Wyvern Survival Guide

We highly recommend that you read this brief chapter before starting the game.


Basic Navigation

Here are the top things you need to know about moving around:

  • You can move with the arrow keys, the number-pad keys, or the mouse (by left-clicking in your map view). If you left-click in the view, your character will try to run to where you clicked.

  • The most important key in the game is the 'a' key on your keyboard. It means 'apply'. You use it to go through doors, enter buildings, climb stairs, read signs, and do many other things.

  • To go in a building, stand on it and type the a-key on your keyboard.

  • You can look at things by right-clicking on them, either in your map view, the ground view, or your inventory view. Right-clicking in the ground or inv view will bring up a menu of commands you can perform on the object.

  • You can't enter the water until you enable swimming by typing swim. Once you're in the water, you'll drown quickly unless you're flying or levitating. You move slowly in the water. Try to stay out of it, and use bridges or boats instead.

Before you venture out into the wild, you should explore the main village (New Verden) and familiarize yourself with the main shops and buildings.

Entering Commands

To do a lot of things in Wyvern, you have to type in commands. For example, to say something, you type:

say hello

To enter a command, press the Enter key. It will show a white text box in the lower-right corner of your game window. Type in your command, then press Enter again to send it.

Basic Communication

Here are the top things you need to know about communication:

  • You can shout to send a message to everyone on the game. For example, you could type:

    shout hi everybody!.

  • You can send a message to a particular person by typing tell <person> <message>. For example, you could type:

    tell fred how's it going?

  • You can say something to the people around you by typing say <message>. For example:

    say hi Fred

If you're having a conversation with a person, don't shout the entire conversation! Use tell instead.

Useful Tips

These are some non-obvious things that it's really helpful to know:
  • To talk to a person in town (an "NPC", for Non-Player Character), stand next to the person. Then left-click on them with your mouse. Or type chat or talk. Or say hi.

  • You can wear/unwear armor, and wield/unwield weapons by selecting that action from the menu when you right-click on them.

  • You can see your score, health, status and experience by typing score. You should do it often.

  • Your armor and weapons gradually wear out as you fight and dig through walls. You need to repair them at a Blacksmith. There are Blacksmiths in nearly every town in Wyvern.

    Over time, repairing an item makes it more fragile, and it will wear out faster. Digging through walls really beats up your weapon, so you should get a shovel for digging.

  • You can leave the game at any time by typing quit. You won't lose anything, and when you restart, the game will put you in the last Inn that you saved in.

  • You can see everything you're carrying, and how much weight you can carry, by typing inventory, or just pressing the 'i'-key on your keyboard.

Making Money

In order to get the equipment and training you want, you have to make money. To do this, you find stuff, bring it to a shop, and sell it.

The basic rules are:

  • You're allowed to take anything you can pick up. Not everything has value to a shop, of course.
  • Currently, all shops will buy all items.
  • You can find out how much something is worth by taking it into a shop and typing value <item>.

A great technique for making money at lower level is the WyvernPost package delivery system. Not only do you get paid for making deliveries, but it helps you to explore the lands of Wyvern. There are WyvernPost stations in the New Verden post office (upstairs in the adventurers guild), as well as other post offices about Wyvern.


Your character starts off fairly weak. You start with 3 or 4 Skill Points (depending on your race) that you can spend on any skills you want. Some skills cost money, so you have to go find some money before you can train in them.

There are lots and lots of skills in the game, but the most important ones are:

  • Healing — this causes your hit points to come back faster. You should build up as many points in this skill as you can unless you have other ways to heal, such as spells or potions. There is a Healing trainer in the Hospital in New Verden.

  • Lore — this skill allows you to learn spells. You should put one of your very first skill points into Lore, so you can learn the Minor Healing spell (very important). The trainer is in the Magic Shop.

  • Weapons Skills — Specific weapons skills including Sword, Blade, Axe, Club, and Whip, or if you're a naga or going to be a monk, Unarmed combat. The weapon skills make you attack faster, hit more frequently, and do more damage.

  • Meditation — this is like Healing, but it causes your spell points to recover faster. It's a very important skill for spellcasting characters. The trainer is in the Magic Shop.

  • Spirit Travelling — this lowers the amount of experience you lose when you die. It also provides more hit points and mana when you die and end up in a chapel. The trainer is in the Cathedral.

  • Strength — this increases the amount of damage you do with physical attacks, as well as the amount of weight you can carry. The trainer is in the Adventurer's Guild.

Your first two skill points should probably be spent on Healing and Lore. After that, choose as many of the critical skills as you can. If you kill enough monsters, you'll get to 2nd level and earn more skill points to spend.

Some other important skills are:

  • Dodge — this skill makes you harder to hit. The trainer is in the Adventurers Guild.

  • Pick Locks — allows you to use a lockpicks to open locked doors. It's a very important skill that you should put at least one point into as soon as you can. A lockpick trainer is in the Adventurers Guild.

  • Merchant —y gets you better prices in shops (both buying and selling). It's an expensive skill to learn, but it pays for itself very quickly. The trainer is in the New Verden bank.

To train with a Trainer, stand next to the trainer and just type train. You have to have enough money. Right-click on the Trainer to see how much they charge.

There are Trainers scattered all through the Lands of Wyvern. A particularly large concentration of Trainers can be found in the Capital city of Minath Elion.

To learn about all the skills available in Wyvern, check the Skills List.

Other Stuff

The Tutorial Tower at the crossroads north of New Verden shows you how to do a variety of things and provides important information about how to successfully play the game. This is where your character appears when you first start Wyvern.

You might also want to take a look at the Player FAQ, which has some of the most frequently asked questions.

When you get time, you should read this entire Wyvern Players Handbook. It has a lot of useful information in it. If you read it all, it will significantly enhance your ability to play the game well.

Good luck, and happy adventuring!

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