Drows of Chaos

by Cairpre


T he elves have always been a race of love. They love the forest and all of its creatures. They love the night's sky and its mystical constellations. They love everything beautiful. They love everything that stands for good.

    But this may be the very reason they have kept secrets from the rest of the world. These secrets are so dark that they dare not reveal them to the other races. But they have good reason.

    At first it was only a rumor. None but the wisest elves knew very much about it. The rumor was that there was another elvish race. The discovery of a race would not usually have been so mysterious, but in this case, it was different.

    It seemed that there was another race of elves. But these were nothing like the other elves. They did not love the forest and its creatures. They did not love the night's sky and its constellations. They did not love everything beautiful, and the certainly did not love everything that stands for good. For this race was a race of dark elves. Most called them "drows."

    When word got out to the other races of the world, the elves began denying that these drows existed. They dismissed it as a rumor and nothing more. Soon humans and dwarves began sighting creatures that looked like elves, but darker and more sinister. Their white hair and their glowing blue eyes against their black and gray skin made them look very frightening.

    After ages of these sightings, the elves began denying the existence of the drows less and less. Soon, drows began roaming the lands of Wyvern in search of adventure just like the other races.

Chapter 1

    I walked down King's Road on my way to Alaria. Today seemed to be an ordinary day in the lands of Wyvern. The sun shined down on my face, the light breeze tousling the locks of my hair. I took a deep breath, savoring the smell of the fragrant air.

    But then I saw something odd out of the corner of my eye. Slowly, I left King's Road and approached the woods. Looking closer, I realized that it was a sleeping unicorn. What a rare pleasure, a unicorn right off of King's Road, I thought to myself.

    Careful not to wake the creature, I crept closer. A twig snapped under my foot, but the noise did not seem to waken the unicorn. I was almost standing next to the unicorn when I felt something wet on my foot. I was standing in a puddle of silver liquid. Unicorn blood!

    I knelt beside the dying creature and examined its wounds. It seemed as if claws had ripped open its side. My eyes scanned the rest of the body and stopped on his neck. Blood was seeping out of several rows of small holes. Looking closer, I recognized them as bite marks.

    Very few creatures would dare do a deed like this, I thought. Only the most evil of creatures could bring themselves to harm such a creature. I watched helplessly as the unicorn drew its last breaths. Somberly, I walked away from the sad scene.

    At first I suspected that an evil Rakasha had done this. What other intelligent creature has sharp fangs and claws? Yet I could not bring myself to believe that a Rakasha killed the unicorn. It had to have been something much more sinister, evil.

    The words sinister and evil triggered an immediate reaction in my mind- Drow. Yet I was forced to dismiss this possibility because there were no Drows with such claws or teeth. Still, the thought remained in the back of my mind.

    After my errand in Alaria, I headed back home to Almien. It was a horribly long trek and soon my feet began to ache. I let out a sigh of relief as I saw that I was almost at the shoreline. There sat my boat, right where I had tied it.

    A cool breeze started up so I stowed the oars and unfurled the sails. In no time, I was nearing Almien. The leaves of the golden trees shimmered like gold in the waning light of the setting sun. I reached the shore and tied up my boat.

    I stood at the shore looking across the ocean and admiring its beauty until I was prompted to get inside when the cool breeze picked up to a cold wind. I wrapped my cloak wrapped around my shoulders, shielding myself from the wind, and headed home.

    The wooden planks creaked beneath my feet and the golden trees swayed in the wind. I shivered, for the bitter cold penetrated even my elven cloak. The cold began to plunge into my soul, and extinguished what good spirit I had left in me. But then, as abruptly as it had started, the wind stopped.

    "I haven't felt such a sensation in ages...a bad omen."

Chapter 2