The Secret

by Arnok

I t was a dark stormy night...BOOM!! The lightning flash revealed me... Arnok the little halfling... I was running towards the house across the plains, splashing towards the puddles, I slipped and got up mumbling curses under my breath. I finally got to the house it was an elf house that was for sure. I peeked through the door, and sure enough there were a couple of green, wood, warrior elves.

    I blasted through the door, shot some fireballs and ran towards them. They were nearly dead but... they were still alive and that was not good enough, I killed them by attacking them. I looted the corpses got a couple of items off them. Then I went beside the fireplace and fell asleep straight away.

    When I awoke the next morning, I thought to myself "Today I will explore." So I walked around after eating a bland but filling K-Ration. Later I found a cave and went in. I encountered several snakes, vipers, cobras and serpents. I killed these things almost without any trouble except for the serpents. I found an entrance and went in, inside were hydras and green dragons. I threw a lot of fireballs and blizzards at them till I cleared the land then turned a corner beat some more hydras, and waited to heal...

    I found an entrance beside the treasure the hydras were guarding. I went in and I found a horned devil racing towards me. I shot a fireball an blizzards at it, it died without trouble but I realized I had hit a skull as well. I made a goal to myself so that I would kill that skull. I kept going back an forth... here is how it went: shoot fireball or blizzard, run, meditate, run, shoot, run, meditate, etc...While I hit the skull I also hit a green dragon, shoggoth, hydra, greater shadow demon, black pudding. After I killed the skull, my next goal was to kill the shoggoth, and while I was at it I killed the rest of the beasts. Finally I killed it... I started to look around dark the room. I found another shoggoth! After I killed the extra shoggoths I found in the room, I felt like I was ready to take on just about anything. I certainly knew I was ready to learn more.

    I smiled at myself when I started to walk outside. I thought to my self: "I have found the secret of doing the impossible; to set a goal, then accomplish it." Outside I started to run towards the trainer hall in Minath Elion. I trained in some skills, and then gave myself a good long break under the shades of the trees thinking, "Watch out arch dracolich, here I come!"