Game Events

One of Wyvern's many features, is a detailed system of live events. Many happen randomly and are either selected by the game, from a pre-determined list, or hosted by one of the game's wizards. They are designed to bring lots of players together for something extra fun and often give players the chance to win something special. They can be anything from parties to pk matches and mini games to monster invasions.

As an added bonus, we sometimes plan these events for a special day and announce them in advance so that a wider range of players have an opportunity to come together and enjoy themselves. All such planned events, are listed in the calendar below. You can see if there's one coming up that meets your playing schedule and click it to see more detailed information. We regularly update the calendar with new events, so check this page often if you don't want to miss out.

Please be aware that all times, on the calendar, are set for Pacific Time. So you will have to do some math to figure out when one will start for your time zone. If you need help with this, and other websites are great resources.