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Note: we discontinued work on the handheld clients in 2004, to focus on the core desktop offering. The handheld clients will continue to work, and if there is enough demand we may create versions for newer PDA devices. We're eyeing the iPhone, once its SDK is released.

You've reached the download page for the Wyvern Handheld Clients.

The Wyvern Handheld Client production release is currently version 3.1. You must use version 3.1 or later to connect to the game server. Older versions will no longer work properly.

Before You Download - Please Read

Wyvern is a big game, and it uses all the resources on your handheld device. On the Zaurus, in particular, you have to make sure there are no other applications running when you play Wyvern. This means:

You'll get the best results if you reboot before playing, if you were using any other applications on your device.

If you play Wyvern from a clean system, with no other apps running, then you should have a very good game experience. We've played for many hours straight.

If you try to play Wyvern while other applications or processes are running, you will sometimes see a dialog box that says: "Memory is very low. Please save your data." The system will give you this warning when free memory drops below approximately half a megabyte. You have three options when this happens:

  1. You can ignore the dialog, by tapping on the Wyvern title bar to bring the app to the front. When we do this, we can usually continue playing for up to several hours.

  2. You can quit Wyvern and restart the app, which will sometimes fix the problem, but not always. Usually the low-memory condition arises because non-Wyvern processes are eating up memory that Wyvern needs.

  3. You can reboot your Zaurus and start Wyvern again. This is the recommended approach, and only takes about 30 seconds.

Wyvern is very stable, although it can experience occasional slowdowns from network lag or server lag. If the client ever locks up completely (an extremely rare occurrence), you can safely press the Cancel button on your Zaurus to terminate the app, and then restart it. You will continue where you left off playing. As long as you're disconnected, your character is "net-dead", which is a safe idle-state. You'll be logged out of the server after 15 minutes of inactivity.

We've never seen Wyvern run out of memory on the iPAQ. If it ever does, you can choose Start > Settings > System > Memory, and change the slider to allocate more memory to "Program" instead of "Storage". Great feature!


Please read the system requirements before downloading.

Last Update:  Apr 17, 2003, 23:08pm PST.

Zaurus Users:

New! We now allow you to install the IPK file directly from the network.

For manual installation:

Note: If you're downloading the file directly to your Zaurus, you should consider using wget, since Opera sees the file as plain text rather than application/ipk or octet-stream.

iPAQ Users:


If you've downloaded the app and installed it, but Wyvern doesn't launch properly when you tap on its icon, you should first double-check the Zaurus installation instructions or iPAQ installation instructions to make sure you followed them correctly.

If you think you've done everything correctly, then you are welcome to try out our troubleshooting document to help you send us enough information to fix the problem for you.


Big Fat Zaurus Note: whenever you re-install the Wyvern ipk file, you must first completely uninstall any old version you might have. That means: This includes reinstalling from RAM to SD or vice-versa. Make sure that big hourglass happens, or it won't clean up the old version entirely, and the new version may not run.

The iPAQ CAB file can be installed over the existing Wyvern installation without removing it first.

Zaurus Install From Network

You can now use the Install From Networks option in the Add/Remove Software dialog to install Wyvern.

To install from the network:

  1. Tap on Add/Remove Software, and select "Install Packages via Networks"

  2. The Package Manager window will open. Tap on the icon in the lower right, next to the magnifying class. It looks like a gold bar, or a peanut or something.

  3. The Package Servers window will open. Tap "New", and type in "Wyvern" for the name, and this URL in the URL field:


    Don't put a slash at the end, or it won't work.

  4. Make sure you actually click on the "Wyvern" entry in the list to select it.

  5. Tap on "OK" in the title bar to add our server to the list.

  6. You should now see a list of packages. The Wyvern Zaurus Client is one of them. The others are just packages from Sharp's site that we find useful; you don't need them.

  7. Tap on the Wyvern Zaurus Client and tap OK to install it.
The installation takes a few minutes to download and install. When you're done, the Wyvern icon should appear in the Jeode tab, and you can tap on it to play.

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