Raiding the Castle

by Reebee


he cool light of the moon crept up on the hills beneath Blackrose City. As the light brushed Reebee's scaly skin, her darker side awoke from the banishment of light and began to take over. Stealthily, she shifted to a cobra for speed and from her magical Sokoban pouch, pulled out an amulet of the eagle, slipped it around her neck and pulled it tight. No eager young PK player would suspect an innocent cobra, and she relished the amazing flight speed she achieved with its aerodynamic body.

    She was particularily irritable because of an unfruitful search for cloth agility helms throughout the lands of Wyvern. So, she felt like going to her old favorite haunt-

Omizara. She hadn't been there in quite some time, but all the same expected a good hunt and some pretty loot too.

    She launched into the air and soon was in flight. She set a course southeast and soon was zooming across the ocean. She passed Zypheria like it was but a tree in the landscape. Soon, she spotted her destination.

Vesimas! The ancient city of the Nagas...her old home. She skidded into the entrance, sending up a spray of ocean water in the faces of a few younger nagas, most likely after the wild serpents and dragons in the caves. She had no such target....although she was intrested in a little easy experience. Once on the watery paths of Nagatown, she shifted to her naga form. It was a symbol of her nature, half fairylike, pastel and beautiful, and half sinister, with darker skin than a demon lord's and a set of poison tipped claws on her hand. The younger nagas around her stared at this sight, and soon gasped again at the next. Reebee shifted Hydra, the most powerful form a naga could achieve. It had five sleek necks topped with five powerful sets of teeth, all armored with a hide that only the most powerful fire spells could penetrate. Reebee stuck each head into her bag and put on her amulet of the eagle, an amulet of free action, her Medal of Honor and two greater vitality amulets. She put on her hats, wiggled into her girdle and shook herself. She then flew somewhat ungainly toward the Department of Transportation in the corner of Vesimas.

    There was a special teleporter in the center of the building that looked like burning lava. She slithered slowly over to it and rested her girth upon it. She invoked the power of the teleporter, which required the use of her Medal of Honor. She was swirled into a vortex that bore her slowly down beneath the waves of Nagatown. When Reebee next opened her eyes, she was in Omizara, the city of undines. The sight of the undines made Reebee's evil awaken. Hissing, she charged towards the closest one and attacked, ripping a watery arm off. It retaliated, trying to icestorm Reebee, but the pathetic spell bounced off her hide and the undine tried to flee. Reebee quickly attacked again with another head and the Undine fell. The undine's body fell upon the water and dissolved into it. Reebee hissed in irritation but kept her slaughter up. She could eat later. Soon, her path of destruction brought her to the doorstep of a gigantic castle. It seemed run-down, but the air of it suggested that someone, or something both enormous and filthy rich had once lived inside the huge corridors. What?

She slid onto the doorstep and went in.

    Soon, even Reebee felt small. The walls were nearly three times her height, and she was no pixie. Nothing in the realm of Wyvern was taller than her except demon lords, riagors, and the occasional huge monster that unwisely decided to attack this world. Yet....whatever creature made its home here was far larger than her. Oooh, a challenge. The hall she was in went in two directions. She sniffed towards the right and decided to go that way. She slithered quietly down the hall until she was interrupted by another undine. No problem, she thought. But this one was hostile. Right away, it fired a blast of the freezing icicles at Reebee. She didn't even try to dodge it, she stood her ground and prepared to give the undine a real shock. But, instantly, she felt something was wrong.

