have to use the auction hall to sell items to other players. You can find instructions on how to offer to a particular player on a sign in the auction hall, and in the manual.

Odin's Eye Quest Prizes

The problems with the quest prizes for Odin's Eye have been fixed. If you've solved the quest and had one in your inventory, contact Raeden by in-game email regarding replacement.

New Areas, New Looks

A number of smaller areas have been added, particularly in newbie areas to help with crowding, and we'll be adding more as they're created.

Also, wizards continue to remodel and improve existing areas. Amita (Arilou), Coran (Zifa) and the castle in Blackrose City (Avalon) have all gotten remodels, large and small. Check out the castle in Blackrose City next time you're there -- it's beautiful.

ISP Problems

Cabochon's ISP is still having problems today. Connection speeds are very low, and game play can be difficult. If it continues, we'll take the game off-line until the problems can be resolved.

Server Outage

Cabochon's ISP had an equipment failure today, resulting in 3 hours or so when the game and website couldn't be reached. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your patience.

Khaytsi City

Khaytsi City, a new area by the wizard Teshuvah is now open. It can be found in the verdant hills east of Blackrose City. It's the home of the happy-go-lucky halflings, and is mostly a peaceful place. There's a new quest, too The Goose That Lays Golden Eggs. Talk to the king in Khaytsi to start the quest. The forests around Khaytsi are particularly beautiful, but some parts can be particularly dangerous, too.

/player Land

New regulations have been passed down by the high king in Minath. Players who have purchased land but not maintained and developed it have two weeks to do so. Contact the Wizard Zifa by in-game mail, or your land will be seized and sold at auction in two weeks.

Quest Prizes

The quest prizes from Odin's Eye have been temporarily removed from inventories while Raeden fixes some problems with them. We have a complete list of players who have solved it, and they will be returned when the items are fixed.

Also, there was a bug that prevented Sokoban prizes from working properly. Those of you have purchased them on the second-hand market rather than solving Sokoban yourself may now be wondering about the wisdom of your purchases...

Bold New Verden

The Wizard Binyamin, creator of the Oxbow Wildlife Sanctuary and the (in)famous Wyvern Souvenir T-Shirts, has outdone himself again. He's taken on the ambitious task of completely remodeling New Verden, and you can now see the results for yourself! There are new training areas, new NPCs, lots of secret tunnels and clever details, and the whole place looks like the groundskeeper quit his job about 700 years ago. It's great! Make sure to thank Binyamin for all his efforts next time you're online.

Tons of Changes

We've made lots of changes and additions to the game lately! Here is a summary of the highlights from the past week: Keep your eyes open for more changes coming soon!

Rakshasa Leopards

Thanks to some hard work by Raeden, there's a new race to play: rakshasa leopards. They're fast, at home moving through trees or snow, and have the ability to leap over foes to attack from behind. Nice work, Raeden!

Minath Castle Remodel

The king in Minath, sparing no expense (possibly explaining why the kingdom is having financial problems) has had the interior of the castle in Minath remodeled. It features new artwork from Legolas and some contributed by the player Phesten. Check it out next time you're in Minath.

New Rakshasa Images

Senior Wizard Raeden has done a brand-new set of pictures for Rakshasa players: male and female Lions, Panthers and Tigers. They look really fantastic. Some clients have bugs where you can't see the new images except using the "who" command, but we're working on a fix.

New Archers Guild

The Wizard Zifa has contributed a brand-new Archers Guild, complete with lovely new scenery and some all-new Archer-only armor and weapons available in the shop. Humans who join the Archers Guild get fancy new images, compliments of Arisu. Be sure to thank Zifa and Arisu for all the work they put into the remodeling of the Guild!

New Names Available

Today we deleted some unused characters from the player database: all characters who had never logged in and were created more than 45 days ago. This freed up 26,450 character names, including important RPG names like "iamabanana", "meetlofe", "smurfdotcom", "edthesock", and "xxsupaflyxx". (Note: not all of them are legal names anymore.)

Portable Holes

We've fixed portable holes so Giants and Nagas may now use them. Enjoy! We also fixed a number of bugs in the portable-hole code. If you find any bugs with portable holes, please report them to a Wizard.

New Area

The newly promoted wizard Teshuvah has opened a new area. It's a cave somewhere in the jungles of the southern continent. Have fun exploring, but be careful -- it's a dangerous place! (level 15+)

In other news, the Odin's Eye quest has been raised to 60 quest points. Will you be the first to solve it?

Sortable Spells

Fenixdown has contributed a sortable spell list. If you have a JavaScript-enabled browser, you may find this useful!

Skill Points Fixed

The good news is: we've fixed the Untrainer bug where you could lose skill points permanently if you were in a guild. We also ran a script that recalculated the skill points for over 67,000 players, and fixed incorrect numbers for over 1100 of them.

The bad news is: 86% of the adjustments were negative. Only 156 players got more skill points. 945 people lost points. It looks like we had a bug where you could accidentally get more skill points than you were allowed to have. Look on the bright side: those 945 players got extra skills for free, for a while! Here's the list of players who gained or lost points.

We didn't automatically untrain anyone. If your skill points are negative right now, then before you can train again, you'll need to untrain in skills until you have at least one skill point.

If your skill points were changed, you'll have mail waiting in the Post Office from the Game Driver telling you many you gained or lost.

Thanks for everyone's patience while we fixed this long-standing bug!

More Tales from Wyvern

More Tales from Wyvern have been added, including chapter 3 of Beestie's Teller of Tales, chapters 2 and 3 of Drows of Chaos from Cairpre, a poem from Lugio, and stories from Astinus, Kiet, and Wurm. I think Astinus did a particularly clever job of keeping the story 'in character' while integrating parts of Wyvern. (And no, the stories don't have to mention Legolas to get posted :-). Check out the latest Tales from Wyvern today!

Also, Legolas is slooooowly getting caught up on email. If you've sent him an email with stories, maps or artwork, and not yet received an answer, send him a reminder email.

Bug Fixes

We've fixed a few important bugs recently: We've also made Post Office mail a little smarter:

Thanks for reporting all the bugs; please keep those reports coming!

Heimdal Rocks!

Closing out 2003 in the utmost of style, Raeden and Lucinda have teamed up to bring you the Nordic area of Asgard, and the Odin's Eye Quest. Asgard can be reached via Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge, which leads up into the sky. The bridge comes and goes, so keep your eyes peeled for it!

Congratulations are very much in order for our Raeden, who is our newest Senior Wizard!

Autobag Is Here

We've added a sophisticated new command called autobag. It lets you sort objects into bags automatically when you pick them up, according to rules you specify.

We've written a complete autobag manual with a comprehensive tutorial, and lots of examples. Feedback on this feature is welcome! We hope you enjoy it.

Pixie Power

We did some scrubbing on the database tonight, and updated the XML for about 65,000 player files. We were able to cut the database size by 25%, which should do wonders for performance.

The cleanup that we did helped support a new feature: Pixies now have access to "fly" and "land" commands. By default, they're flying, but they can land on the ground now when needed (e.g. to activate small buttons.)

Lastly: Happy Holidays to all! If you haven't logged in to Wyvern lately, you should check it out, just to see all the snow Legolas put in.

Lore Points

We fixed the Lore Points for 859 players last night. Those players had the wrong numbers of Lore Points for various reasons: spells changing lore values, or bugs in the spell system that we've fixed, or other reasons.

649 players got more points, and 210 were docked points. Most players only received or lost 1 to 4 points. Several dozen gained over 30 points, and two or three got over 100. The record was lickghy, who was somehow short 143 points.

Most of the 210 players who had too many only lost a handful, and nobody lost more than 13. A very few players might have negative lore point values now. That just means that before they can learn new spells, they have to unlearn enough to get back to positive numbers.

In other news: the Sword of Noir had a bug that prevented you from naming it, and it's been fixed.

Uncurse Altars

Fenixdown has been at it again, this time improving the uncurse altars. Now you can type "uncurse inv" to uncurse everything in your inventory, and "uncurse all" to uncurse your inventory and any cursed items in bags, too. If you have enough money, of course.

Reboot Time

The reboot time has been changed back to four hours. Just a reminder that items in the auction house disappear if you leave them there through a reboot!

