Evils of Wyvern

by Lugio

Deep in the thickness off the forests of the southern continent lies a cave. A cave so dark and damp that no living being has ever entered, and returned...

Deep inside the cave there is a flame, a flame that flickers in the gentle breeze that drifts through the cave leaving a bitter chill. But the flame is mounted on a wooden object, perhaps a torch or some orcish device, and to the left a thin narrow passage leading who knows where?

To a hall, the walls are made of skulls, the floor of skin and in the middle a huge oak table, resting on it are goblets, golden goblets filled with blood and the remains of some meat. Bones lie nearby with not a trace of meat on them.

Travel down the great hall and you come to a ledge, looking out of it you see ... thousands of fell beasts of every description, motionless and silent facing to the same direction, towards a powerful sorceror which goes by the name of Eldrith.

He is the leader of all beasts and is plotting ... plotting revenge on the world of Wyvern, he will lead these beasts to battle, to the kingdom and then who will protect you?