Wyvern Atmospheres

Atmospheres are little commands that provide nonverbal communication.

Atmospheres that require the target to be adjacent to you:

backslap, comfort, grumble, highfive, hug, kick, kiss, nudge, pat, pet, poke, punch, ruffle, shake, slap, strangle, tag, tease, tickle

Example: hug Alicia

Atmospheres that require a visible target, not necessarily adjacent to you:

apologize, congratulate, glare, greet, peer, point, question, shush, stare, taunt, thumb, tongue

Example: stare Fragon

Atmospheres that take an optional visible target:

apologize, agree, beg, bow, disagree, frown, glare, growl, laugh, nod, peer, point, question, shush, smile, smirk, sneer, stare, taunt, thank, thumb, tongue, wave, whistle, wink

Example: growl Dogboy

Atmospheres that can be used with no target at all:

agree, alarm, applaud, barf, beam, beg, blink, blow, blush, bored, bounce, bow, burp, chuckle, cackle, clap, cheer, clear, cough, cower, cross, cry, cursy, dance, die, disagree, drool, faint, fidget, flip, frown, gag, gape, gasp, gawk, giggle, grimace, grin, groan, grovel, growl, grumble, grunt, guffaw, handstand, howl, impatient, jump, kneel, laugh, lick, lol, mutter, muse, nod, nodv, pant, ponder, pace, pout, puke, purr, purse, rage, raise, relief, roll, rub, scared, scratch, scream, screech, shake, shiver, shrug, shudder, sigh, sing, sit, smile, smirk, snap, sneer, snicker, sneeze, snore, sniff, snort, squint, stand, stomp, struggle, strut, sulk, tap, think, twiddle, twitch, vomit, wave, whistle, whimper, wince, wink, wiggle, yawn

Example: yawn

Some objects offer special sets of atmospheres while you're carrying or using them. Some races and/or guilds may eventually offer special atmospheres to their members. If you have ideas for good general-purpose atmospheres, use the idea command to suggest them. Just type idea <message> where the message is your suggestion — typing idea by itself will invoke the idea atmosphere, where people see that you've had an idea.

Note: The list above isn't kept up to date. To see the latest list of atmospheres, type atmospheres inside the game.

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