by Lugio

Wyvern was calm, qiet and still
Slowly and quickly a cold bitter chill
Rolled over the mountains and down past the hill
Violently it howled as tho wanting to kill.

It brought with it clouds big, thick and grey
It covered the sun and was no longer day
And as the tall towering trees began to sway
Small little white things began to fall, and lay.

The nobles of wyvern all watched in wonder
As these thick clouds released no rain, nor thunder
This strange stuff covered the plains, hills and blunder
But when near heat they began to sunder.

Then a wise old philosopher walking quite slow
Came walking over with his head held low
He examined the white stuff and said "it is snow"
Then told the nobles what they ought to know.

The word came in from far away
That other places had snow on the very same day
It was safe for the children to joyfully play
They played their games in their own special way.

Soon it will be gone, its not here to stay
The children don't want it to go away
And if it does they cannot play
For all this happened on a cold winters day.