More Player Owned Homes

The town of Ocina is now open, and has land available for purchase for player homes. It's on an island southwest of Tornaum Castle. Buy your ocean front lot before they're all gone!


A heavy snowstorm has hit Wyvern, with reports of snow as far south as Minath Elion! Meteorologists are still studying the unusual storm, but believe it may have been caused by a strange weather phenomenon known as 'El Lego'.

New Area

The shifting of the earth has uncovered a powerful gate, which was previously buried in the snowy north. Its exact purpose is being studied, but it's suspected to be a gateway through a crack in time and space.

Congratulations to Arilou on an exciting new area. Have fun exploring... but be careful!

Rules Reminder

Just a reminder to read and follow the rules. Failure to do so will result in the appropriate penalties. In the immortal words of Rhialto:
"Don't cheat, be respectful to others, and behave yourself, and you should have absolutely no problems."

Regarding stolen items when selling items, the best way to ensure against theft is to use the auction house in New Verden or Almien. You can even use it to offer the item to a specific player and safely make trades.

More Tales from Wyvern

Part two of Beestie's Teller of Tales is now online in Tales from Wyvern. There are also stories from Lugio, Ragedwarf, Reebee and Rilassa. Check them out -- some good reading. And keep those stories, songs and poems coming!

Support Spells

We've fixed it so you can cast various "support" spells on other players: all the Resistance spells, as well as Strength, Speed, Regeneration and Bravery. You can also cast Confuse Monster on players in PK zones.

Tales from Wyvern

There's a new feature on the web site, Tales from Wyvern. It features writing about adventures in the lands of Wyvern. Beestie was our first contributor, with the beginnings of a great story. Check it out today!

Chat Channels

Chat channels such as help, rp, and ooc were changed recently and were acting a little strange, but should be working correctly now. As an added bonus, you can even subscribe and unsubscribe from channels now!

Anvil Repaired

Fenixdown has rewritten the Anvil that you find in blacksmith workshops. It now supports "repair all", which will repair all the items on the anvil, if you have enough money.

We've promoted Fenixdown to Senior Wizard, in recognition of his numerous contributions to Wyvern. His creations include the Wyvern Trading Card Game (TCG), pelting knives, the team capture-the-flag game, and numerous other clever inventions. He's got many others in the works, and we're looking forward to all of them. Congratulations, Fenix!

New Areas

There are a couple of new areas by the wizard Binyamin, one near Davos for lower-level players, and another in the forests south of the Temple of Life. Both show...unusual creativity. Check 'em out today!

Mage Spells

Finding yourself crisped by your own fireball? With a little skill, mages can now avoid that fate. Your own spells only damage you if you have very little skill in the elements for that spell. Currently the odds become negligible at about 3 points in the element, but we'll adjust the odds as needed.

Lots of News

Binyamin has opened a souvenir shop on the outskirts of the Oxbow River Wildlife Sanctuary. Check out the great selection of souvenir t-shirts available!

Rhialto has fixed the player-freeze bug. Not only should that bug not happen again, but the part of Wyvern responsible for it is now faster than before (a better hamster wheel, for those of you who read his blog).

There are a number of smaller bug fixes, too: the archers guild store and other shops with random enchanted weapons should load correctly now. And to help exercise the code, the axemans guild store now has a much better selection of enchanted axes for sale to guild members.

Some additional problems with XP-draining and restoration have been fixed. Note that you now can no longer restore XP that was drained if you die, or if you go up a level.

Lastly, to help reduce lag from spells, you no longer automatically see spell effects in your Ground Window. If spell lag wasn't bothering you, use the "ground-spells" command to turn them back on.

Restoration Spell

XP-draining and the restoration spell have been changed to behave in a more understandable fashion. Now all the XP you've had drained by vampires and other undead can be restored with a scroll of complete restoration, regardless of whether you gain or lose more XP or log out.

There are also somewhat cheaper scrolls of partial restoration that will restore 50% of the XP you've lost.

New Channel

To encourage more role-playing, an 'rp' channel has been added. Just like 'shout' or 'ooc', except it is for conversations that are in character with a role-playing game only. Players who violate that rule will be struck down by any angry gods on duty.

New Mayor, New Areas

Choasnaga has been elected mayor of Lysegu, the player-run town. Congratulations, Choasnaga!

In other news, the new wizard Binyamin has opened a new area, the Oxbow River Wildlife Sanctuary. It has areas for levels 8 and up, and a new 3-point quest that you can read about on the quests page. The Sanctuary can be found north of the Zoo.

Other training areas added recently include Kupior's Elven Grove (levels 8 and up) and Raeden's Wet Cave (levels 4-6). We'll be adding more such areas in the coming weeks.

Collection of Relics Quest

The Wizard Zypher has created a new quest which takes place in the ruins north of Minath Elion. Read about the Collection of Relics quest in the Adventurers Guild, and on the quests page.

/player Owned Homes!

The town of Lysegu is now open. It's pretty empty right now, but that's because it's designed to be filled with houses that players buy and design themselves. The town can be found on the island northwest of Fae Wyston, and will be added to the world map soon. Read the signs in town to find out about costs and how you can go buy some land and build your dream house today!

Kupior's Labyrinth

The Wizard Kupior has opened a new and challenging quest. Read about it in the Adventurers Guild, and on the quests page. Nice work, Kupior!

Wyvern Getting Popular

Which of these would you rather have: If you'd like to know what kind of MUD player you are, you can take the famous Bartle Test. It asks you 30 questions like the one above, and tells you if you're an Explorer, and Achiever, a Socializer, or a Killer.

Our loyal Wyvern players have been taking the test, and yesterday we finally broke into the Top 10 List! If you haven't taken the test, please take a few minutes to answer the questions and find out what you like to do best on MUDs.

If you've already taken the test, thanks for helping Wyvern make the Top 10!

New, Thawed Client

There's a brand-new client out, and it fixes the freezes! Lots of players have verified it: all of them say it no longer freezes on them. It's got all the latest artwork, new music, and more. Uninstall your old client and download this one today!

Note: after you install it, your title bar should say: "Wyvern Client version 1.4.8, with Java 1.4.2". If it doesn't say that, then you haven't downloaded the newest version, and it'll freeze on you. The "Java 1.4.2" at the end is important.

Thanks to everyone for being so patient while we got this fix out there. Enjoy the new music, new artwork, and smooth operation!

New Items, and Bug Update

We've added Arrows of Returning, which are magical arrows that return to you after you fire them, provided you're not firing point-blank at a wall. You can enchant them, or find enchanted ones in shops.

We've also added the new spell Resurrection. It's a lore-25 spell, so people are unlikely to learn it, but it's available in scroll form as well. Resurrection works as follows:

The scrolls are available in magic shops, and cost a trifling 50,000 gold. But they're a bargain at any price!

We've also fixed two of the four server-side crash bugs: the teleporters-stop-working bug, and the spells-stop-moving (followed shortly afterwards by a server crash) bug. The take-1-step-and-freeze bug is still open, and happens occasionally, but we're working on it. The fourth bug is a Java VM crash that we're contacting Sun about.

Lastly, the game client still freezes for a lot of people. We've tracked this down to a bug in the version of Java that bundled with the client, even the newest one. We'll launch an updated version this weekend that should fix the problem.


Create Trap & Friends

We've restored the Create Trap, Create Pool and Create Lava spells, which were retired months ago because of player abuses. The PK crowd pointed out tonight that they were fun and useful in PK arenas. So I've made them the first three "PK-only" spells. You can learn them like normal spells, but they can only be cast in PK maps. Have at them.

Server Outage

The server experienced a number of crashes today, and a half-hour outage at around 11:00pm PST. The root cause was that Java was crashing on our Linux box. We've installed an updated version of Java, from Sun, and rebooted the game server box. The game seems to be running quickly and efficiently now. Thanks for your patience!

Claws and Arrows, Axemans Guild quest

Elemental arrows are now available in the archers guild shop in Almien. There are fire arrows, frost arrows, and lightning arrows.

Claws of various types for rakshasas are available in the store in Rakshasa Haryma. The stock changes regularly, so check back for your favorites.

And in exciting news for the those who want to join the Axemans Guild, the quest required to join has been changed to the Frozen Abyss quest. It's more in line with the difficulty of the quests for the other guilds.

