Wyvern Players Frequently Asked Questions

This section has commonly-asked questions by players, old and new.


Q: How do I use skills?

A: By training with Trainers.

Your character starts with some Skill Points. You can see how many you have by typing score. You use your Skill Points by spending them on training. To do this:

  • Find a Trainer for the skill you want to learn. There are Trainers in New Verden, Minath Elion, the Mages Guild, and other areas.

  • Stand next to the Trainer and type train. If you have enough money, you will spend one Skill Point on that skill.

  • To get you started, the tutorial has a few trainers that will train you in your first skill points for a very low cost (less than 1/10th the normal price). It's highly recommended to take advantage of these trainers — regular trainers cost a lot more.

Training costs a lot of gold, but it's worth it. You can read about the available skills on the Skills Page.

Q: Is there a place I can store things?

A: Nope. Wyvern no longer has bank vaults or storage lockers.

They were removed because they were causing game-balancing problems. People would hoard everything they found, and everyone suddenly had too much stuff. Players were giving away hundreds of fancy items to other players, and nobody actually had to work for anything anymore. Now we only let you save what you can carry. You can, however, use ATM machines in banks to deposit your gold coins between sessions.

Q: How do I identify stuff?

A: With spells, or using Identify Tables.

Many shops (such as the Magic Shop in the newbie village) have tables that you can drop things on to identify them. It usually costs 20 gp to identify an item.

Q: I have 2 items with the same name, and I want to sell/drop/eat/whatever the second one. How do I do it?

A: sell/drop/eat item N

A: Most commands in the game take a numeric argument. For example, If you have 2 rings of strength, and you want to sell the second one, type sell ring 2. You can also do stuff like put potion 3 in bag 2.

You can also just right-click on the correct item in your inventory and choose a command from the popup menu.

Q: Is there any way to tell which of two weapons is better?

A: By shop price, or using the 'appraise' command.

The shop value is usually (but not always) a pretty good indicator. You can also put skill points into the "blacksmith" skill, which allows you to appraise armor and weapons to see how good they are. The first point in the skill lets you see how damaged an item is, and subsequent points tell you more information about the weapon or armor.

Keep in mind that there isn't always a "better" — for example, some weapons are lighter and faster but don't do as much damage. Weapons can do cut, stab or smash damage, or a combination of any of the three, so different weapons work better against different opponents. You should try out all the weapons and decide for yourself which ones you like best.

Q: What are corpses for?

A: They hold the monster's possessions, if any.

Corpses are left by monsters when they die. Monsters don't always leave corpses. The monster's inventory will often be "in" its corpse, and you have to get <item> from corpse or get all from corpse to get the items out. You can eat monster corpses, but be careful, since some are poisonous. Also be aware, that if you apply to a corpse with items in it, you will receive the items, but if you apply to one without items, you will eat it. So you're better off using the "get" or "loot" commands.

Q: What's the difference between ordinary and blessed?

A: Being (blessed) sometimes makes the item better.

There's now a note about this in the Advanced Section of the Player Manual.

Q: What do I do with a used spellbook?

A: Nothing at this time.

Eventually we may make it so that carrying a spellbook gives you extra power when you cast that spell, but right now there's no use for them.

Q: What do I do with a treasure pile?

A: Try picking it up by using the 'get' command.

Each time you try grabbing a treasure pile, you'll take some random treasure from the pile. Some people have accidentally managed to pick up the pile itself, but we think we've closed all those bugs. If it happens to you, please drop the pile and report a bug.

Q: How do I do a quest?

A: Ask the villagers for hints.

You should chat with villagers (not players — you have to solve quests on your own unless you get permission from a senior wizard or higher to collaborate on a quest), asking them about the quest. That is to say, type talk quest or chat quest to each villager. You can also type talk <whatever> to see if the villager knows about specific subjects. For instance, if you think your quest has something to do with a sheep, you can talk sheep to all the villagers, to see if you can elicit any information about the creature.

