The Pixie

by Uriah

There once was a pixie who loved to rhyme,
To twiddle to chat and even to chime,
Some strangers asked "Lead the forest way,"
But alas!
To the pixie it was nothing but play.

So the pixie led them to and fro,
Driving them to their deaths,
They were weak, and hungry, and prepared to die,
But alas!
The young one started to cry.

The pixie realized what he had done,
He tried to beg forgiveness,
"First lead us out of this dreaded forest,"
So alas!
The pixie sang on in chorus.

So the pixie led them out of the wood,
Again he begged forgiveness,
But instead they had hacked off his wings,
So alas!
Now they sang on in chorus.

They left the pixie there for dead,
Bragging to all about it,
So there he lay, but did he die?
I'm that pixie!
And I say "Nigh!"

"And my wings have just about grown back too."