Wyvern Zaurus Client — Installation

Installation is just 3 easy steps:

Step 1 — Create a Character

You can't play Wyvern until you've created a character. Click on this Create Character link and enter your email address. We'll send you a confirmation email with your character's password.

Step 2 — Download the IPK file

Zaurus applications are distributed as "ipk" files. You can use your synchronization software that came with your Zaurus to install the application.

Visit the Download Page to get the latest IPK file for the Wyvern Zaurus Client.

Note: we've tested the installation to RAM and to SD card. We haven't tried installing to CF, but if you do it and it works, please drop us a note.

Big Fat Note: whenever you re-install the Wyvern ipk file, you must first completely uninstall any old version you might have. That means:

This includes reinstalling from RAM to SD or vice-versa. Make sure that big hourglass happens, or it won't clean up the old version entirely, and the new version may not run.

Note: you can remove the .ipk file after installing Wyvern. This will free up about 4 megs of storage. The .ipk is located in one of two places:

Removing it is harmless and will free up a lot of space.

Special Instructions for Installing to SD Card

Some people try installing to SD card and it works perfectly. Some, however (depending on their ROM version on the Zaurus) have difficulty. If you try installing to the SD card, but tapping on the Wyvern icon has no response, check out our SD Card Troubleshooting Section.

SD Card Tip for Power Users

Wyvern maintains an artwork cache for artwork that's been changed on the server since the .ipk was built. You can tell Wyvern to keep the cache on your SD card instead of in RAM. To do this, edit /home/QtPalmtop/bin/runwyvern and change this part:


to this:


You have to be careful to type everything correctly when you make this change, or the app won't launch at all. We only recommend this if you're comfortable with unix and know how to edit text files on the Zaurus.

You can always remove the cache directory safely, regardless of whether it's in RAM or on the SD card.

Step 3 — Log In!

After you've installed the client, it should appear under the Jeode tab, like so:

Tap on the Wyvern icon to start the application, and then read through the Getting Started section of the manual to choose your race and start playing the game.

If, for some reason, Wyvern doesn't start when you tap its icon, you might try following the instructions in our troubleshooting document to help us get enough information to resolve the problem.

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