Map Editor:  Randomized Maps

The Random Map editors are a quick, easy way to make maps. They generate the terrain and exit locations for a map of the selected types, and can be easily edited from there. There are three types of random maps:

Random Dungeons

This generator generates a map like the Random Dungeons that are so popular in the game. It creates an area of rooms linked by two square wide corridoors, complete with traps. It also places stairs up and stairs down in the map.

Random Mazes

The Random Maze Generator makes a maze of one square wide corridoors. The two stairways that are placed in the maze are linked to each other. The maze can then be edited, placing rooms, treasure, and monsters.

Random Caverns

This generator generates an area that looks like natural caves. It is an area of rooms linked by corridoors of varying widths with lots of turns.

Using the Generators

The Random Map Generators give you control over what the random map will look like.

The Random Dungeon Generator

This is the random dungeon generator. It allows you to choose what the walls will be in the dungeon, what the terrain in the area that is not rooms or hallways will be, and what the terrain in the rooms and halls will be. It also allows you to set the size of the dungeon, the minimum and mazimum dimensions of the rooms, and what most of the things blocking the way into rooms will be. It also allows you to set which special room will appear in the map, such as a shop or monster lair.

The Random Maze Generator

The Random Maze Generator allows you slightly less control over your random map than the Random Dungeon editor. It is best left at the default values, except for the walls and terrain. It allows you to set the terrain and walls, how difficult the maze will be, what size the maze will be, and how twisty the maze will be.

The Random Cavern Generator

The Random Cavern Generator gives you control over what the walls in the cave will be, what the terrain in the cave will be, the size of the caverns, the density (how much of the area will be cave floor instead of cave wall), and the minimum number of rooms in the caverns.