New Areas Opening

The wizard Raeden has opened a new area for levels 4-6. Explore the wet caves in the forests south of Tornaum Castle. We'll be opening more such areas for different levels, but we won't necessarily announce all of them. So get out there and explore!

Client Update

After a bit of research, we've found out why the clients are freezing up. If your client is freezing, here's what you have to do:
  1. Go to Start Menu -> Control Panel ->Add/Remove Programs and uninstall the Wyvern Client.
  2. Re-download and install the 1.4.6 Wyvern Client
  3. Start playing!
This should fix your problems for you.

New Client!

We've decided to go ahead and launch the new game client. It's still in Alpha testing - several Wizards have been using it for a few weeks, but one or two have had trouble on older systems. You are welcome to download it and try it out. The old clients will continue to work for now.

The new client includes:

We'll have more features and fixes in the coming weeks, but it's good enough for you to try now. There's no volume control, but there's a mute button, and you can use your computer's volume control in the meantime.

You can download it here.

If your system has instability (and trust us, we have LOTS of different systems running this new client), you might consider going into the Settings dialog (Edit Menu) and turning off sound and music until there's another update.

Make sure your speakers are turned on, and go stand near a fountain to test the sound. We hope you enjoy it!

We also added a few new monster and combat changes:

There are a few bugs: splatters sticking around, monsters that don't move, guards that DO move, and so on. We'll be working to fix these things as soon as we can.


We've made a few improvements to socializing in Wyvern:

Ice Caverns

Our newest Wizard, Maahes, has opened an exciting new training area for levels 10-15 on the northern Glacier. It includes a new quest and some challenging puzzles. Enjoy!

Combat Update

We've had some FAQs about combat, and this should address some of them: Archers are actually more powerful than they were before, at least when firing missiles, so it should help make up for not being able to do martial arts with their bows.

Finally, the hydra-nerfing is temporary. More info has shown that hydras are actually only #9 on the race list for making XP, so we really only need to balance them for PK fights.

Combat Fixed!

The combat bugs have all been fixed. Thanks very much to Mahm, Quistis, Quentin, Mogo, and Cudgel for helping with a long monster-killing test so we could compare archers, unarmed, and various melee weapons before and after the fix.

Important: The Melee skill is being retired in favor of weapon skills. Don't bother untraining in it: this weekend we'll be untraining everyone in it automatically and restoring the skill points (but not gold spent, since you got benefit from the skill while you had it.)

News Update

The arrow-dup bugfix caused some problems with archery and unarmed combat. We're working on fixing them - we apologize for the inconvenience, and we should have this resolved in a day or two.

We nerfed Hydras again, very slightly, for the fourth time since they were added to the game. It's always a delicate balance, because Hydras are much more effective in the PK arenas than they are at killing monsters. Nagas are actually only the fifth most powerful race when it comes to gaining experience, so we can't really nerf them much more.

We're also working very hard on the server-instability problems: game freezes, maps not loading, lag, and disconnects. We know the root causes for each of the problems, and hope to have the problems resolved within the next 2 weeks. It has, however, put our music client on hold, since stability is the highest priority. We'll continue to post frequent updates, and we appreciate the help and bug reports from all of our great players.

Features and Fixes

We've added a new command, startup, that lets you add up to 10 commands that execute automatically when you log in to the game. We've also fixed numerous bugs, including the zero-point warning bug, an arrow-duplicating bug, and several others. Please keep those bug reports coming.

(New) We've added three new spells: Frost Ward, Lightning Shield, and Prismatic Shield, all of which are similar to Flame Shield but use different elements.

We've also fixed a problem where an Archer wielding a bow would do massive damage with the bow as a melee weapon. This was patently unrealistic, and we received numerous complaints about it. In better news for Archers, we're planning on creating some Elemental Arrows (Flame Arrows, Lightning Arrows, and so on) as soon as the artwork comes in, hopefully in the next few days. This should help Archers against monsters that can't take physical damage.

Connection Problems

The ISP that hosts the Wyvern game server is having some problems, and players are experiencing connection problems and slowdowns. We're aware of the problem, and working to resolve it as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.


More levels of alignment have been added. Alignment still ranges from neutral up to Hero/Heroine and down to Lord/Queen of Evil, but there are more levels in-between. For more information on alignments, see the /player Manual.

Game Outage, and new features

The game had an approximate 1-hour outage on Wednesday, from around 4:30pm to 5:30pm, PST. We apologize for the inconvenience. We've fixed the underlying problem, and it shouldn't happen again.

In better news, we've fixed a few long-standing (but annoying) bugs, and added some minor features:

In even better news, we're rapidly approaching being able to release a brand-new game client. It includes support for sound and music, and also an auto-updater so you don't have to re-download it every time there are changes. We've spent months working on it, and are finishing up some final features. It should be ready in less than two weeks. And it sounds great!

Wrath of the Fey Quest

The wizard Arilou has created a new quest for newbies, the Wrath of the Fey quest which takes place in Amita. Read more about it on the quests page.

Bura Shaan

The wizard Raeden has opened a new area, complete with a new 20 point quest. Bura Shaan lies in the frozen wastes of the north, near Lirkka and the Cavemans Guild. Find it on the world map. Read about the Wastelands of Bura Shaan quest on the quests page.

Mages Guild

Zifa has redesigned the Mages Guild maps from the ground up. It's quite a beautiful area now, in its new home in Fae Wyston. Check it out when you're in the area, even if you're not a mage!

More Map Changes

There have been more map changes. Amita is now clustered with New Verden and Davos to make it easier for newbies to find, and there's a new entrance to the area. More improvements will be happening in the coming weeks--stay tuned!

Giant Changes

We've sped up Giants: they move and attack faster now. Giants have historically been the least popular races, and this should help make them more interesting to play.

World Map Changes

If you've logged on recently, you've doubtless noticed the changes in the world map. There are more trees and mountains, and there's more terrain between towns. Almien has been moved to the southern end of the main continent, the Mages Guild into Fae Wyston, and several towns have been closed while we remodel them. We'll add them back to the world map as they're remodeled. The world map has been updated to show the changes. Have fun exploring the new places!

Shout Points

We've introduced a Shout Points system to help combat shouting spam. So far, the program has been fantastically unsuccessful, with players going into a near-record shouting frenzy when they found out about it, but we remain moderately hopeful that it will help.

You can see how many shout points (and warning points) you have left by typing the new command, "points".

Inventory Limits

We've increased the limit on items you can carry from 50 to 80, until we can get the fixes in to make bags more usable. We really can't go higher than that, for performance reasons, but hopefully this will help give people some breathing room. In a few months we'll be able to make bags more convenient to use.

Bug Update

Several new bugs have appeared, all caused by performance fixes to try to get us to the 500-player mark. We've been working to fix the bugs as quickly as possible. Here are some bugs that have been fixed recently: We're also working on fixing the Side Scroller quest. (Note: it's fixed now - 7/16/2003)

XP Clarification

We've had occasional sightings of invulnerable/invincible monsters in the game. As a matter of policy, we do not restore experience lost to invincible monsters. We expect you to pay close attention to your combat messages. If a monster appears to be killing you, you should run - just like in real life.

We may decide to keep invincible monsters in the game, just to spice things up and keep otherwise-bored players on their toes. Consider yourself warned!

Security Reminder

Just a reminder: do not share your password with anyone. Wyvern wizards will never ask you for your password. Do not use so-called "character creator" sites, as they are nothing more than scams to try to get your password and character.

Also, remember that anyone can view the bug reports, so do not include your password or other personal information in bug reports, just describe the bug and what your character was doing when it happened.

Finally, if you get email claiming to be about testing Wyvern 3D, don't open it. There is no such program; the email contains a virus, and is not from this site.

New Client Installer

We've released a brand-new Wyvern Client Installer. It works on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and Windows users don't even have to download Java anymore. It comes with it! It also installs and uninstalls much faster than the old one did. Please give the new client a try and let us know if you have any trouble with it.

Note: there are no new features in this version (version 1.1.5, or 1.1.1 for WebStart). We will launch a new feature-release version of the client in mid-July.

