Wyvern Handheld Client System Requirements

In order to use the Wyvern Handheld Client, all you have to have is a Zaurus or iPAQ and a network connection.

Finding a Zaurus or iPAQ

You can purchase a Sharp Zaurus or Compaq iPAQ from most major consumer-electronics retailers. It's also available online from internet retailers such as Amazon.com.


Wyvern is a networked game, so your PDA must be connected to a network in order to play. The game uses port 2222 to connect to the server, so:

If you install the game successfully but can't it locate the game server, this is probably what's happening.

For network access from your PDA, you have a few options:

Compact Flash Ethernet — You can purchase a Compact Flash ethernet card, which allows your PDA to plug into a Local Area Network (such as your cable modem or DSL line). One example is the Socket Communications Low Power Ethernet CompactFlash Card

The advantage of this option is that it's cheap and easy to set up. The disadvantage is that you have to have your PDA plugged into a network, which means you can't go very far. Still, it's good for keeping you busy during those long meetings at work!

Compact Flash - Wireless — You can purchase a Compact Flash Wireless ethernet card, which allows your PDA to connect to a local network without any wires or cables. One example is the is the D-Link DCF-650W Wireless Compact Flash Adapter, although we haven't tested this one with our PDAs. You have to make sure you have a Wireless base station as well, such as the D-Link DI-713P Wireless Broadband Router and Access Point with 3-Port Switch .

It's better to go Wireless, because you can carry your PDA around your home or office and remain connected to the game. The range (i.e. the distance you can be from the router) varies between products, but it's usually at least a hundred feet.

Compact Flash Wireless Modem — these are not yet available for the Zaurus, but they will be soon. Check the Sharp Mobile site for availability in your area. We're still checking on Wireless availability for the iPAQ series.

This option allows you to connect to Wyvern from anywhere that your service reaches. You can go pretty much anywhere you can use a cell phone. The disadvantage is that it's a bit slower, and it usually costs money to be connected. Still, it's cool to be able to play Wyvern on the bus.

We haven't actually tested Wyvern with a Wireless Modem, since they're not available yet in our area. If you have a Wireless CF modem for your PDA, and you manage to play Wyvern over the modem, we would LOVE to hear how fast it is. Please drop us a note if you get it working.

That's all you need — a Zaurus or iPAQ and a network connection, and you're ready to download it and play!

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