Map Editor User Manual

Welcome to the Wyvern Map editor manual. If you are interested in making Wizard, then you have come to the right place. Mapmaking is the easiest and most popular way to become a Wizard. The first thing you need is the map editor. First, download it, then come back here. Once you have made a set of maps, and are sure they work, mail them to contact us and a Wizard will look at them for you. Please be patient, and remember that the Wizards are very busy keeping the game running.

When you are ready to mail your maps, be sure to check them for the following things first:

  • Make sure that all the teleporters work.

  • Make sure that all the teleporter destinations have wiz/yourname in front of them.

  • Make sure that any custom .arch files work correctly.

  • Make sure that your area does not contain any obscenity, profanity, pornography, or anything that is intended to offend someone.

  • There should be no 'secret areas' in your maps that can be reached without fighting monsters and contain treasure, or only reached by certain players. Ideally, any area that contains treasure should contain monsters that are tough enough to guard it, and monsters should be able to make full use of their abilities. An Arch Dracolich in a 5x5 area isn't as hard as one in a large area, because it can't use spells very effectively, and it can't summon.

  • You should make absolutely sure you follow all of the other Quest and Area guidelines in your area.

Note: If you have any questions that are not answered in the manual, e-mail them to contact us, or even better, just ask a Wizard in the game.

Good Luck!