Rules for Custom Player Images

We allow some players to have custom images. Currently, all custom images must be approved by a Senior Wizard or higher. Choose your custom image wisely, as once you have one, your requests for changes will be given a much lower priority than those of new hall of famers who don't have custom images yet.

Here are the rules for custom images:

  1. They must meet the technical requirements outlined in the Wyvern Artwork Guidelines — for instance, they must be transparent GIF images.

  2. You must provide all four directions for the image, and the files must be named correctly: name.S.gif, name.N.gif, name.E.gif, and name.W.gif.

  3. The image must be the correct size and shape for the player. For nagas, you must provide horizontal (N/S) and vertical (E/W) versions. For giants, you must provide both large- and small-size images. The file naming for giant images is a little different: name_giant.S.gif, etc. for the giant images and name_dwarf.S.gif, etc. for the shrunken images.

  4. Animations are allowed. The file naming for animations is similar to the above, just each frame of the animation is in a different file, with the frame number after the direction. e.g., name.S1.gif, name.S2.gif. If you use an animated image, you must set the "animated" property on the player. The setimage command will take care of this automatically. Use no more than 3 animation frames (total) per image, and don't set the interval faster than 1 second. The player needs to logout for the animation to start.

  5. The image must resemble the player's original image for their race or guild. No blobs, ghosts, clouds, terrain, or any other non-humanoid images are allowed. Humans, because of their diversity, have a lot more leeway than other races. Images need to still look like the player's race, or put another way, not look like another race.

  6. Do not give the player the image of an existing monster or player on the game.

  7. Wizards may use any image they choose for themselves, but their alt characters' images must follow the rules for normal players.

If we find any inappropriate images, we'll banish the player until we have time to fix it. When in doubt, ask an Elder or Arch Wizard.

Here are the basic player images to use as templates for creating your custom images. Remember the images are copyright Cabochon Technologies, Inc. as are deriviate images.