Creating Areas and Content

Creating new stuff is what being a Wizard is all about.

Wyvern's graphics and interface may look simple, but since you're reading this guide, you already know the game is anything but simple! Wyvern's many small, flexible building blocks can combine to produce unlimited and unexpected creative riches.

The sections of this guide focus mostly on the map editor, and on creating things using a combination of automated tools and a little XML. If you can master this guide, then you'll be able to create interesting and detailed areas and quests, and tell the stories you wish to tell.

Many interesting areas were created using only the map editor, including New Verden, Minath Elion, Amita and most of the other major cities and towns of Wyvern.

The Programming Guide takes you a step further, and shows you how to create entirely new kinds of content by using the Wyvern programming APIs. Wizards have used the programming interfaces to create surprising new things, including the Balloons, the Jail and city guards, the Player Auction House, Kiz's Side-Scroller Quest, the Ranger's Guild, cameras and film, and many (many) other things besides.

Before you dive into learning how to program Wyvern, though, you need to learn at least the basics of mapmaking, archetypes, properties, images, and file upload. These are the essential building blocks that all Wizards use to create and install new content into the game.

Start by downloading the Map Editor and reading through the Editor Manual (the first two sub-tabs at the top of this page). Experiment with making some maps — your first ones are bound to be awful, but don't worry about it; they're just for practice. Once you become familiarized with the basics, finish reading the remaining sections of this guide. After you polish your area, you're welcome to submit it for evaluation.

You probably shouldn't expect it to be easy, unless you already have experience as a programmer. But after the initial pain of learning how everything works, you'll be able to dig in and build exciting new areas for other players to visit. It's one of the most rewarding ways to enjoy Wyvern, and you'll learn some valuable career skills along the way — both technical and creative. It's definitely worth spending the time.