Wyvern Crime and Punishment

As Wyvern grows as a society, its criminal justice system is bound to grow as the need for such is realized. Will you be an upstanding citizen, or a murderous criminal bent on terrorizing the land? At first, being a criminal will invariably get you thrown into prison, but as you achieve greater skill, you will find that the watchful City Guards are no less fragile than you.

Most crimes can be figured out with common sense. If you do something that makes your stomach twinge with guilt, you're probably committing a crime. The current crimes are as follows:

  • Murder (+20min): The big one. You can end up with one, many, or even hundreds of murder charges filed against you. So long as you kill a peaceful npc, or a law abiding player, you can be charged with murder. (you can no longer bump into a monster you haven't angered before and end up in jail)

  • Assault (+15min): You can only get this one if you aren't already a criminal. You get this by attacking anything that is a peaceful npc, or a law abiding player. (you can no longer bump into a monster you haven't angered before and end up in jail)

  • Public Endangerment (+10min): So, you think it's funny to create traps or firewalls to kill unsuspecting adventurers, huh? Well this is the charge you will get if so. There is no limit to the number of Public Endangerment charges you can get.

  • Jailbreak (+10min): Yes, it is possible to get out of jail without paying bail or riding out your sentence! Of course, if you do, you may get charged with Jailbreak and serve more time in the future.

The justice system is only in effect on the continent and in various towns. Everywhere else is a safe haven for you criminal types out there. In the future, there will be other ways to avoid paying for your crimes, but they won't be easy!


There are three ways to get out of jail. The first, and least expensive way is to simply wait out your sentence. The second way is to pay bail, and the third way is to find a way to sneak yourself out of prison. It's possible, but difficult! Paying bail is cheap at first, but once you reach the higher levels, you'll need to know how to bust out of prison, or you will suffer a long sentence/expensive bail.

To pay bail, you need to find the green stand in there that says "apply to pay bail." Simply apply it, if you're holding enough gold for bail, you'll be freed. If not, you'll be told that you need more gold.

You also get free food while in prison. Just apply the rations on the ground to eat them when hungry. They are no different from a K-Ration, and despite the fact they're followed by a number in parentheses, they're free.

Finally, you can have a friend bail you out the legal way. When you're incarcerated, they can send you money by typing the following:

send [player] [amount in gold]

For instance, send janica 50000.

This will only work if your friend is incarcerated, and in the same prison as you. It will not work if they aren't logged in. Once your friend gets the money, they themselves must use your money to pay bail. Prisoners can even send money to other prisoners!

Criminal Status

Criminal Status will be pinned on you until you have served or paid for every single minute of jail time you have left. As a criminal, you will be unable to enter most lawful towns without a guard hassling you every step of the way. At first, the guards will be more powerful than you, but our current Hall of Famers have little trouble evading the long arm of the law. (but even Hall of Famers must tread carefully!)

If you are in the PK guild, you will also be "safe" prey for any other PKer who wants to kill you. If you attack a criminal, you won't become a criminal yourself. Keep this mind if you're in the PK guild!

Finally, there are some areas where committing certain acts will make you a criminal, but a guard won't instantly swoop in to arrest you. (the main continent, for example)

Future Law Changes, Quirks

Laws and sentences may be added, removed, revised, and so on as time goes by and more is added to Wyvern. You'll need to use your head in the future to avoid becoming a criminal!

Also keep in mind that some guards are corrupt, and if you evade a guard then come across that guard again as a law-abider, they might very well arrest you again for making a fool out of them, and slap a bad charge against you! No one said criminal life was easy.

Finally, butterflies are sacred in New Verden, remember that.


The Wyvern Criminal Justice System was conceived, designed and implemented by the wizard Janica. She also wrote the document above. If you see her online, make sure to thank her for helping to make Wyvern such an interesting place!

— The Wyvern Administrators

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