Wyvern Client — Help Connecting

Having trouble connecting to the Wyvern game server? You've come to the right place!

It says "Connecting to server..." and waits forever!

We're super sorry about this message. It's fixed in newer versions of the game client (1.4.0 and later). The server is supposed to send you an error message, but it doesn't.

Step 1:   Make sure you have the latest client.

The title bar of your game client should look something like this:

The numbers at the end are the version you're using. If you have a 1.1.x or 1.2.x client, you should upgrade to the latest version, and try connecting again.

Step 2:   Make sure the server is actually running.

Sometimes the Wyvern game server is rebooted for routine maintenance. You can click this link to see if there's anyone playing the game. If not, wait a few minutes and try again. The server is rarely unavailable for more than five minutes.

Step 3:   Double-check your character name and password.

(This is the most common reason for not being able to connect.)

If you didn't create a character using our website, click here to create one. You can not play until you've created a character and received your confirmation email.

Your confirmation email has your password in it. If you've lost your password, click here.

You must type in your password exactly the way it appears in the email:

  • Uppercase and lowercase letters matter.

  • If you copied and pasted it with your mouse, you may have accidentally copied some extra characters or spaces. Try typing in your password with the keyboard.

  • Double-check that you haven't substituted 0 for O, I for 1, and other lookalike letters and numbers.
Try typing in your password a few different ways. If it just isn't working, you should use the Forgot Password Page to get a new one sent to you.

Step 4:   Check for a firewall or proxy server.

If you still can't connect, then you may have a firewall or a proxy server that's preventing you from playing Wyvern.

There are a few ways this can happen:

  • Your computer may have a firewall turned on. Many versions of Windows do this automatically when you configure your networking.

  • Your Internet Service Provider (such as AOL) may have a grumpy firewall or proxy server sitting between you and the Internet.

  • You may have anti-virus software that's blocking access, or possibly just making it very slow.

To check if you're being blocked by a firewall, first make sure the game server is running, then come back here.

Then click on the link below. If it waits for a long time, and says "The page could not be displayed" or something like that, then you're being blocked by a firewall. Simple as that!

Click Here For Firewall Test

If you can't access the link above, you need to find yourself a local computer expert who can help you out. There are hundreds of different kinds of systems and firewalls, and there's no way we can document them all here.

If you ARE the computer expert, then you need to get port 2222 opened up for incoming/outgoing TCP packets in the firewall or proxy server. This usually involves doing one of two things:

  • Figuring out where the firewall is configured on your computer, and configuring it to open up port 2222.

  • Calling your Internet Service Provider's tech support people, and asking them very nicely if they would allow you to connect to port 2222 on www.cabochon.com, so you can play this wonderful game. They should be able to help.

Of course, some network administrators will just plain refuse. This is common in corporate/workplace environments and in schools. If possible, you should get your network administrator addicted to Wyvern, and then maybe she'll be more cooperative.

In the end, though, if you just can't get permission to connect to Wyvern, and you've written to your congressman about the incredible injustice of it all, then your best bet is to find yourself another ISP. There are usually several choices available in your area, and they're often very competitive on price.

For more information on firewalls and proxy servers, go to Google and type in either "Network Firewall FAQ" or "Proxy Server FAQ" to get a list of helpful URLs.

Good luck, and we hope to see you online!