Electrinium Equipment

All existing Electrinium Swords and Armor have been removed from the game, thanks to Aznassasin, an ex-Wyvern player who opted to create approximately 140 of them and give them away for free. If you need another set, you know where to find them. However, be warned that we consider the current armor and weaponcrafting system to be extremely unbalanced, and we will be nerfing it considerably in the coming weeks. I'd just avoid it if I were you. -Rhialto

New Area Open

The town of Coran, created by the wizard Zifa, is now open. It's just southwest of Minath Elion. Find it on the world map.

Feast and LQ

The First Day of Summer Feast and LQ was a lot of fun, both for the players who took part and the wizards who spent lots of time preparing for it.

Thanks to all the wizards who helped, including Fenixdown for introducing the TCG, Knop for the delicious and interesting foods, Legolas for the festival maps and beer, various wizards for organizing different events and a special thanks to Ender for organizing the whole event including the live quest.

There is a monument to those who died and to the brave players who took part in the live quest in (what is now) the ruins of Lirkka.

Wyvern Trading Card Game

The wizard Fenixdown has create a new game to play in Wyvern, the Wyvern Trading Card Game, or TCG for short. Decks will be available in stores soon. Read the rules for TCG. Nice work, Fenixdown!

New Areas Opened

The town of Terrim, created by the wizard Malla, is now open. It's a peaceful town on the island northeast of Mist Temple, with places to explore and treasures to be found.

Also, the village of Lirkka is now open. It's a small but bustling mining town near the Cavemans Guild and Stensele.

Find them both on the world map.

First Day of Summer Feast and LQ

The wizards will be putting on a special event on Saturday, June 21st. There will be games, feasting, tournaments, all capped off with a live quest. The feasting will be going on most of the day, and the live quest will begin later in the day. There will be more information as the event draws closer. This should be a big, fun event, with things to do for all levels, so don't miss it!

New World Map

Legolas has created a new world map, featuring some artwork by Knop. Not only is it even more beautiful than the previous version, you can click on it to tell you more about the major towns and areas in the lands of Wyvern. Check it out on the world map page.

Welcome to Malla

Welcome to our newest wizard, Malla. She's hard at work on a new area that will be online soon.


The beautiful town of Floriana, created by Anala, is now open. Besides the plant-filled town itself, check out the nearby ruins. It's on an island west of Fae Sahvar. Find it on the world map.

Welcome to Anala

A belated welcome to our newest wizard, Anala. She's created a beautiful new area that will be online soon.

100 Simultaneous Players!

Today we had 100 players and wizards online, with no lag! While bandwidth is still sometimes an issue, the server is doing great under the load.

Zypher's Maps Quest

There's a new quest, Zypher's Maps quest, created by, you guessed it, the wizard Zypher. Read more about on the quests page, and in the Adventurers Guild.

Player Warning System

You can now issue official Warnings to other players who are harassing or annoying you. Make sure to read the Warning System Rules carefully before using this feature!

A researcher from the University of Washington is studying this system and its use, as part of a class project. Use and reactions to the warning system will be used in a report for the project.

WyvernPost System

Looking to earn some money? WyvernPost delivers from coast to coast! But they need your help to do it. There are WyvernPost stations in New Verden, Alaria, Bandar Gaah and Almien (usually in the local post office). You can pick up packages there and be paid for each successful delivery.

Congratulations to Fenixdown for creating this new system!

Quest List

Wondering what quests you've done on which character? Wonder no more! Check out the orb of knowledge in the Adventurers Guild in New Verden for a list of which quests you've solved.

Demon Hordes Quest

There's a new quest, the Demon Hordes Quest. It's the new quest required for joining the Paladins Guild. Read more about on the quests page, and in the Adventurers Guild.

Hall of Mages Quest

Stonewing has re-opened the Hall of Mages quest in Fae Wyston. Thanks for your patience while it was being worked on.

Treasures of the Pyramid Quest

There's a new quest, the Treasures of the Pyramid. The quest is set in the desert area of Bandar Gaah and Jbel. Read more about on the quests page, and in the Adventurers Guild.

Welcome to Astor

Welcome to our newest wizard, Astor (yclept Shawn). As soon as exams are finished, he'll be working on a new area for you to adventure in.

Combat Bug

Many of you have noticed that you've been missing a lot lately when doing hand-to-hand combat. We finally tracked the bug down; it was introduced on May 1st. Combat should be back to normal now. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Metric System

There's a new command, units, that lets you switch to the metric system for seeing object weights. Type "units metric" to see weights in kilos, and "units english" to see weights in pounds.

There's also a new command, wizards, that lets you see if there are any (visible) Wizards online.

New Client Installer

We've created a new Wyvern Client Installer, so you don't have to use the Java Web Start version anymore. Many, many people have had trouble with the WebStart version, and this installer should hopefully fix it for them.

Visit the Download Page to get a copy. If you're already playing with the WebStart version, you can keep using it if you want.

Make sure you hit shift+reload in your browser to get the latest version of the download page. If it says a bunch of stuff about a not-recommended version, reload the page!

Note: - we've uploaded a new version, 1.1.3, that fixes a bug in seeing new wizard artwork.

What Kind of Player Are You?

There's a famous test called the Bartle Test that tells you what kind of MUD player you are - Achiever, Explorer, Socializer, or Killer. You can take the test here. At the end, please list Wyvern as one of the MUDs you play regularly (if you do), so we can move up on the list. Thanks!

New Map Editor

We've released a new Map Editor (version 1.2.4) with many bug fixes and some new features.

The Wyvern Map Editor no longer uses Java Web Start. We've made an installer program to install the standalone version on your computer. The installer is currently in beta. If you would like to try it out, please visit the Map Editor Download Page.

Note: another version is out - 1.2.5. It fixes a bug where spellcasting monsters couldn't be loaded, and a bug where you couldn't add items to monster inventories.

Drache City

Drache City, created by the new wizard Cerebro, is now open. It's on the southern continent, between Almien and Scihaya. It's an odd, sometimes dangerous town. So check it out...but be careful! Find it on the world map.


The town of Zypheria, created by one of the newest wizards, Zypher, is now open. It's on an island south of New Verden and east of Mist Temple. Find it on the world map. Zypher has more planned, including a quest and custom graphics, so check it out.

Lots of News

First, we'd like to announce the promotions of three new Wizards: Zypher, Cerebro and, most recently, Pollux. They're all working on exciting new areas for you to visit.

Second, we've changed teleporters. You no longer have to wait for a map to load, and then apply the teleporter again. It just takes you to the map after it's loaded.

Note: Random Dungeons are currently broken by the teleporter changes, and we'll be fixing them as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience with this.

Third, we've added some extra command-line history features, described in the new command-line editing tutorial in the Player Manual.

Finally, there's a brand-new Wyvern Tutorial in the Training Tower in New Verden. New players will start there automatically. Everyone gets their own copy of the Tutorial when they enter.

The Wyvern Tutorial was designed by the esteemed Arch Wizard Legolas. Hopefully it will make the game easier to learn for new players, and make new players easier to bear for old players!


The town of Athendel, created by the wizard Cairpre, is now open. It's west of Alaria, and includes a quest, intended for levels 3-5.

Minor Client Update

We've released a new version of the client (1.1.1). Web Start users should get it automatically next time they play.

Changes in 1.1.1:

The 1.1.1 version should download automatically for Web Start users.

There are no new versions of the PDA clients.

Auction Houses

Auction houses are now open in New Verden (near the armor shop) and Almien (upstairs in the general store).

Fixes and Features

Some new features:

Also, more bug fixes. We look at all the reports from players, and we're gradually working our way through the (long) bug list.

Bug Fixes

We've fixed over 200 bugs in the past few days - most of them fairly minor map and object bugs, but also a few big ones:

We're also going to release a new game client this weekend that fixes a bunch of bugs people have reported.

Fixed Handheld Clients

We've uploaded new versions of the iPAQ and Zaurus Handheld Clients. This patch release fixes the connection issues. The clients have been tested thoroughly and should work well for all the PDA Wyvern addicts out there.

We've also added an Install Packages via Networks option, which makes it really easy to install Wyvern directly to your Sharp Zaurus.

Download Troubles

Some players have helped me find a problem that's been causing the new client not to work for some people. The problem is that the client needs the latest version of Java (1.4.1 or higher), because 1.3 was buggy.

