Existing Quests

This section lists the quests currently available in Wyvern. They are listed in groups of difficulty and then by quest points.


Garignor's Amulet

This is the first quest in Wyvern, designed for utter novices. You have to find Garignor's Amulet and return it to him.

You have to be under level 5 in order to enter this quest area - once you hit level 6, you can no longer do the quest.

Quest Points: 1

Troglodyte King Quest

As magic got stronger in the land of Wyvern, the simple-thinking troglodytes and the magic users began to be more and more at odds. The mages delight in tormenting the troglodytes for sport. The troglodyte's prized possessions are their rocks. The earthen halls of the troglodyte king have been desecrated by a mischevious mage, who stole the troglodytes king's favorite rock. Can you help him? To begin the quest, talk to the troglodyte king somewhere in the ruins north of Davos.

The quest is recommended for levels 2-4.

Quest Points: 3

Wrath of the Fey

The miller, Panis, is under attack by the diminutive creatures known as Brownies. Travel to the village of Amita and see what aid you might lend him.

This quest is meant for levels 2-4, and you should be prepared for a bit of fighting.

Quest Points: 3

Rachel's Cat

Rachel is in need of your help. Her cat is missing! If you'd like to help Rachel, go to her small house on the west side of New Verden. The quest is recommended for levels 4 and up.

Quest Points: 3

Clockwork Wyvern

The very fabric of time itself has come under attack. Without your help, time itself could cease. If you would like to try to help the Time Keeper, go to his mansion in Davos enter the great clock and speak to him. Hurry, before time runs out. The quest is recommended for levels 4 and up.

Quest Points: 3

The Fairy Queen's Amethyst

Ah, a relaxing walk along the banks of the Oxbow River! Look at all the lovely wildlife! The pretty flowers -- the tall trees -- the bear that is following you, licking his chops... Uh, maybe there is too much wildlife here -- and it's all hungry. Hey! There used to be a city near here -- maybe you can find it before Mr. Bear takes you out for lunch!

While you're at it, and if you live long enough, perhaps you could help the Fairy Queen. It seems her beautiful amethyst is missing...

The quest is recommended for levels 8 and higher, though a very careful player could probably do it at a lower level.

Quest Points: 3

The Forest Warlock

In the beautiful lands of Botanica lives the forest warlock. The forest warlock likes to change into many things, and wander about his land, making sure the peace is kept. Though as of late, he has changed so much, that he has forgotten his true form. He requires a little help in finding his true form, if you choose to help him. To start the quest, visit the forest warlock in the forests of Botanica north of Blackrose City.

The quest is recommended for levels 5 and up.

Quest Points: 4

The Wyvern Post Explorer

The Monks of Wyvern are in need of your help. The Wyvern Post delivery Service is overwhelmed with so many letters to the other monks. They could use your help to deliver their correspondence. If you'd like to help speak to Brother Joshua in one of the small houses in New Verden.

(This quest is for those players who love to explore. It will especially help new players above level 4 and below level 10 learn the layout of the land. There are very few monsters to fight and by the end, you will know your way around the continent quite well. Good luck!)

This quest is for levels 4-10 only.

Quest Points: 5

Contrare's Labyrinth

A mysterious cabin has appeared where another wizard's house used to be. Search the area carefully for the cabin and speak with the occupant. Someone is in need of rescuing. Be prepared to spend a large amount of time exploring. This quest is recommended for levels 10 or higher. Begin your exploration on the world map.

Quest Points: 5

Westerly Forest

A trader from Alaria stopped for a picnic with his family on the way home from New Verden in the Westerly Forest. Something terrible has befallen them. Can you help? Begin the quest in the Westerly Forest just south of Gallador's Ruin.

The quest is recommended for levels 7-9.

Quest Points: 3

The Lost Amulet

Portis Blackroot, Lord of Minath has lost his treasured amulet. Without it he cannot enter the mausoleum prepared for him. Begin the quest by talking to Blackroot's ghost. The Blackroot estate can be found along the West Road near Minath.

