The Story of Jessika

by Arthios

I t was a day of rest for Arthios, as the week that lay behind him lay in killing monsters, collecting treasure, and trying to show his creativity. Someday he hoped to catch the notice of the wizards and become one him self. "Today will be a nice day," he said aloud.He always had a plan for everything. Even when eating, he would pick which parts to eat first. He would always go to things.

But not today. This time, he would let things, come to him. As he strolled from Fae Wyston, he wondered what could happen on a beautiful day like this. He scrounged through his backpack and tore out his boots of water walking. When he had reached land, his thoughts turned to where he would go. Zypheria, maybe? Or even Vesimas? As he thought and thought, there was a loud boom of a voice on the air. "You feel the temperature rise but a few degrees..." "What was that?" he thought, "Where is heat...oh no! My hometown, Rakshasa Harmya!" Arthiosran as fast as he could to the island of Rakshasas. When he arrived, all was in chaos. Volcanoes spewing lava everywhere; monsters all around. To him, that meant trouble. Arthios looked for all the monsters. He found 2 fire giants, 3 dark elves, 2 huge spiders, and.... uh oh. Archus, prince of the rogue drow! Arthios helped all the greatest mages and fighters from across the land kill all the other monsters and started on Archus. He got a few very good hits on him, but to no avail.

None of the other warriors killed him either. And when everyone thought he was almost dead, POW! Everyone was banished! Arthios was banished to the outskirts of Wyvern, Glacier Point. Luckily, there was a hot air balloon sitting near there. He hopped in it and flew back to Archus. Everyone tried and tried but no-one could defeat him. There was no hope for the warriors that tried. Archus would take over the land. Nothing could stop him. But suddenly, out of nowhere, came Jessika! Jessika pounced on Archus and tossed him about like a toy. She landed a fatal slash across his belly and stole the rare and valuable item from his pouch.

Very few witnessed that day. And the few that did, try to tell it to their friends, but no-one will believe. They say Jessika only comes once a year, but the witnesses know different. And if that really wasn't Jessika who killed Archus, like the non-believers say, who has the rare item that he had? We'll never know.