You can get the latest version here:


If you can't run Wyvern, you should uninstall your current version of Java and Java Web Start, and upgrade to 1.4.2 beta.

Several people are seeing the message "Unable to run Wyvern Web Client 1.0". If this happens to you, try clicking here:

Wyvern Client version 1.1

Hopefully this will help - it's a direct link to the 1.1 client, so your computer won't try to run the old version.

New Client

We've launched the latest Wyvern Game Client for your playing pleasure. New features and fixes include:

We'll run it for a week, collect bug reports, and launch a bugfix version next weekend.

Some important things to know about the new client:

  1. You can turn off the Toolbar icons in the Tools menu.

  2. You can click on the HP/SP bars to turn the numbers on and off.

  3. If the client is causing your computer to lag or crash, you should clear the Server Output window every 5 minutes or so, by right-clicking on it and choosing "Clear".

  4. If you're having trouble downloading the 1.1 client, open your Java WebStart from your Start Menu, and remove the old Wyvern Game Client 1.0.

Here's a preview of what will be in upcoming releases this summer: The Handheld clients have been rebuilt at version 3.1, which you must download in order to play the game.

Thurgood's Store

Thurgood's is now open! It's an interesting store, to say the least, and contains items for sale no where else. But would you expect anything less from Zerth? Due to Thurgood's personal commitment to low, low prices, he's set up shop outside of any existing tax districts, towns, or municipalities.

Note: if you have a finder, it will be updated to include Thurgood's the next time you log in.

Monk Armor

As some of you have already discovered, there is now some cloth armor that monks can wear. As with most armor, it appears randomly in shops. There's also a shop in the monks guild. More cloth armor coming soon!

Bug Fixes

We've fixed the following bugs:

We'll keep working on more fixes and features. Enjoy!

Password Bug

There was a bug in generating passwords for new players, since Monday. We've fixed it. If you created a character in the past 3 days, and your password doesn't work, please use the Forgot Password link to generate a new password for your character. Thanks.

We've also finally figured out the xp-loss bug, thanks to help from the players Aquarius and Qyvern, and we should have a fix for it by tomorrow (Thursday). Thanks again for your patience with this.

Update 04/03/2003 - there was STILL a bug in character creation, and also in the Forgot Password page, that was preventing passwords from being generated correctly. We've fixed the new problem, if you created a new character this week, you'll have to use the Forgot Password link to fix it.

The XP loss bug is still happening, and we're about half done with the fix for it.

Server Improving

Caius and I spent several hours today looking into the server problems, and we believe we've found and fixed the bugs. The server's stability should be somewhat improved now.

Server Instability

Our new server is going through some growing pains. Java seems to be crashing without notice several times a day. We're looking into why this is happening, and we'll keep you posted.

In other news, the WebStart Map Editor is now working again.

New Server

We're running the new server! It's 3x faster than our old one, so it can handle up to 300 players without server-side lag. We'll continue to work on optimizations so that we can get to 500 players on the server.

Thanks for your patience while it was down today. Have fun!

New Features, Bug Fixes

We've added a few new features, and fixed some bugs:

XP Loss

After many faithful years of service, our server is starting to have some issues. It frequently runs out of resources, and the game is unable to save files. When this happens, all maps become unavailable, and it stops saving your player data. You should log out immediately when this happens, and use the Show Who's Online link to see when the server reboots.

If you stay online and keep playing after maps become unavailable, then you'll lose any XP you earn, and we will be unable to restore it. We've got a new server ready to install, and hopefully it can go in sometime this week.

New Client

There's a new version of the game client (version 1.0) and the handheld clients (version 3.0). You need the latest version to connect to the game. We had to make some changes to the communication protocol to support writing native clients for the Windows and Mac platforms - a few people are working on them.

Lastest Forum

Pineapple has set up another player forum for us - this one is faster, doesn't have Annoying Popup Syndrome, and is very Wyvern-specific:

Wyvern Forums

Feel free to sign up and discuss Wyvern! This board is set up particularly for Wyvern topics, and has an Auctions section, forums for each guild, Bug Reports and Suggestions, and other discussion groups. Pineapple obviously put a lot of thought into it, and it looks cool. Thanks!

Game Balance

Some newer players have been wondering: "what the heck is going on with the game balance?" I wrote a document back in November of 2001, almost a year and a half ago, explaining my vision how I want the game to be balanced:

Wyvern Game Balance (2001)

This document is still surprisingly current. My vision hasn't changed since day 1. It should be clear, after reading it, why I made the enchanting change. The enchanted-armor problem is now officially the single biggest balance problem we've ever had, because I let it go on for too long, and now the high-score list is seriously skewed. But we've had other, similar problems in the past, and whenever we fix them, there's much wailing and gnashing of teeth from shortsighted players (and lots of compliments from the more visionary ones!)

Read it, learn it, memorize it if necessary. It's a roadmap for the changes we'll be making to Wyvern this year.

New Village - Amita

Arilou, the (newly-promoted) Senior Wizard, has opened a new village for newbies. The town is called Amita, and is south of New Verden. Look for it on the World Map. Enjoy, and congrats to Arilou!

Enchanting Complaints

There's been a fair bit of complaining about the new enchanting change, as expected. Here's the deal: the change ONLY affected players who were wearing player-enchanted armor. Monsters were actually made less powerful to help compensate, and now they're roughly as hard as they should have been all along.

About 250 players were affected by this change. To put this in perspective:

So the situation is a bit tricky: a relatively small number of players have been aggressively taking advantage of a major imbalance in armor enchantments that nobody else knew about. Those players soared on the high-score list. We have several characters that are 21st level or higher who are less than two days old.

The problem is: 15,000 people are having trouble catching up with 250 people. We're considering various solutions to this problem. The solution might make the 250 folks unhappy, and some of them might even quit playing completely. That's their choice, and we'll miss them. However, the most important thing for Wyvern is to get the game balance right, for when we have hundreds of thousands of players. We hope you understand.


After some experimentation, we've significantly changed the way Enchanting works. You can once again enchant up to +8.

Until today, enchanting a piece of armor would give you extra protection for your entire body. So a +1 leather boots would protect your whole body against all damage types: fire, acid, frost, weapons... everything. It was a bit unbalancing, to say the least. Of course, everyone's used to it now, so it'll be painful to adjust, but that's life.

The Enchant Armor spell now works by making the armor much better at protecting the specific body part that it covers. If you enchant a leather helmet, for example, it will: We'll probably continue to make minor adjustments to the numbers.

Keep in mind that high-level monsters are going to be harder to kill as we continue to tune the game balance. But people have been complaining that high-level players are completely un-challenged by the game, and we're working to fix that. We're looking forward to a time when Demon Lords are really challenging again, even to a 30th-level player.

In other news:

High Scores

We've changed the High Score List score calculation. Your score (which determines your list ranking) is now calculated as:

(xp + gold) * qp
That is, it's the sum of your XP and gold, times the number of quest points you have. If you have no quest points, your score is zero.

The old calculation was: xp + (qp*10000) + gold/5. So qp and gold didn't matter much. Now they do!

Note that gold is whatever you have in the bank, not what you're carrying in your inventory.

Quest Cheating

Questing is back in fashion, now that you have to solve quests in order to join guilds. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to get help on quests from others. If we catch you, we'll banish you.

The quests are all solveable. Just use your head, be a little patient, and you'll figure it out. You'll feel a lot better about it, too!

You can collaborate on quests with one other person. You must ask permission from a Wizard before teaming up with someone. You can only team up with someone else who hasn't solved the quest already. Only two people are allowed to work on a quest at a time, and you can only be part of one team at a time.

New Guilds

We've made extensive changes to the Wyvern Guild System. If you were in a Guild, you've been taken out of the guild, and your guild admission fee has been refunded into your bank account. You are welcome to join the new guilds, but you should read about them first, in the Guild Manual.

There are six guilds total now: Archers, Axemen, Cavemen, Mages, Monks, and Paladins. More will be coming soon!

Lots of people have been asking questions like "how many guild XP do I get for kills?" Your questions are all answered in the Guild Manual. It's really important that you read it, because deciding whether to join a guild is tricky now - they all have penalties in addition to their bonuses.

