Map Editor:  Editing Tools

The Map Editor has a set of built-in editing tools. These allow you to add, remove and select objects in the map:

You can have one editing tool selected at a time. To select a tool, click on its icon in the toolbar (shown above). The icon will highlight, and left-clicking in the view will invoke the tool.

Note: you can also left-click on objects in the Cell View to use the current editing tool on them.


The Selection Tool

The selection tool is the dotted rectangle at the far left side of the toolbar. When you select this tool, you can click in the map view and drag out a rectangle that becomes the current selection. The selection can be cut or copied to the clipboard from the Edit menu.

To paste the current clipboard contents into the view, left-click in the square you want to paste to in the view, then select Paste from the Edit menu. Or, you can right-click in the square and choose Paste from the popup menu that appears.

The Pencil Tool

The pencil tool is the most frequently-used tool. It puts one object of the currently selected archetype (in the Preview window) into the map view.

You can drag with the pencil tool to put more objects in the map. This is the best way to draw walls, roads and other connected objects.

The Eraser Tool

This tool lets you erase one object from the map. If you click in the Map View, it will erase the "top" object - the object that draws over the tops of any other objects in the map, because of its drawing layer.

If you want to erase an object beneath the topmost object, you can click on the object to erase in the Cell View to remove it.

Another way to erase an object is to right-click on it (in either the Map View or the Cell View) and select Erase Object from the popup menu.

The Line Tool

The line tool lets you draw objects in a straight line. To use the tool, left-click in the Map View and hold the mouse button down. Then drag the mouse around (with the left button down) to create a rubberband that shows you where the line will be drawn. When you've chosen a line that you like, release the mouse button to draw the objects.

The Rectangle Tools

There are two tools for drawing rectangles of objects. One of them draws a filled rectangle, and the other draws a rectangle outline. They work like the line tool - you click and hold to select the upper-left corner of the rectangle, drag to create a rubberband that shows the bounds of the rectangle, and release the left mouse button to draw the rectangle.

The Fill Tool

The fill tool allows you to fill an area with the currently selected archetype. It stops when it hits a different kind of terrain than the one you clicked in. If you try to fill a very large area, such as an unbounded map, it may take some time. The maximum fill rectangle is a 50x50 area.

The Dropper Tool

The dropper tool lets you pick an archetype out of the map. When the dropper tool is active, left-click on any object to put its archetype in the Preview window. Then you can use the other editing tools to put more of that kind of object in the map.