The Way to Aquator

by HyrdracZ

A s the rooster crows, the sun arises, sunlight shining through the inn's windows. HydracZ woke up, yawning as he rubbed his eyes, his vision still blurry. He slithered his way out of the room, as he greeted the innkeeper with a smile. He then shifted into a hydra as he put on his amulets and his armor on, preparing for another day of adventure.

    He slid out of the inn, his five heads doing some excersise. as he heard a call not far from furthur down the road, he saw his friend Zega, the powerful hydra, famed amongst adventurers. So they began chatting for awhile till a sudden roar of thunder erupted, lightning flashing through the sky. They had then decided to enter the nearby tavern for a drink. After ordering a drink from the barmaid, they continued their chat. "So..." said Zega, "How about we try to take the Aquator down today? I heard that there are great treasures to be found." HydracZ responded "Have you lost your mind?! I'm too weak to battle Aquator, I'd probably just get killed!" Zega then chuckled "Don't worry, besides, I'll just pay for your resurrections." After listening to Zega's glib but yet convincing tongue, HydracZ finally agreed to it.

    Three hours had passed, and the rain had gotten heavier instead of the bright sunshine they had expected, they had decided not to waste anymore time, and go after Aquator. They bought some armor, potions and wands, arming themselves properly before going for the big fight. After Zega and HydracZ had spent thousands of gold pieces equipping, they prepared, flying towards Vesimas, at speeds of more than a league a minute. After they arrived there, they saw fish swimming in the water, as gloomy as usual.

    They prepared pouches which contained potions of healing, full healing, elixers with them, wands with plenty of charges. HydracZ's five heads gulped down a large amount of saliva, hoping for the best. They both walked down, fear penetrating through HydracZ's body...

to be continued...