This quest is recommended for players level 16 and above.

Quest Points: 5

Noir Quest

The History of Noir Quest takes place in Noir city and in the lower level section of the forest. The object of this quest is to help Mebo finish his history book on the town of Noir.

This quest is recommended for players level 7-10.

Quest Points: 5

The Goose That Lays Golden Eggs

The King of Khaytsi has quite a dilemma. He has a very special goose that lays golden eggs. She loves to wander off and play with the other geese that dwell in Khaytsi. He needs your help, because many, many geese live in the land of Khaytsi. The royal children have made the search even more difficult because they leave their favorite toys, a goose toy, all over the land as a practical joke. To begin the quest, speak to the King of Khaytsi.

The quest is recommended for levels 10-15 or higher. There's a lot of searching to do, and some of it in the dangerous forests outside Khaytsi, so be prepared.

Quest Points: 7

Ruins of Samhoc - Mages Guild Quest

The Ruins of Samhoc lie far to the southwest of the main village. In the outskirts of the ruined city you will find a traveler who will tell you about the quest.

You should be at least 8th level to try this quest. You don't have to kill the really tough monsters in the castle, but it's easy to get killed if you're not careful.

Quest Points: 10

The Laboratory Debacle

The experiments of professor Chelinde have taken a turn for the worst. She had to close her laboratories before she could find out what happened. Talk to her in her cave house on an island in the western part of Wyvern to see how you may be of help.

This quest is recommended for players level 15 and above.

Quest Points: 12

Secrets of the Sidewinder Caverns - Rangers Guild Quest

Collectors, merchants, and explorers from all around the continent are trying to solve the secrets of the sidewinder caverns. A cave full of snakes and reptiles hides an ancient temple. A temple of treasure, mazes, and other puzzles guarded by a band of thieves. Can you help the Collector solve the secrets of these caverns? Talk to Amorim in the rangers guild to begin the quest.

The quest is recommended for levels 12-14 and up.

Quest Points: 12

Tornaum Castle - Caveman's Guild Quest

King Tornaum's Sceptre has been stolen from him by monster who fled far beneath his castle. Return his Sceptre to solve the quest.

To get to Tornaum Castle, head along the King's Road until you're about halfway between the Zoo and the City of Alaria. Then head south. It's on a lake near the mountains.

This quest is very heavy on monster-bashing. You should be at least 11th or 12th level to try this one.

Quest Points: 15

Pirate Island - Archer's Guild Quest

A sacred pearl has been stolen from the monks on one of the eastern islands. Pirates ambushed a ship and took it. Help the monks recover the pearl.

You should be at least 10th level to attempt this quest.

Quest Points: 15

Shrouded in Darkness - Rogues Guild Quest

When the sun sets and darkness fills the street, shady characters come out to play. Located in the city of Stensele you will find a dark underbelly that wishes to engulf you in their wicked deeds. To begin the quest, journey to Stensele's local tavern and speak with the local riffraff. They can be tricky and may not give you information willingly so use your natural charisma and keep your patience at all times. But, heed this warning. Many have chosen the same path into darkness that you will surely face if you accept this undertaking and it can only lead to sorrow and pain.

You should be at least level 12 before attempting this quest but it is suggested for levels 15 and up. Also make sure you have your thieving tools ready as there will, no doubt, be some breaking and entering along the way.

Quest Points: 20

Mist Temple - Monks Guild Quest

On an island to the southeast of the newbie village lies the peaceful Mist Temple. The temple has been disturbed by an ancient Evil, and a gate to the Netherworld has been opened. The Master Wizard's friend has attempted to rid the temple of the evil, but has failed. Talk to the Master Wizard to find out what you should do.

You should be at least 14th level, and very well-equipped, before you try this quest. It's a very dangerous area.

