What is a Wizard?

If you meet certain criteria, you can become a Wizard. Wizards are administrator-like players who can create new game areas for others to visit.

As a Wizard, you don't participate in normal gameplay. You can manipulate the game by creating and destroying items, adding new maps, and writing code. You can still interact with players, but your role is different.

Some people consider becoming a Wizard to be "winning" the game, which is a fine way to look at it. You're not required to make areas as a Wizard - you're free to just log in and visit with people. If you don't like being a Wizard, you can always start a new character.

Currently, to become a Wizard you must download the Map Editor and use it to create an area for the game, consisting of several maps linked together with teleporters. If we like your area, we'll turn your character into a Wizard and let you add your maps into the game.

How do I make areas?

Note: while we no longer accept maps from people who do not want to be a Wizard, you don't have to be a Wizard to make game art. You can create various images and and send them in, and if they're very good, we'll use them and give you full credit for them in the game.

The easiest way is to use the Map Editor. You don't have to know how to write code to use it. You can create any number of maps in your wizard directory, and when they're ready, we can link them into the main game.

The next easiest way is to create objects or maps by hand. The maps and object files are all stored in XML format, so if you've ever wanted to learn a little XML, now's your big chance.

Sometimes you'll find you want to do something special in your game area. For instance, you might want to design a Frog Sword that turns the target into a frog when it hits. Or you might want to create a unique puzzle or mini-game. To do these things, you can use a language called Jython.

Jython is easy to learn, easy to read, and easy to use. If you happen to know the Python programming language, then you already know 99% of Jython too.

Jython gives you full access to three platforms:

If you already know how to program in Java, then you don't have to learn Jython. You can also create game extensions in Java, if you prefer.

The flexibility you gain for creating new content is enormous and unprecedented. You will be able to create entirely new objects that we never dreamed of when we were creating Wyvern.

Spend some time browsing the links on this page to familiarize yourself with the development environment. When you become a Wizard, you'll be assigned a sponsor Wizard who can mentor you and help you with any questions you have.

Happy coding!