Wyvern Handheld Client — Tips and Tricks

Wyvern Handheld Client — Tips and Tricks

Before you read this manual, we assume that you have:

We'll give you some essential tricks for making Wyvern a great gaming experience on your handheld.



You should play the game with your PDA in one hand and the stylus in your other hand. You'll get the most out of it if you move around with the direction pad using your thumb, but tap in the screen for some actions.

In particular, you can only move north/south/east/west with the direction pad, but tapping the screen will run you there, so this is the only way to move diagonally.

You should use the Small Map view most of the time, since it's so important to watch the text output as it goes by. It's also faster, since there's less data coming to your PDA.

When you're in a shop, switch to the Map/Ground view, so you can see (and buy) the stuff you're walking on.

Learn how to use the Fire Pad, so you can cast spells. Ready items by right-clicking on them in your inventory — readying an item means you can fire (or throw) it. You can ready wands, rods, bows and other range weapons, and spells.

You can Apply things by pressing on the round button at the center of the Zaurus or iPAQ direction pad. This means you can do a huge number of things just by moving with the direction pad and then pressing the center of the pad:

It's a very convenient way to play.

The "Enter a Command" dialog has command history — open the dialog by tapping on the text area at the bottom, and then the up/down direction keys will cycle through your command history.

Finally, the mouse handling is pretty smart. You can tap on a location and run there. If you can't run there, you'll look at whatever's there. Tapping on an NPC will talk to the NPC automatically. Tapping on a door will open or close it. Tapping on yourself does the following:

You'll play much more effectively if you keep this in mind.

Memory Management

Here are a few things you can do to help keep the client from running out of memory:

You'll get occasional warning dialogs about being low on memory. You can ignore them, but when you start getting them every few seconds, save, quit, and restart. Or let the Zaurus terminate it for you. It's really no big deal if you get disconnected.


Aliases are your best tool for becoming a great player. An alias is a typing shortcut. If you're doing something over and over, you can make an alias for it.

To make an alias, tap in the text window and type the alias into the Enter a Command dialog. For instance, if you want to alias "r" to repair; get (this is a good alias, by the way), you'd type:

alias r repair ; get

You can put more than one command into an alias by separating them with semicolons. You can read more about aliases in the Wyvern Command Reference.

Hot Keys

You have three "hot keys" with lightning bolts on them in the left sidebar. You should use these for your most frequently-used aliases. We've played the game a lot, and we recommend starting with the following aliases:

The first one is a must for fighters. You should buy yourself an Elixir Pouch at a magic shop, and then buy potions of healing at a hospital. Put the potions in the pouch, and you'll be all set to use this alias. If you're a spellcaster, you should learn the Minor Healing spell, and the alias should be alias h2 cast minor healing.

The second alias grabs everything where you're standing, including anything inside a corpse. You don't have to have a corpse there — it'll say "That is not here" and then do the get all. It's a one-stop button for grabbing loot.

The third alias lets you sell all the loot you've grabbed from dungeons and monsters. The game lets you unsell anything you sell by accident.

These three cover the basic kill-loot-sell cycle that makes you rich and higher level in Wyvern.

If you're really paranoid, you might even consider aliasing h1 to quit. This will get you out of trouble in a hurry if you're standing in dragon fire or completely surrounded by nasty monsters. Quitting will take you out of the game, and when you restart you'll be in the last Inn you saved at.

Single Keys

You can make single-key aliases that you can invoke from your Zaurus/iPAQ keyboard — either the hardware one (Zaurus only) or the software keyboard.

For example, you could bind the number "1" to pick lock. Then when you're standing on a locked chest, or near a locked door, you can just bring up the software keyboard and tap on "1" to pick the lock.

You should make single-key aliases for anything you do a lot:

And so on.

The repair ; get alias is useful because repairing things involves dropping them on an anvil (at a Blacksmith), typing repair, and then picking them up. You can make this fast by dropping everything you want to repair, then hitting your "5" (repair/get) alias over and over until everything is back in your inventory.


You should probably set an afk message (Away From Keyboard) that lets people know you can't type very fast. Just open the Enter a Command dialog by tapping on the text window, and type:

afk I'm playing on a handheld device, so I type REALLY slow.

People will see this message whenever they tell you something, and they'll be more patient when they're dealing with you.

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