The Misunderstood

by Wurm

Chapter 1 -- Background

W hile there are several many stories and tales about the lands of Wyvern, a rather spectacular world, mind you, only one, and this is it, tells the stories of the races that are rather... misunderstood.

    Such misunderstood races involve the repulsive, the demonic, or, well, the misunderstood. One of the most misunderstood is the race of shoggoths. Yes, shoggoths. Creatures whom's deadly slime can burn through the toughest armor. Creatures that can give even riagor a run for his money.

    Shoggoths were once understood, sophisticated creatures under the monarchy of the shoggoth overlord. This all changed... one day...

    Several many years ago, while the humans were still settling in and the elves could bask in their glory safely. Before, even, when the portal at the Mist Temple allowed the Demon Lords to come through. Right, you get the point.

    The shoggoth country took up alot of the southern continent, almost two-thirds in fact. Drache City was at constant war with them over land. The shoggoth army was nearly impeccable. Among it, there were shoggoth sorcerers, conjurers, warriors, invincibles, dreadnoughts and commanders. Drache City was at a state of poverty. They couldn't handled it.

    When Drache City was destroyed and swept away, the humans had already conquered most of all of the lands, except for some. North, across the sea, Samhoc was being built. The shoggoths wanted to rule it, so across the sea they went, flying in their Invincibles and sailing in their Dreadnoughts. Now, this may seem a little far-fetched, but shoggoths were quite smart back then. Genius, in fact, compared to the greatest Naga Librarians. Once the shoggoths landed outside the near-complete kingdom of Samhoc, the king's advisor rushed up into the castle.

    "Sire! Sire!" yelled the advisor in utmost panic, "Sire! Sire!" The king sat back, and glared at him. "What?" said the king firmly, putting his hand to his chin. "S-Some d-demonic black th-things are ou-outside S-Samhoc sire!" began the advisor, "They s-seem to w-want to f-fight!"

    The king gave a belly laugh, and said laughing, "Demons? We can deal with them! Send out the warriors!" "B-but sire..." began the advisor, but the king glared at him menacingly. "Y-y-yes, sire!!" and with that, the advisor bounded out the door.

    Meanwhile, outside Samhoc, the shoggoths were getting prepared for the war. Once all the king's warriors were outside the city and ready to fight, one shoggoth swiped a tentacle at a general in front. The general lay on the ground, screaming and writhing in agony. "Curse you all! I hope you all go to hell!!!" shouted the general, and as his final words fell, he died.

    The armies charged, and the humans were, though not quite outnumbered, outstrengthed. Although Samhoc was famous for its mages, no mages are ever in the war. This led to their downfall.

Chapter 2 -- Gone In A Day

    Flames flew through the air, slime slipped across the plain, humans lie on the ground either dead of freeze, burn or acid. They had to order some sort of retreat. But how? These deadly war harbringers would storm the city soon after, and there would be nowhere to be retreated to! They had to think fast, but as a famous general of the Minath Elion army once said: "You aren't paid to think, you're paid to fight." And fight is what they did.

    Of course, the humans failed miserably. However, the king had one more trick up his sleeve... the ace in the hole, as he called it. That morning, around daybreak, while the shoggoths were fast asleep, the king called together an emergency meeting to discuss the situation.

    "Alright," began the supreme meeting advisor, "Before the emergency meeting we will reread last emergency meetings emergency minutes. Any emergency questions?" "Right..." began someone, "What last Emergency Meeting? We had no last emergency meeting!" "Erm..." said the Supreme Meeting Advisor, "Nevermind. Instead, we will discuss the emergencies. I say we attack the demons right now!" "N-No good," piped up the King's Royal Advisor, "Th-they have light-lightning fast re-reflexes!" Everyone murmured, and there was a moment of silence. "Well," said the king, "I know what we should do. We should call out our mages!"

    And indeed, the mages were forced to accept the deal. They stationed themselves in the towers around Samhoc, and shot bursts of magic at the stirring army. The result was destructive.

