Wyvern Handheld Client — Survival Guide

Welcome to the Wyvern Survival Guide for Handheld users.

If you're reading this, we assume:

So now you're ready to play.

Wyvern is a huge game, and it takes time to learn how to play it. We'll cover just enough basics here for you to get started, and then you should read the Player Manual to get more details about the game.


What To Do

Once you've created your character, you're dumped into Newbie Village without any instructions. You might be wondering what to do next.

Note: we now have a tutorial for the handheld client. When you connect for the first time with a new character, you'll be placed in a tutorial map. If you follow the instructions on the signs, you'll learn quite a bit about playing Wyvern.

Here are some of the things you can do:

You're welcome to shout for help if you have questions. Just make sure you've read the FAQ and the Player Manual before you shout for help, since many of your questions will be answered in the documentation.

Moving Around

There are two ways to move your player around:

  1. Tap on the screen. You will run to wherever you tapped, if there's a way to get there.

  2. Use the direction pad. This is the big round button between "Cancel" and "OK" at the base of your Zaurus. The iPAQ has a similar direction pad.

Entering Buildings

To enter a building, walk onto it, and then do one of two things:

This also works for using staircases, magic portals, and other teleporters.

If you try to enter a building and its map isn't loaded, the game will tell you to wait. Usually it only takes a few seconds to load the map. Then you can enter the building again.

Some buildings don't take you to a map, and it'll say "The building is closed."

Using Things

To use something on the ground:

These two techniques work for quite a few objects in the game:

If you're not sure what to do with something, try applying it.

To use something in your inventory:

  1. Tap on the item. This will bring up a menu of actions for the item.
  2. Select "apply". This will use the item.

Going Shopping

Shops are really important. You need to sell things you find, to make money to buy better equipment and skills.

The basic shop commands are:

A few hints:

Going Fighting

The Newbie Village of New Verden has lots of houses and dungeons to explore. Maps reset about every 15 minutes, so if someone has cleaned out a map you like, come back to it later.

Hostile monsters will attack you automatically, and you'll fight back automatically. If your health goes to zero, you'll die, which does two things:

After you kill a monster, it will sometimes leave a corpse. You can get things from corpses by typing get all from corpse. This is such a common command that it's included near the top of the Built-In Command List. Take the stuff you find and sell it in shops.

You can eat corpses, but some of them are poisoned, so be careful. If you get poisoned, your HP turn green and start going down for a while, unless you cast Cure Poison. You can die from this, so it's best not to eat corpses unless you're sure they're OK.

Once you get to second or third level, you might try leaving the village through the north gatehouse, and looking for another town to explore. The continent is very large, and there are dozens of cities and major areas. Try not to get lost!

Basic Equipment 101

Here are some of the standard types of equipment in Wyvern:

Once you've got these down, you can start looking into getting other equipment, like a coin purse, a reagent pouch, a portable hole, and lots of others.

Basic Skills 101

As you kill monsters, you'll get experience, and eventually you'll be higher level. Being higher level doesn't do anything for you by itself, though. It just gives you more Skill Points to spend on skills.

There are lots of skills you can learn, but the most important ones to learn first are:

When you first create your character, you'll have 3 skill points to spend (4 if you're a Human or Halfling). Once you have enough money to train (500 to 1000 gold coins per skill, depending on the skill), you can find a trainer of the appropriate type. Ask around if you're not sure where to find the trainers.

Saving Your Game

You can always quit the game safely, no matter where you are. You'll keep all your inventory. It's a great way to get back to town if you're lost, or if you're getting pounded by monsters that are too tough for you.

You might consider binding one of your hot-buttons to . To do this, bring up the Enter a Command dialog, and type alias h3 quit, then tap Send. After that, whenever you click on the 3rd hot-button, you'll quit the game immediately.

You can save in Inns. Every town has at least one Inn. Go into the Inn and find a bed. Apply the bed, and you'll save there and quit the game.

When you log in, you always restart at the last Inn that you saved in. If you've never saved at an Inn, you start in the Welcome Newbies map in Newbie Village.

Game Lockups

The Wyvern Handheld Client is trying to do an awful lot of stuff on a tiny little computer. The Zaurus and iPAQ are quite capable, but the Wyvern Client pushes them to their limits. Here are some things you should know:

We're in Beta. The client can sometimes be a bit slow, and we're working on improving the performance. Visit the Home Page frequently to check for updates to the client.

The client can lock up.

It can lag for up to 5-10 seconds during normal operation, if it's downloading artwork. However, if it freezes for more than 20-30 seconds, it's probably dead. We're working on fixes for this.

When this happens, don't worry. Just press the Cancel button on your Zaurus to exit the application, and restart it. You'll reconnect wherever you were when it locked up.

While you're disconnected, your character is in a special state called net-dead. Monsters won't attack you, and players will see that you're net-dead if they try to talk to you. It's harmless, and reconnecting will put you back into normal play.

Now Go Play

You've learned enough to be able to play the game pretty well. There's a lot more to learn, but at least you know how to kill monsters and sell their loot.

If you've played for a few hours and you're starting to get the hang of things, you might want to check out our tips for power users — we've got a bunch of helpful tips and hints that will make you a more effective player with your handheld client.

The last thing you need to know is: it's always OK to shout "Can someone help me? I'm new."

Have fun!

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