The three new guilds haven't been added to the World Map yet, so for now:

We've changed the Cavemans Guild quest to be Kiz's Side Scroller.

Archer Commands

We added "archerwho" and "archertell" commands for archers. There are also quivers of holding and quivers of great holding in the game: they should start showing up in shops today.

Server Outage

The server was down last night, and the game was unavailable for about 14 hours, since Rhialto was on vacation. Fortunately Caius was able to get it running again today -- thanks, Caius!

Wyvern Player Forum

OK, so Pineapple's forum appears to suffer from Annoying Popup Disease. You might want to try this one instead:

Wyvern Forum at www.massivemultiplayer.org

Wyvern Player Forum

Pineapple set up a Wyvern Discussion Board for us last year, and it's now open to the public. Feel free to log in and chat about Wyvern. Just keep in mind that our Wizards and the Cabochon Staff will probably not have time to monitor it much.

Here's the URL:


The usual rules apply: if we discover cheating, we'll banish the player involved.

Be sure to thank Pineapple for setting up the board!

Happy B-Lated B-Day!

Wyvern hit its 2-year anniversary of being online last week, on February 5th. The game had practically nothing - 90% of the entrances and buildings were closed. We only had 2 cities, 8 races, and no guilds. We've come a long way since then.

Imagine what Wyvern will be like in another 2 years!

New Zaurus Client

We've uploaded the first update to the Sharp Zaurus client since October 10th - version 2.2. It contains hundreds of new pictures, and a fix for a bug where new artwork from the server wasn't being used by the client.

There is also a new version of the PocketPC client available, with the same fixes.

Mouse Configuration

We've added a new mousebind command. It lets you change the behavior of your left mouse button, so you can get back the old behavior if you want it. Type mousebind both to turn on the old behavior, where the left button drops things and picks them up. You can read about the other options in the command reference.

New Client and Map Editor

There's a new version of the Wyvern Client, v0.7.2, which has all the latest game artwork from Legolas. It'll keep you from lagging so much. WebStart users should get it automatically.

If you don't, you can open Java Web Start from your Windows Start Menu, click on "Wyvern Game Client", and select "Remove Application" from the Application menu. Then it should re-download the new version for you. You can tell if you've got the new version if it says "Wyvern Client v0.7.2" in the title bar. If it just says "Wyvern", you have the old one.

There's also a new version of the Map Editor, version 1.2.2, which has animation support and a bunch of other new features. Try it out!

New Quest

Harph the Wiz has opened a new area, Noir, located on the mainland east of the Untrainer. It has a quest in it, worth 5 points, designed for players level 7-10. You can read about it in the Adventurers Guild or on the Quest Page.

Scary New Spell

There's a new Lore 15 spell, Stonewind, that fires a large cone of petrification at your enemies. Watch out for it - several of the toughest monsters in the game can cast it now, including the Marilith, Riagor, and Arch Dracolich. You'll see spellbooks for it start turning up in shops soon.

Mysteries of the Deep

Journey into the depths of the ocean to discover the mistakes of the Naga's Kingdom's past. Twists and turns await you as you uncover the mysteries of the fall of their underwater kingdom, and their ancient ancestors. Over time, you should learn what went awry, and what you need to do.

A new, entirely underwater quest has been released! You can find it in the Library in Vesimas. (aka Naga Town.) This quest is certainly like no other, as everything from the tricks, to the bosses, to the prizes were designed for a balanced party to figure out, destroy, and use, respectively. This is a quest for end treasure, not quest points, so there is no ban on working together. Just keep it out of shouts.

The area is designed for level 15+ for normal use, but the quest is certainly for levels 20 and up. You may find yourself in need of a naga guide, unless, of course, you are one!

Nagas Get Tough

We've added a 20th-level Naga form: the Hydra. It's much more powerful than the Dragon form. It has 5 heads with powerful bites. It can wear 5 amulets, 5 helmets, and one girdle. This should soon bring more Nagas into the Wyvern High Score List.

Inventory Changes

We've made a fairly major change to the game: you can now only carry 50 items in your top-level inventory. If you want to carry more than that, you have to put stuff in bags.

We did this for performance reasons. Lots of code in the game checks everything in your inventory, and many people were carrying hundreds of items. This should result in a big performance improvement for the game server.

If you had more than 50 items in your inventory, the extra items were put in a velvet bag at the top of your inventory. This change only affected about 350 players, so most of you won't have to worry about it.

We'll be making some changes to inventory management so that this change becomes less burdensome. We'll add "sell all from <bag>", and also other commands for manipulating things in bags.

New Map Editor

There's a New Map Editor, version 1.1, with lots of neat new features. Try it out!

Ships are Back

We've fixed ships: you can now sail them around to your heart's content. You can Apply to get out of ships now, just like you can with hot-air balloons. Also, check out the stunning new ship interiors by Legolas. You can even raise and lower the sails!

Forgotten Oak

One of our newest wizards, Arilou, has opened a new area called Forgotten Oak. It's on a small island off the eastern coast, near New Verden. Check out the World Map for directions.


We've made a bunch of improvements to game performance over the past 3 weeks, and now it's running pretty smoothly - we had 55 players online on Sunday, after 4 hours, and there was almost no lag. And we've got more planned - it will just keep getting better. Plus our new server should be here in mid-February, which will triple the performance, taking us up to at least 150 players at a time.

We had a temporary problem this morning with some random graphics showing up for frost wave and a few other spells, but it's been fixed.

Custom Images

We now support custom images for players in the Hall of Fame. If you're a Hall of Famer, i.e. level 25 or higher, you can draw a custom picture for yourself. It has to have N, S, E and W directions, and be in .GIF format. When you've got one, ask a Wizard to set it up for you.

Tell History

There's a new command, tells, that can show you tells you've received since you last logged in. Wizards can use it to see tells for other players.

Weapon and Armor Crafting

Janica has created two new trade skills, Weaponcrafting and Armorcrafting. Currently, the only place to buy supplies for these skills is Vesimas (also known as Naga Town.) It's in a shop called Smithing Supplies. Be sure to read the signs in the building, as they contain important instructions!

New Map Editor

We've just released Map Editor version 1.0. It has several major new features, including:

We've also made many bug fixes and minor enhancements. If you're making maps, you should upgrade to this version as soon as possible.

New Newbie Village

Happy New Year! Legolas has created an entirely new Newbie Village named Davos. You can find it on the west side of New Verden, near the training towers. Enjoy!

Wyvern IRC Channel

Sarysa has started an IRC channel for Wyvern players to chat about anything, usually when the game is down. Server: irc.gamesnet.net Channel: #wyvern. If you don't have an IRC client, use their Java IRC client and type /join #wyvern after connecting.

Server Outage

We had a major server failure over the weekend, and the game was unavailable for about 24 hours. Fortunately we were able to get it running again today, and the game should be working smoothly through the holidays!

Crime Stats

We've added crimelist and criminal commands so you can check your criminal record.

Misc News

We're still making progress on the performance front. We expect to be able to support at least 150 players per server by mid-January.

Also: there's a new command, ethermuffs, that lets you ignore messages for people entering and leaving the game.

New Game Client

We've uploaded a new version of the client, 0.7.1, which incorporates all the latest artwork. It should help if you were lagging in Blackrose City or any other areas with new images. QuickStart and WebStart users will get it automatically.

Wyvern Wins Big!

Wyvern has received a prestigious award: we were the Grand Prize winner in the Insignia JPDA 2002 Developers Competition with our new Wyvern Handheld Client.

We were announced at Comdex last Wednesday, and we're mentioned prominently in this press release. We're excited and proud to have won the grand prize, and we're hoping that next year will be a big year for Wyvern on handheld devices.

On the performance front, we had 59 players online on Sunday. We had a few lag bursts, but we're making definite progress. By the end of the year we should be able to support 75 to 80 players on one server comfortably - and twice that many for handheld clients!

Wyvern Performance

We're still working on performance improvements. We're hoping to be able to support 50 players without much lag, although it could take a month or two before we get there.

We turned off animation today to see how well it helps. For the next week or so, we're going to have no animation timers - that means firewalls, fires, animated armor, monsters, and other animated objects won't animate. If it's a big help, we may reduce the number of animations in the game so we can support more players.

