The Darkness Returns

by Choasnaga

A small dwarf named Kiv ran through an ancient pyramid, followed by mummies and undead priests. He screamed 'Ahhhh! Why did I ever come down here without my healing potions! I'm not strong enough!' He ran into a small room and shut the door, and could hear the giant mummies and priests banging on it and casting spells on it. 'Gordul!'* (* Dwarvish for 'gods save us') he shouted 'I must flee!' He ran down the hall and took several turns. After a while he was lost and it was dark, he had forgotten his way. He saw a light at the end of a hallway and said 'Great! Light! Maybe it's a torch.'

He ran up to it and grabbed the torch, but he noticed it was burning purple and green. He looked where he grabbed it from and said 'Ah, runes. I will get my mage friends.' Suddenly, several mages appeared in the corridor and said 'What is it, Kiv?' He said 'Can you translate these runes, please?' A particularly talented one said 'This is disturbing. Allow me to translate for you:

In order to summon the beast
You must first lay him out a feast
Of humans that are still living
But first you must prove yourself giving

'Okay, now the rhyming ends' he said.
'You must kill Suketh, the god of chaos.
You must lay his bones in a pentagon
With his skull in the middle.'

'Looks kinda worn.' said Kiv.

'Don't worry, I can still read it.'

'I suppose it means a summoned beast we can use to take my vengeance on those foolish paladins. Let's do it.'

He and his mage friends teleported to where Suketh was and swiftly killed him, even though two of the mages were turned into lifeless statues. Kiv was about to be attacked by a shoggoth, and his clever mage friend threw a few handfuls of salt on the shoggoth. It turned into a lifeless lump of shog dust in less than a second, and the air was filled with its horrible shrieking. A green cloud lay over the shog dust. All the remaining mages shot a blizzard at Suketh, which combined and froze him. Kiv only had to poke him, and he fell into pieces except for his bones. He arranged them and his mage friends summoned some juicy newbies that they tied and bound. There was a chanting of a demonic sort coming from everywhere in the air, and soon a giant portal came from above Suketh's bones. There was a vacuum, and all but the smartest of Kiv's mage friends got sucked in. The electrical field of the portal quickly fried them, and their ashes fell on the bones of Suketh.

Finally, Kiv saw a tail coming out. 'Its all black and red. what manner of creature is this?' After a while, the entire tail came out. It seemed this creature had no legs, just a giant tail. He saw zombified green flesh next, and he then saw arms, huge wings, and flaming hair. Finally, he was completely out, and he was at least 3 meters high when sitting on his tail. He said 'Who has summoned me from my eternal prison?' Kiv squeaked 'Me' in a very soft voice. His mage friend just sat there, with open-eyed horror. The demon said 'You! You trapped me in that void all those years ago!' He shot several skulls from his hand, which turned the mage into a lifeless skeleton, ripped off his flesh, and tore his robes. Kiv said 'Erm. did I do anything?' the demon said 'Fool! Flee, or I shall toss your lifeless corpse on your friends!' Kiv then noticed the demon suck the life out of the newbies, they looked the exact same as his mage friend. Soon they were all gone and he roared 'I am choas! I will rule this world again as I had so many years ago!' and his arms spit into 5 parts, his tail split into 3 parts, and he started to grow larger and larger, until he was about 5 times his beginning size. At that point, 8 of his arm shreds turned into heads and thickened, 2 became razor-sharp claws, and his 2 tail shreds turned into 2 stump-like legs.

Kiv stared in awe for a second, but said 'That's a hydra! But not like any I have seen before! It has wings, legs, arms, and 4 extra heads! That's like the mythical hydra in Greek legends!' Choas then heard him, and shot dragon breath down the hall with all 9 of his heads. Kiv escaped with 1 arm burnt to a lump of carbon. He remembered something else on the wall he was reading the runes off of. something about how to defeat him... but choas had already flown through the roof and made the pyramid fall. When Kiv finally cleared the rubble, he noticed Suketh's bones were gone. He recalled seeing choas shoot some green skulls into the bones, and they suddenly reformed and. had choas brought Suketh back to life as a zombie?

Coming soon: Part 2: Shoggie stew and humans too!