Legolas' Army

by Kiet

F or the longest time the Elves of which resided in the legendary land of Wyvern had been taunted, teased and looked down upon by other players. Kiet, born in the 3rd year of the second age, was going along in a cave near Davos when he heard shouting from above. "Help me I'm blind!" one would cry. He shrugged this off and kept on tracking through the dungeon. Seconds later he heard another cry, "Help me I'm an elf". Many laughed at this with cruel jokes, making remarks such as "I feel more sorry for the elf". 'How dare they!?' he asked himself. He vowed revenge.

Kiet was journeying several days later when he heard a player state "I've killed the Elf King". It was a dwarf. A dwarf of all creatures! The ones truly looked "down" upon (though not as much as halflings). This was followed by swift action. Kiet contacted his elven friend Legagsan and pixie friend, Fairyfire and formed an elvish army and they gathered six elves as soldiers. Kiet, Fairyfire, Legagsan, Yuiyui, Anneke, and Robinn founded this great alliance. They set out to protect the elvish name. But a name for the army remained. Remembering the elven wizard Legolas they declared the army "Legolas' Army" to defend their land.

Chapter 1: The Defeat at Blackrose