Wyvern Getting Popular

We saw 47 players online today - a new record! Wyvern is currently configured to handle a maximum of 50 players on at a time. If there are 50 players online, you will be asked to try again later. Keep trying, though, because players quit the game frequently.

We're working on some performance enhancements so that there isn't as much lag when there are 50 players online.

In other news, we had 1000 new players created in the past week. We currently have about 14,000 player accounts. About 22,000 people have tried Wyvern at least once. We're going to start purging inactive player accounts more aggressively, so we can keep the accounts manageable.

New Quests

Janica the Senior Wiz has provided three exciting new Newbie Quest Areas. One is near Tornaum Castle, one is on the east side of New Verden village, and one is near the Dwarven city of Varak. Enjoy!

Side Scroller

Only one person has solved Kiz's Side Scroller quest, so we're bumping it up to 20 points. Good luck!

Halloween Live Quest

The Wizards are brewing up a special Halloween Live Quest. It should get started around 6:00pm PST on October 31st.

New Quest

Stonewing has opened the Hall of Mages quest in Fae Wyston. You can read about it in the Adventurers Guild. Good luck!

Halflings Again

We've changed the halfling "show" command to "unhide", since "show" was already taken for something else.

(16 OCT) - About 50 new halflings didn't have their hide/unhide commands, so we fixed that as well.

Zoo Quest

Legolas has created a new Zoo, along the King's Road between New Verden and Alaria. There's a 5-point quest there, which you can read about in the Adventurers Guild.

Halfling Changes

We've added "show" and "hide" commands for halflings. Halflings used to be invisible all the time, but it made it hard to deal with other players, so now they can toggle it on and off. Type "hide" to turn invisible, and "show" to become visible.

We also gave halflings 4 skill points per level. It was supposed to be like this before, but there was a bug in the code. So your halfling character should have more skill points if you're higher than first level.


Janica has opened a brand-new Casino Island. It's northeast of Sherwood and southwest of Nagatown. It offers fabulous prizes and a fancy gift shop. Go spend the weekend there and blow a few thousand platinum!

Movement Changes

We made some changes to the movement code to simplify it, and it has introduced a few new bugs. For one thing, players can now move on top of each other on buildings. We're working on fixes - please be patient while we get this working! Thanks much, Rhialto.

Air Balloons

Janica the Senior Wiz has created Hot Air Balloons. There are several of them scattered throughout the world map. You can use them to get around faster. Apply them to start, and apply them again to land them.

Wyvern Makes Alpha!

Wyvern now supports true transparency, also known (in graphics) as an alpha channel. You'll see the change immediately in the lighting model and with invisible monsters. This requires a new client, version 0.7.0, so you'll need to download it.


We've changed the way boats work (including rafts):

This should make it much easier for new players to figure out how to use them.

There is a bug in the "out" command for boats that we're working on fixing. For now, click to get out of them.

Create-Character Problem

The hit points and spell points for Rakshasas created in the past week were messed up from a bug in the new create-character web page. We've fixed them all - it affected about 50 players, so if you're a new Rakshasa, you'll notice your HP and SP are now different (and correct!) We also had a problem with wood elves, and that one may not be completely fixed yet. If you are experiencing problems with your new character, please let us know.

New PocketPC Client

We're pleased to announce that Wyvern can now be played on the HP/Compaq iPAQ PocketPC. This represents another step forward for Wyvern, with thousands of PocketPC users now able to connect to the game.

Please visit our Wyvern Handheld Client page to read about it or download it.

Character Creation

We changed the way you create characters for Wyvern. It now all happens on the Create a Character web page. You no longer go to a special map to choose your character, nor are you ever a ghost.

We did this because we've had thousands of people log into the game and then never get past the create-character map. This should hopefully make it easier for people to get started. We'll also be working on better training halls and tutorials.

Unfortunately, because of the changes, we had to purge 1200 characters that had been created but never chosen a race. If you created a character but haven't logged in yet, you'll have to recreate the character using the new web page.

Note: the website instructions for creating your character are now all wrong. We'll update them as soon as possible!

New Zaurus Client

There's a new Zaurus Client available. It has all the latest artwork, fixes many memory issues, and adds a few new UI features to make it more playable. We've playtested it extensively and it's working very well.

New Map Editor

There's a new Map Editor, version 0.5.4, that should fix the map-corruption problems we were seeing with 0.5.2. However, any maps that you saved with 0.5.2 are now broken, and 0.5.4 won't fix them. (It just won't break any new maps.) If you have a map that you desperately need fixing up, you can send it to wyvern@cabochon.com and we'll fix it for you.

Note: you have to remove your old installation completely or this upgrade won't work.

Thief Skills

We've changed the Lockpicking skill so that you can go up to level 20 in the skill. There are now locked chests and doors in the game with different difficulty levels, and your skill matters. We also enhanced the Knock and Wizard Lock spells to work better if you have high Mind (Knock) or Earth (Wizard Lock) skill.

IMPORTANT NOTE: - you can apply chests, bags and crates to get everything out of them. So getting treasure is absolutely no different than it was before, unless it's in a locked chest. Only a small percentage of all containers are locked chests.

We're working on a new Traps skill (detect/disarm). When it's done, we'll probably open the Thieves Guild.

Monstrous News

Monsters can now open doors and smash through earth walls. We didn't quite go so far as to make them pull levers... yet.

Another change: moving into an unlocked door now opens it for you automatically. Should help with moving around a bit, although it will take some getting used to.

Rakshasa Harmya

Legolas, map-maker extraordinaire, has done it again - his new town, Rakshasa Harmya, is now open to the public. It's just south of the Ziggurat on the World Map. There's a teleporter to it in the Minath Department of Transportation. We'll update the World Map with its location soon.

Shouting Abuses

We've just banished 5 players for grossly abusing the shout filter and shouting extreme profanities. Congratulations to Icedkid, Niobi, Sistermoon, Dragonmage and Humanoid for being dumb enough to break the rules so blatantly.

We apologize to all the players who were online and offended by their shouting. Thank you for reporting the abuses. We hope you continue to play the game in spite of the lack of maturity and intelligence displayed by these (ex-)players.

Postal Service

The Post Offices are now open in Alaria and Minath Elion. You can send mail to other players and read your mail there. We've also added a sell all command, which sells anything that's not kept, worn, or wielded.

There's a new Change Log that shows all the bug fixes we've done recently. There are some good ones in there, such as the mana-shield death bug, the mana-shield fire-trap bug, and the naga/cobra amulet bug.

We've changed the way Strength works - you can read about it in the change log.

A Different Kind of Quest

Kiz's Side-Scroller Quest is now open to the public. You can read about it in the Adventurers Guild. Good luck!

New Rules

The Rules have been updated to include a new rule: don't create traps, hostile monsters, or other hazards in public areas. You will now be banished immediately for this if you do it, and we have logs, so you are guaranteed to get caught. Just don't do it.

Mages Guild Changes

We've changed the Wizard Hat and Wizard Robe so that you can only wear them if you're in the Mages Guild. You can find them (in all sizes) in the Mages Guild Shop. If you bought one you can't use, and you need a refund, ask Rhialto. Non-Guild members can use the Sokoban versions, though.

We're going to change the Arts so you can only train in them if you're a Mages Guild member - Evocation, Incantation, Conjuration, and Enchantment. You'll get your skill points in them untrained for free (if you're not in the Guild).

Sokoban Quest

We've reopened the Tower of Sokoban, and now it's a 50-point quest. You get one quest point per level. There are also very fancy prizes for every 10 levels you solve. Go to the tower (in Alaria) to read more about it.

More news: you can now undo your last push by typing "undo". You can see what level you're on by typing "level". And you can restart a level by simply typing "out".

PK Guild Enhancements

We've made a few changes to help the PK Guild:

Dodge Change

We've changed the Dodge skill so it's capped at twice your level. That includes all your dodge, including magical bonuses. Even if it says your dodge is 60, if your level is 17, it's really only 34 (i.e., twice 17).

This is a precursor to changing all skills so they max out at twice your level, including bonuses. When we make the final changes, your skills will be shown correctly in your skills list, so you won't have to guess what the "real" values are.

PK Guild is open!