Quest Points: 20

Jewel of Besar - Axemans Guild Quest

The guildmaster of the Axemen's guild has sent out a challenge! The Besar family is well known in the history of the lands of Wyvern from all of its mining establishments, long ago abandoned. The family abandoned those mines to defend their home. They haven't had much success. So Lord Besar has asked his old friend, the guildmaster to send the candidates, or anyone else who thinks they are up to the challenge, to help. If you would like to answer the call to arms, and speak to Lord Besar in the Besar Castle. The Besar Castle is located along King's Road, just east of the world famous Zoo. You should be at least level 12 to attempt this quest. Be ready for a lot of exploration and expect to talk to alot of NPCs.

This quest is for levels 12 and above.

Quest Points: 20

Demon Hordes- Paladin's Guild Quest

A darkness has begun taking over the village of Iss'rano, and demons from within are attacking. Journey to the southern continent to try to stop the demon hordes. Begin the quest by talking to the blacksmith.

You should be at least 15th level and well-equipped before you try this quest. It's a dangerous area.

Quest Points: 20

Kiz's Side Scroller

Kiz requests that you help the mage Hollivar with his experiments. Hollivar lives in a little shack to the south of New Verden.

Quest Points: 7

Tower of Conundrum

A silly pixie has gotten himself lost on the Isle of Maiye in the Tower of Conundrum. Go the the Isle of Maiye, find his sisters and the Tower and begin your quest there to help the lost pixie boy.

Quest Points: 5

The Orb of Maiye

There is a legend on the Isle of Maiye of a great queen that is in hiding there and the even greater Orb of Maiye that was stolen from her. Maybe you could assist her if, that is, you believe in legends. If you are so inclined, venture deep onto the Island and see if you can find her castle, and speak to those who are there.

The quest is recommended for levels 15 and up.

Quest Points: 10

Jinoir's Sapphire Ring Quest

Jinoir, one of the townswomen in Glacier Point has lost a precious ring that must be found before her husband arrives home. Can you help her? You can find Jinoir in the housing district of Glacier Point.

The quest is recommended for levels 15 and higher.

Quest Points: 15

Wastelands of Bura Shaan

The kingdom of Bura Shaan is under a constant threat. The evil Count LeTreau continues to threaten the kingdom more and more each day. The only way to end this turmoil is to destroy the count and restore peace to the Kingdom. Begin the quest by speaking with the king and queen in Bura Shaan.

Quest Points: 20

Eye of the Dragon

A rare gem, the Eye of the Dragon, has been stolen from the Mountain King in the Dwarf Kingdom. Orcs invaded their land and stole this precious gem. Recover it and be rewarded by the King.

You should be at least 12th level, and ready for a lot of exploration.

Quest Points: 30

Treasures of the Pyramid

Help Professor Baruti of the University of Jbel explore the pyramids to prove his theory. There are many riches to be found there, but many dangers, too. The city of Jbel can be reached from Bandar Gaah, via the east road.

This quest is recommended for players level 20 and higher. There are some dangerous monsters to fight, so be prepared! And note that the professor is a bit distracted, so you'll need to talk to him carefully.

Quest Points: 30

The Case of the Purloined Pooch

The Governor of Glacier Point is in quite a bind. His wife's favorite pet, Fluffy the dog, has been kidnapped by some local rabble. Speak to the Governor's wife, Yamar to begin this quest.

The quest is recommended for levels 20 and higher.

Quest Points: 30

The Dark Mistress - Hall of Fame Image Quest

A dark secret lies deep beneath Glacier Point. A resident of the realm of evil, the Mistress of Darkness, needs your assistance. Finding the way to her realm is just the beginning. Begin this quest in the Glacier Point Ruins.

The quest is recommended for levels 25 and higher.

Quest Points: 45

Odin's Missing Eye

Odin's missing eye, now petrified and one of the most precious gems in Asgard, has been stolen from Odin's chamber. Many of the gods and valkyrie have a few ideas as to who is behind this scheme, and wish for action to be taken. You will find many obstacles in your way, and many puzzles to solve in order to find the thief. Expect to do a lot of chatting, a lot of exploring, and a lot of attempts before you make much progress on this quest.

Help Odin and the rest of the gods retrieve Odin's missing eye!

Quest Points: 60

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