Map Editor:  Frequently Asked Questions

This is where questions that have been asked by players about how to use the Map Editor are answered. If you have a question that isn't answered here or elsewhere in the manual, email it to contact us and they will (eventually) be answered.

Q: How do I link my maps together?

A: You link them with teleporters.

Anything a player can Apply to take them to another map is a teleporter - this includes buildings, doors, blue portals, and invisible teleporters. Right-click on any of these objects and choose "Edit Teleporter" to say where the destination map is. Look at the docs for the Teleporter Editor for more info.

Q: Hey, I can't save my map! It says I have too many monsters! What gives?

A: The game only allows 40 monsters per map.

This is because if there are too many monsters, it causes massive lag. Each time a monster does something, the game has to calculate each part of the action. When you're talking about a room full of skulls, that's a lot of stuff to calculate. Consider breaking your map up into smaller pieces, or reducing the number of monsters.

Q: Why won't my artwork work? I made it in the right format, and size, and everything!

A: You might have named your artwork wrong.

It has to be in the format of monster.S.gif, monster.N.gif, monster.E.gif, and monster.W.gif, where monster is the name of the monster. It also can't have spaces in it, and it has to be saved in the directory (or folder) wiz/yourname, in the wyvern directory. Lastly, you have to point the .arch file to the right place. Where another archetype says image path="monsters/goblin", your archetype has to say image path="wiz/yourname/monster", where monster is the name of your monster.

Q: How do I edit inside houses and stuff?

A: Make a separate map for each house.

Each house, or store, or castle, or maze, or any other place that you can go in the game, is its own map. You have to link maps together by placing teleporters to one map from the other map. Teleporters are built in to all buildings. Right-click the building and go to 'edit teleporter' to change the teleporter destination.