Be aware that you don't have to type anything special to accept a quest. Just go ahead and do what they told you to or use the hints they gave you to figure out where to go next.

The easiest quest is in New Verden — it's called Garignor's Amulet. It's entirely contained in a mansion on the east side of the village. Good luck!

Q: Can't the map view get any larger?

A: Not at this time. We might add this capability in the future.

The basic reason is that a larger screen costs me more money. I'd have to send more network data to your client, and that's more expensive. I've made the screen as big as I can given my limited resources.

You can resize the client window if you want — the graphical view won't get any bigger, but you can get a larger view of your inventory and the text-output area. You can also try the new "floating inventory" option in your View menu to pop your inventory out into a separate window.

Q: Argh! Someone hacked my account and stole my character! How can I get it back?

A: There is no way to get the character back.

If somebody tried to brute-force the password on a character, we'd notice.

The only way to log on as a char that isn't yours is by A) knowing the password, B) by being able to log in to the owner's email account and then using Wyvern's "forgot my password" form, or C) hacking the computer that runs Wyvern, rewriting the login code to accept a "universal password", recompiling it, and then triggering a reboot.

We can't prevent the first two (well, we could remove the lost password form, but then we'd get people begging to change their password) and if the third happened it'd be quite obvious and we'd reload everyone from backups anyway.

Assuming there hasn't been news about whatever email service they use being hacked, it usually means that either the owner gave out their password or played Wyvern someplace public and didn't clear out their password.

If you lose control of your character, we'll just banish the character permanently.

Q: How do I get a custom image for my character?

A: Get into the Hall of Fame, then make one.

First, you have to get into the Hall of Fame by reaching level 25. Then, get your quest points to 250 (not including any points from Sokoban) and make sure that you have solved the Dark Mistress Quest. Once you meet those requirements you or another player can create the images needed. Be sure they meet the custom image guidelines. You can't use copyrighted images, and your player image still has to look like the same race.

Once you've created the images, made sure they meet the guidelines, and gotten them named correctly, submit them to a Senior Wizard or higher for approval and uploading to the game. When you reach the HOF, you can ask a wizard to upload the image for you.

We may eventually allow players to purchase custom images before reaching the HOF, and sometimes costumes can be purchased for special events.

Q: What do I do after I've completed the tutorial?

A: You can go out in search of monsters to slay, dungeons to loot, quests to complete, or you can simply seek out other players and try to make friends.

But, first off, you should decide where to go. The first thing you should see when leaving the tutorial tower is a path leading in four different directions. If you go north, you will reach the gatehouse which cuts off the starting towns from the rest of the world. Until you reach level 4 you will not be able to pass so, for now, stick to one of the three other paths. Each one leads to a simple village that has appropriate places for you to level up, train, and explore in while offering things to do at your level and up until or around level 5. For more information about the three villages, click here.

So now you should explore the village you picked and decide what you want to do. If you want to fight monsters, there are a few within the town limits that may have taken over a villager's home. But most can be found in the outskirts, inhabiting desolate ruins that are hard to miss. If you're having trouble finding a ruined area, check signs and talk to npcs.

If you rather try your hands at some quests, there are plenty around. You can try to stumble into one by talking to npcs or you can check out the Quest List and see if there are any level appropriate ones that you want to try. Alternatively, you can check out the Adventurer's Guild quest library in New Verden, which also has an orb that lets you see how many quest points you have. To get you started, we recommend you try Gargingor's Amulet first. It's the easiest quest in Wyvern and is a good place to learn some questing basics.

Q: How do I fight monsters in this game? I just came out of the tutorial and everything I see just stands there or moves around randomly.

A: For the most part, monsters will try to fight you.

But, there are three types of npcs/monsters that you should be aware of. Those that are peaceful, those that are neutral, and those that are hostile.

  • Those that are peaceful are the ones you are most likely to encounter when you first leave the tutorial. In general, they tend to be simple townspeople and various other types of npcs. You can fight them by typing attack <their name>, but chances are they will be protected by law and as such you may get arrested for trying to start a fight. So, it is often a good idea to leave them alone and instead try to talk to them. They often have useful or interesting things to say that can help you along on your journey.