    Pain! A burning like she had not felt since a fell red dragon had crisped her five times with dragon breath while Reebee was still a young dragonet. The ice shredded her faces, ripping long wounds that pierced her twelve-inch hide. Reebee let out a mighty hiss and charged. That one blast had taken out a fourth of her life, and she did not intend to let the undine try it again. Blood running down her necks, she quickly slammed into the undine. The undine was crushed under her body, or so she thought. The thing was squirming, and successfully managing to shove her off of its legs. Squirming? This undine was solid! She was surprised for one of the few times in her long life. Reebee's five heads simultaneously twitched and focused on the undine's neck. The beast showed no fear...unnerving her to no end. These undines were far more powerful than any she had ever encountered. Her five hungry mouths dove at once towards the undine's pulsating neck. They each ripped and tore at the surprisingly tasty but bloodless flesh, and swallowed each chunk whole. Its dying hands desperately tried to form a frost wave but the spell quickly melted into a pool around its limp body. Reebee arose from her snack, forced down a healing potion to heal her burning slashes, and continued.

    She approached the next hallway carefully. As she snuck around the corner, she saw three of those monsters lined up for her. Good. The first one had only caught her by surprise, but had been fairly easy to kill. She charged from around the corner and tackled the first one. She slid off of its slippery body and quickly began to circle it. The undine tried to icestorm her again, but she was prepared, and quickly dodged it. As she circled the beast, she looked for an opportunity to destroy it. It came as the undine tried to invoke a frost shield. She leaped on it and quickly tore it apart with three heads. The other two heads had spotted one undine who had been attracted by the action. It arrived as Reebee had been ripping the first one, and the two heads immediately began attacking it. This one was stupid, it hadn't the sense to attack her while she was busy with the first undine. The two heads by themselves had no trouble with the stupid beast. That left the third one.....but wait....

    A majestic set of spiral stairs caught her eye. That seemed more intresting than the now rather boring undines. She slithered up two flights of stairs and found herself facing three gigantic undine warriors. They were at their sharpening stones, weapon racks, etc. A rather strange undines generally didn't have much intelligence in Reebee's opinion. Each one turned their heads at the strange sight before them. A terrible set of ten eyes...five drooling jaws full of foot-long teeth, and a scaly wintergreen hide that gleamed eerily in the candlelight of the tower.

Yet...they flinched not. Quickly, almost too quickly for Reebee to follow, each warrior took up his weapon and fell upon Reebee.

    The blood was incredible. The warriors were not only strong, but their weapons were enchanted with unholy strength and sharpness. Once again, Reebee was surprised. Her tail writhed in pain, as her necks had the good sense to get out of the way and had left the tail unprotected. The blood spurted and splashed around the walls, and Reebee quickly retreated down the stairs.

    She gasped in pain and surprise once again. She quickly downed six healing potions to restore her life. She had been down to nearly one tenth of her life. A new rage filled her being. Those undines would not humiliate her.....

    Ready for nearly anything, her rage drove her up the stairs. Once again facing the three terrors, she let out a piercing scream. It was one of the few spells she had bothered to learn, because she would have rather put her skill into more unarmed fighting. The force of the five head's shriek drove the undines into a maddened fear, and Reebee, not wanting to face them while they were angry, quickly ripped the undine closest to the door into globs of watery gut. The second one fared no better, being beheaded by one quick flick of one of Reebee's head. Her powerful neck muscles rippled as she tore the third into shreds.

    The tower was now nicely decorated with splotches of blue-green splats of muscle, tendon, and meat. The carcasses of the defeated undines stood forfeit to Reebee's looting. These things were obviously protecting something greater in the castle....and Reebee was no idiot. If these things could play tic-tac-toe on her hide, then there was no telling what greater power awaited in the rest of the castle. She knew she would not be raiding the castle again until she was more skilled....Besides, she had got her fill of killing and the sun was rising through the muddy windows...

    Reebee's nicer side awoke at the first morning light. Technically, she had always been aware, just not fully awake. She understood the heavy loot on her back, the painful lashes on her tail and sides, and her aching tiredness. She dragged her store of weapons confiscated from the undine warriors to the nearby armor store. She sold everything for the usual pittance, and thanked the undine store manager. Mmmm...undine.....wait.

    Reebee shook her five heads and turned to look at the store's woefully small inventory. And what do you know.....there on the ground lay a jaunty cap of agility. It turned out, the castle and its accursed city had offered something worthwhile after all.