    The shoggoths rampaged through the city, destroying almost all houses along the southern part of the city, save the tavern and Mages Guild. The King urged the mages to keep fighting! The king was becoming more of a tyrant than ever! Then... it happened...

    An earthquake shook the city, and everything froze for a moment. A huge rip in the earth appeared and out came one bony hand... one huge, bony, claw. An undead paw, to be precise. Quite murkily, a deadly Arch Dracolich emerged from the hole. It's roar was ear-shattering. It's two pets, Dracoliches, came out beside it.

    The war was all about destruction from then on.

    The entire city was reduced to rubble, and the shoggoths failed to return home.

Chapter 3 -- The Aftermath

    As a result, the shoggoths and reserve shoggoth warriors at home couldn't protect themselves from the Minath Elion attack that took place soon after. The hidden shoggoth empire was reduced to rubble.

    shoggoths then spoke less and less amongst each other, until, no more. They spoke almost none until, at last, they found a home.

    In the most unlikely place.

    A wildlife reserve.

    Here, it was all about survival of the fittest for the 30 of them that migrated. They tried to steer clear of wanderers, for you never know...

    When an arrow might pierce your heart...

    They tried to combat the dragonflies, which they succeeded with...


    And, something bizarre happened to another home of the shoggoths...

    A place of flora... and fauna...

Chapter 4 -- Floriana

    The flourishing, cultivating town of Floriana was another home of the shoggoths. Shoggoths seemed to like to live in places where it might seem ironic. They, alongside the titans, guarded four separate towers and keys. It seemed ideal for their powerful selves... but the titans feared the shoggoths. And the minotaurs scoffed at them.

    This usually resulted in a fight in which the shoggoths would win. It wasn't wise to deal with shoggoths... then...

    Soon later, three new adventurers trekked to Floriana. They were known as Troweiz, Wurm and Dearrow. Now, they each had come for a separate reason. For Wurm, Wurm always liked games. So he came for the trading card game and to make his own rare trading cards. He liked things like that.

    Troweiz was all about money and adventure. He wanted to see a rare shoggoth for, as you can imagine, they were rare. Quite rare.

    Dearrow wanted to kill the shoggoths. This he succeeded at...mostly.

    A shoggoth had attacked him, and his friend Wurm wouldn't let this go unnoticed. Actually, Dearrow was taken by suprise. With a leap and an inhale, a dragonbreath spewed around the tower. Killing two shoggoths and a minotaur, yes.

    But melting a very important energy crystal.

    Meanwhile, Troweiz had taken a picture of a shoggoth, and was looking for a demon lord. "Great scott!" and "My word!" were his exclamations upon seeing the great beast of terror. Wurm and Dearrow made short work of the monstrous atrociousity.

    As Wurm, a famous Serpent-Lich Naga Mage, picked his teeth with some Demon Lord bones after gorging himself on the rest of the body, said to Dearrow, "Y'know, we are really to lazy. We need to stop killing and earn some money." "Yeah," said Dearrow, "ever thought about skinning?" The two thought and wondered about how to get some moo-lah. The two were lazy, and only liked killing things, and eating the victim's corpses. Well, only Wurm liked to eat the corpses but still, they needed money.

    "Er-hem!" said Troweiz, and the two lazy murderers looked at him, "I have money. Lots of it. You should test new worlds from the wizards. It pays well." Wurm grinned like a cheshire cat, "Ahhh, let's say my reputation with most active wizards isn't too..." he snickered, "Glamorous."

    Their words fell, and the earth beneath them rumbled. For some reason Wurm felt the strangest sense of déja-vù. Wurm and Dearrow gasped. They must've done something wrong! As some person at the Black Rose Arena once said, "Dragonbreathing everywhere is not exactly a bad idea, but it isn't really a good idea."

    The three escaped the city, and Floriana was gone before their eyes. They had witnessed destruction before... but never expected happen here.

The End