  • Those that are neutral can be attacked simply by walking into them (use your keyboard to do this, not your mouse). There's no penalty for doing so, but be careful about which monsters you challenge in this manner as some may be too difficult for you to handle.

  • Those that are hostile will attack you on sight and are generally the type you want to look for if you're interested in leveling up. They tend to be found in ruined structures at or around the edges of towns and cities. So you can start your search there. Goblins and Kobolds are good level 1 prey and are plentiful in the starting villages.

If you're looking for more detailed combat tactics or just more details about combat in general, check out the chapter on the Combat System.

Q: Whenever I login I appear in the tutorial. How can I change this?

A: Find a reality bed to save in.

You can save your location anywhere there is a reality bed. Just walk over to one and hit "a" for apply. From then on you will appear there when you login until you change your save point to another reality bed. Reality beds can often (but not always) be distinguished by their red bed sheets and are often (but not always) found in Inns located in or near various population centers. There's one in each of the three starting towns so you can pick your favorite to bunk in and save yourself some walking as a result.

Q: I've been cursed! Some monster cast a spell and now all my items have been cursed and I can't remove or sell them. What do I do?

A: The two most common ways is to either buy a scroll to remove the curse or you can use an uncurse altar for a small fee.

Scrolls of remove curse can be found in magic shops and other stores that sell scrolls. They cost 200 gp each and will uncurse a handful of your cursed items starting from the first cursed item in your inv and working its way down. However, you won't always be able to find one in a store and will either have to wait for the shop to restock, buy one from a player, or use an uncurse altar.

Uncurse altars are found in most hospitals and some churches/temples. They are, by far, the most popular way to uncurse due to their ease of use. For each item you uncurse with one, it will cost you 50gp. For information about how to use the altar, make sure it is an actual uncurse altar and not some other kind of altar. Then 'look' at it by typing "look altar" or right clicking it and then clicking 'look.'

For more information about cursing, including how to protect against it and a special kind of curse which cannot be removed by traditional means check out the chapter on Advanced Features.

Q: What's a 'lq' and why is everyone shouting about it?

A: LQs or, Live Quests, is a type of live event where players can do something a little different.

Live Quests typically involve a big, strong monster attacking the land where players have to gather to combat it for a prize of some sort. However, they can also include things such as player killer matches, trivia contests, sporting events, you name it. For the most part, live quests are a distraction for higher level players but there are some for mid level players and every now and then there's one lower level players can participate in. Pay attention to your chat box leading up to lqs as there are often announcements that explain what it is all about. If you came into things late type 'lq' instead of 'shout' and then ask if anyone will fill you in on what's been going on.

Q: I've ran into a locked door/chest. How can I open it?

A: It depends on the door/chest. Many doors can be broken down with brute force. Others need to be pick locked or opened with the magic of the knock spell and others still may need a key to open. Chests, on the other hand, typically can only be opened with either a lock pick or a spell.

For most doors, try to break them down. To do this walk into them and see if it says you damaged the door. If it does, keep walking into it or cast spells at it. However, keep in mind that doors vary in their difficulty to break down. Some you will be able to do so easily at any level, others you can only do at higher levels, and others still might never break down even if you keep at it for hours.

For an easier and faster solution, try a lock pick or get the 'knock' spell. Lock picks can be bought in general stores and are a quick and easy way to get into most things. Some doors and chests require that you have a higher lock pick level and for that you need to find a trainer (one such trainer is located in New Verden's Adventure Guild). Meanwhile the 'knock' spell can be gotten by either finding a spellbook and learning the spell or buying/finding a wand or scroll of knocking. To use them, position yourself next to door or chest you wish to open, ready your spell, wand, or scroll, and then hold down your shift button and press whichever arrow key will point to the door/chest you want to open.