We've finally opened the long-awaited Player Killers Guild. You should read about it before you join.

In other news, Rakshasas have all been expelled from the Paladins Guild, and refunded 100,000 gold coins. The Elders of the Guild decided that they didn't want to accept demonic beings that can't wield swords. I can't say I blame them.

In other other news, Paladins must now maintain their Good alignment, or they'll lose their skills. If they become Evil enough, they get expelled from the guild.

New Cities

We've opened three brand-new cities: Blackrose, Eldamar, and Sythryn. They were created by the Wizards Avalon, Airick, and Ender, respectively. Legolas has updated the World Map with their locations. Congrats to all three Wizards, who've worked so hard on their great new areas!

Player Reset

There was a bug for the past 20 hours or so where no monsters were casting spells. Nobody saw fit to report the bug, and everyone exploited it by doing quests and getting loot, so we've reset all the players to a backup from Saturday 8/24. Anything you got from 3:00pm Saturday to 3:00pm today is gone now. Next time a major bug like this occurs, mail wyvern@cabochon.com.

Cult of Aquator

Janica has created a very large, very difficult new quest called Cult of Aquator. It's located in Nagatown - check the World Map if you don't know where that is. You can read about the quest in the Newbie Village Adventurers Guild.

New Game Client

There's a new game client (0.6.0) that's required to play the game. QuickStart and WebStart users should get it automatically, but QuickStart users may have to restart their browser first.

Player Purge

We deleted over 8,000 player files from people who'd never logged in and chosen a race. Lots of names you always wanted are now available. Enjoy!

WebStart - Fixed

The Java WebStart version of the game had a permissions problem yesterday, but it's fixed now. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Player-to-Player Transfers

We've made some clarifications on the rules for giving stuff from player to player.

Spellcasting Change

We've changed the game so that spells no longer hurt other players unless you're in a playerkilling area. This should help with Live Quests and other group activities, since you don't have to worry about frying your companions.

Keep in mind that your own spells still hurt you, though.

Arrows and bolts don't hurt other players now, either, except (again) in PK areas.

In other news, we've changed it so you can't cast hundreds of fireballs, blizzards, firefrosts, and so on. Ball spells are limited by your skill - you can have up to 5 or 6 of them active at a time, depending on your level in the appropriate skill. This was to help reduce lag.


Rakshasas now have several new Rakshasa-only atmospheres. You can see them by typing the "cat" command.

Also, you can now see all the built-in game atmospheres using the atmospheres command.

Finally, if you perform an atmosphere on yourself, the messages are now correct - for example, "Fred pats himself on the head."

New Newbie Village

Legolas, map-maker extraordinaire, has done it again. He's completely redesigned the Newbie Village. It's got a lot of new artwork, so there's a new game client (0.5.2) with the latest and greatest in it.

New Map Editor

There's a new Map Editor (0.4.2) with support for bulk-uploading files, and also support for making maps claimable.

Note: We're up to 0.4.2 now, as of August 10th. All older versions have really nasty bugs in them, so make sure you are using 0.4.2 or later before editing/creating any maps.

Rakshasas are here!

At long last, the new Rakshasa race is here. Thanks very much to Kiz for inventing them, and to Legolas for finishing up all the artwork in record time!

Note: we found a bug in the Unarmed Combat skill tonight - it's never really worked properly, but the bug has been fixed. It now increases your attack speed, accuracy and damage when you're not wielding a weapon. Should help for Nagas and Rakshasas.

New Area

Janica the Wiz has opened Naga Town. It's a very nice new area, well worth visiting.

In other news, we've moved the Paladins Guild to Minath Elion.

In other other news, we've changed the XP calculations for spellcasting monsters. The more spells they cast, the more XP you get for them. A lich, for example, used to give you 750 xp, but now you'll get over 3000. Hopefully this will balance out those nasty monsters you never liked fighting before.

A New Milestone

Last night at almost midnight, we crossed the 10,000-player mark. Over 10,000 people have tried Wyvern now, and we've got over 12,500 characters (since some people create more than one). Wyvern's starting to become a serious contender. Keep getting your friends to play!


Legolas has opened a new Elven Village named Almien. It's in the middle of the Southern Continent. It's officially our new Best Area Ever, and it includes an Archers Guild, among other things. It's nothing short of incredible. Check out the Almien Department of Transportation if you can find it. Enjoy!

Map Claiming

When you enter claimable maps now, it auto-claims them and other people can't enter unless you invite them, or they're grouped with you. The rules for claiming have changed - you should read them.

There are still some areas that haven't been made claimable yet, including random dungeons, the Mountain King area, Drowtown and Pixietown. They'll be fixed as soon as possible. In the meantime, there's no claiming those areas.

There are probably still bugs in map claiming. Please report any bugs you think you've found.

There's a new Map Editor (0.3.6) with a few minor fixes, as well as support for wizard terrain borders. There's also a new game client (0.5.0) with the wizard artwork bundled in, so you won't lag when you go to those areas.

Fixed Mana

We had a bug where most characters created on July 14th or later had the wrong number of spell points per level. Giants had too many, pixies had too few, and almost all the others were affected too (except humans). 64 characters were affected in all. We fixed all of them today.

Mana Shield Changes

Another game-balancing feature: the Mana Shield spell has been changed so that it only absorbs a percentage of the damage on each hit. The percentage ranges from 20% to 90%, depending on your skill in Spirit Magic. It starts at absorbing 20%, and for each skill point in Spirit Magic, it goes up by 10%, to a maximum of 90% absorption. To compensate for the change, the spell now lasts twice as long, and you can now refresh it without waiting for it to expire by re-casting it at any time.

Giants Are Tougher

To help balance the game, we've made Giants much tougher characters. They now get 10 hp per level (Stone Giants get 11), and Frost and Storm giants have been given some natural weapon skills. Clubs have been made more powerful as well, and you will see more enchanted heavy clubs in the game.

Player File Corruption

About 20 players had their character files corrupted from a very rare server problem. We have the complete list. The players were restored from the July 15th backups. We've restored the equipment for most of them, but if you lost something, email wyvern@cabochon.com and we'll fix it for you.

A Change of Pace

I slowed all the players down slightly, since they used to be able to outrun arrows and fireballs. Players now move at anywhere from 6 to 10 moves per second, depending on race. Most move at 7 or 8 moves per second now. It's a wee bit more realistic this way.

Lots of Changes

I'm back from my vacation, and I've installed a bunch of changes and additions:

Eye of the Dragon

Legolas has opened the Mountain King area, with the Eye of the Dragon quest. Try it out - it's our most beautiful area yet.

Levitation Has Changed

Levitation boots will make you move rather slowly now, as if the game is lagging. This is because you're levitating, which, according to the "classic" definition, makes you balance in the air. If you don't like it, pick up an Amulet of the Eagle so you can fly just like the spell.

Sorry for not posting this note earlier - everyone thought the game was lagging today. *sigh*

Pixie Town Opens

Stonewing has opened his new area, Pixie Town. It's south of Tornaum Castle. Stop by and explore it! Check the World Map for directions.

Hall of Fame

We've introduced a brand-new concept: you can now win the game. In fact, three players already have, and they've been moved into the Wyvern Hall of Fame. When you hit 25th level, your player is automatically retired and inducted into the Hall of Fame. You become a Hall of Famer, and you can try again with a different character. Congratulations to our three new Hall of Fame champions!

Server Speedup

This weekend I put in lots of fixes for the lag problems. The game should now be pretty snappy most of the time. Enjoy!

New Map Editor

The latest Map Editor (0.3.5) fixes problems opening the monsters/blob and monsters/misc directories.

Schweaty's Slugfest

Schweaty is hosting a killfest in one (or both) of Klikli's arenas tonight at 12:00am GMT. He's giving out lots of prizes, so you're basically getting paid to kill players legally. How can you pass it up?

Club Skill for Stone Giants

Stone Giants have been given 4 points of natural ability in the Club skill.

Weapon Skills

There are now weapons-skills trainers in Minath Elion.

Retire Your Old Character

There's a new link to let you delete your character. You might want to use this if you want to start all over with the same name.

Cleaning Up Shops

Shops now get rid of inventory if they get too full. When a shop gets up to 100 items that have been sold, it clears out the 50 that have been there the longest.

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