Map Editor:  Other Menus

The Window Toolbar is the little bar of pull-down menus right below your window's title bar. See it? Good. Here are some of the things that you can do with it:

The View Menu

In this menu, you can change what you are viewing. Some of the items aren't very self-explanatory, so here's how to use them:

Redraw Map Use this to redraw the map if it gets screwy, garbled, horked, dorked, whacked, tweaked, or anything else goes wrong with the way the map is displaying.

Terrain Borders Use this option to toggle the terrain borders on or off. Terrain borders are the parts of terrain that extend out into other terrains. They can be turned off so that you can see terrain that is otherwise lost under the borders.

Lighting Model Use this to turn the darkness in a map on or off. It won't have any effect if the map isn't dark.

Animation Use this to turn animations on and see if your animated objects are animating properly.

The Tools Menu

In this menu, you can upload and download files, save your map as jython source code, save a picture of your map in PNG format, and launch the standalone game client.

Uploading/Downloading You can only upload and download to and from your wiz directory. If you aren't a wiz, this isn't any use to you. To download a file, click the 'download files' option in the tools menu, then type the path to the file in your wiz directory on the server and the place where you want the file to be put on your local machine. This saves you from having to use a floppy disk to transfer files between your computers.

To upload a file, clock the 'upload files' option in the tools menu, then type in the full path to the file on your local machine in the file entry box, then type the full path of where you want the file to save on the server (wiz/yourname will be added automatically after it is uploaded) in the save as entry box. You can upload an entire directory by checking the 'upload all files in directory' box. If you do this, type the full path to the folder only in both dialog boxes. Things will be saved as the same thing that they were on your local machine.

Launch Wyvern Client Use this to launch the standalone version of the wyvern client. Doing this shares the batch of java between the map editor and the game client, so it only takes about half as much RAM as running them seperately.