Alternatively, you can position your mouse over whatever it is you want to open and press shift and then click your right arrow key. Keep in mind that not everything can be opened with a pick lock or spell and not everything that opens with a lock pick can be opened with the spell and visa versa.

If all else fails, you probably need to find the specific key that opens the door. They key you need can typically be found somewhere in the area where the locked door was. You just have to search for it as hiding keys to doors is a typical puzzle that the game will present you with to allow you to move forward. Also, keep in mind that not every key you find will be useful. Some are just lying around and are either old keys that the owner did not throw out or they don't open any door you can get to.

Q: I see people talking, how do I do that?

A: You have to use the appropriate command depending on who you want to talk to.

If you want to talk to someone privately you'd type something such as this: tell <player name> <subject> For example, if I wanted to talk to my friend, Foobar. I'd type "tell foobar Hey, I just got on. Is there anything good for sale in the auction house?"

If you want to talk to someone in the same map as you, you'd use the say command. It's like the tell command, only you don't have to specify a particular player's name. For example, if I wanted to talk to that random person who I just saw walk by me, I'd type, "say Hey! Wait up!" But, make sure the person is still in the map with you or they won't be able to hear you. If you're not sure if someone is in the same map type "mapwho."

If you want to talk to everyone in the game at once, you'd typically replace 'say' with 'shout.' However, there are various channels that you should use based on the topic you want to bring up. These make it easier for people interested in your topic to see what you are saying and it allows people to not be bothered by subjects they're not interested in. Examples of common channels include help, ooc, lq, and rp (for a full list of all channels type "unsubscribe").

If you need help or have a question, use the help channel. If you want to talk about out of character, real life stuff, like what you ate for breakfast, use ooc. If you want to roleplay as your character, use rp. To do this, instead of typing 'shout,' type the name of the channel you want to use. Let's say, for example, I'm not sure where an Inn is and so I decide to ask other players about it. What I'd do is type "help I'm in Davos and I can't find the Inn. Could someone give me directions to it?"

Q: I'm trying to read what an npc is saying to me, but people keep talking so much that I can't follow its dialogue. What can I do?

A: You can do one of two things. Turn autoscroll off or put your earmuffs on.

To turn off autoscroll, right click anywhere in the chat window and then click "Don't Scroll." This gives you control of scrolling through the chat yourself without it scrolling to the bottom automatically whenever something new is said. Then you can take your time with whatever you are trying to read and scroll down to the bottom when you are done or turn autoscroll back on by right clicking (in your chat window) again and clicking "Autoscroll" this time.

Another way is to turn on earmuffs. To do this type "earmuffs on" and type "earmuffs off" when you're done. Earmuffs prevents you from hearing what other players have to say, but if you talk to npcs, their dialogue will pop up in your chat window so you can read what they say in peace.

Q: A monster just stole something out of my inv! Is it gone forever?

A: No, you can get the item or items back by hunting down the thief and killing it.

Some things to be aware of when dealing with monsters that steal from you:

  • The thief will never leave the map you are in, so don't go looking elsewhere if you're having problems finding it.

  • Thieves will always drop a corpse and your items will always be in that corpse. If you kill it and you don't see one, this is because they sometimes teleport as you deal the final blow so look for the corpse somewhere else in the map. But be quick about it as once the corpse rots away, your items are lost forever. This is always true if the monster teleports to a dangerous location and gets killed by a trap or a monster's spell rather than you. For this reason, you really must always be quick in trying to find the thief and you should always look for corpses. You don't need to be in a mad rush to find the monster/corpse, but don't take forever either.

  • Most thieves are neutral monsters and will not attack you unless you attack them first. A simple trick to avoid attacking them accidently while moving is to use your mouse to move rather than your keyboard.

  • Thieves have different lures. Nymphs, for example, will go after your items, but they value mirrors above all else. So if you keep a mirror in your inventory, they will steal that first. Mirrors are cheap and easy to find, so keeping a few around can sometimes save you a lot of heartache in the long run.

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