Wyvern Experience and Advancement



Your character starts at "first level", and gaining experience by killing monsters advances you in levels.

As you go up levels, you gain Skill Points, which are described below. Your level also contributes to your position on the High Score List. Certain races get extra abilities at higher levels.

Currently, you do not have to solve any quests to advance levels. As time goes on, we may add restrictions - you may have to solve a quest or obtain a certain number of quest points in order to advance past certain levels.

When you die, you lose 10% of your experience (less if you've trained in spirit travelling), but you never lose levels or abilities you've trained in. You can lose guild rankings and the abilities that come with it.

Experience Chart

The following chart shows how much xp you need to get to different levels. We'll add more rows as people get to those levels.

Wyvern XP Chart
Level XP Required Level XP Required
1 0 19 888000
2 250 20 1333000
3 625 21 2000000
4 1250 22 3000000
5 2500 23 4500000
6 4500 24 6750000
7 7500 25 10000000
8 11000 26 15000000
9 15500 27 22500000
10 23000 28 33750000
11 35000 29 50000000
12 52000 30 100000000
13 78000 31 150000000
14 117000 32 225000000
15 175000 33 337500000
16 263000 34 500000000
17 395000 35 1000000000
18 592000 36 1500000000


Wyvern is a skills-based gaming environment. Your race determines your intrinsics and special abilities. You can then further specialize your character's abilities by developing your skills.

You find out which skills are available by playing the game. There are trainers in various places who can help you train in your skills.

In order to train in a skill, you must first acquire some Skill Points. Trainers will tell you how many Skill Points are required for you to advance to the next level in a skill. Each time you go up an experience level, you get some new Skill Points. There are other ways to get Skill Points in the game - certain quests will give you some extra Skill Points upon completion of the quest, and there may be other, hidden ways to get new Skill Points.


Wyvern has quite a few quests, and more are being added all the time. Quests vary quite a bit. All of them require some exploring, and some require monster-killing as well. When you solve a quest, you receive a number of Quest Points based on how difficult the quest was.

You are supposed to solve quests on your own. You may not tell other players how to solve a quest, or parts of the quest. You may not give people hints. Game administrators occasionally log things you say, and scan them for quest info. If you are caught giving out quest information (including putting it on a website or transferring it in any other way), you will be subject to administrative penalties.

You may work on a quest with another player, but you must first get special permission in writing from a Senior Wizard or higher.

Some of the different kinds of quests include:

  • killing a certain monster
  • making it through a complex maze or dungeon alive
  • acquiring a certain artifact
  • solving a puzzle or set of puzzles
  • delivering certain items to non-player characters
  • any combination of the above

Some people love questing, and some people hate it. We're trying to set up an environment where you don't have to solve quests if you don't want to. Solving quests will give you access to things that might otherwise be very difficult to achieve, such as special abilities, special artifacts, or just lots of experience.


Guilds are special member-based organizations, usually magical, that give you special powers and abilities. Normally there are tradeoffs - for instance, the Mages Guild enhances your magical abilities and gives you access to spells that are not available elsewhere in the game, but it also reduces your fighting abilities.

Most guilds require exclusive membership — you normally cannot join more than one guild at a time.

Some guilds require you to solve a quest in order to join them. Some guilds are hidden, and you have to find the guild location before you can begin the quest to become a guild member.

New characters are automatically part of the "Adventurers Guild", which is located in New Verden. The Adventurers Guild offers a variety of services, and also has information about what quests and areas are available in the game.

Wyvern currently offers a number of guilds, including Mages, Paladins, Monks, and more. You can read more about guilds in the Guild List.

The High Score List

Wyvern maintains a list of the top players. The calculation is based on your score, which is an aggregate of the experience, money and quest points you've accumulated.

Copies of the high score list can be found in various taverns and other locations thoughout the game.

There are also other high score lists for top players in different races, richest players, oldest players, and more.

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