Lands of Wyvern

The History of Wyvern

historical map

F or many lifetimes of men, the elder races lived peacefully in the lands of Wyvern, then known in elvish as Numen Arda ("Western Region"). The elves, the eldest of races, lived amongst the forests of the southern continent in Almien and Scihaya. The dwarves lived in the mountains of the north, eagerly mining for precious metals and jewels near the dwarvish city of Varak. There were occasional problems with orcs and other fell beasts, but peace ruled the lands.

It was said that strange creatures inhabited the woods, spritely but sometimes nefarious creatures known as pixies. Travelers through the woods were often tricked by their magics and wandered for years, unable to escape.

Other magical creatures inhabited the seas and islands. They worshipped their own gods, and from those gods received strange and fearsome powers, including the ability to change into mighty serpents or fierce jungle cats.

And though the elves denied it, it was said there were other elves, dark of heart, who hated the trees and living things almost as much as the elves loved and cherished them. They despised the woodland elves for mingling with other races.

E ventually humans came and settled on the shores of Wyvern. First in New Verden, near the sea, with good water for crops and nearby forests providing game. While the oldest of the human settlements, it never grew much beyond its simple beginnings as a village.

The short-lived humans spread quickly through the lands, founding the city of Alaria, spreading to the Western Isles and even founding a city in the frozen north. Human kings arose in the city of Samhoc, and as their kingdom and riches grew over a thousand years, so did their pride. The kings ruled with iron fist, and all who opposed them were cast into catacombs beneath the city. Some great evil was awakened, the earth shaken and torn asunder, and the city has lain in ruin ever since.

A new king eventually rose to rule the humans in the great city of Minath Elion. And for many years, peace again ruled the lands. But humans, ignorant of the lands around them, awoke new evils.

Fell beasts of every description, winged or breathing fire, or risen from the depths of the earth itself. Some were said to be the dead, awakened to fight for evil, and capable of draining the life from the living.

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The Guilds

To fight these evils, humans created the order of paladins. A holy order, it has has been the strongest defender of the free peoples of Wyvern for over 1,000 years. Noble warriors, they can call upon the power of the High Lord himself to battle evil.

The elves, caring little for the ways of humans, have long fought the evils of the land with a guild of archers, specially trained in the ways of living things, able to sense the very spirit of the forests and whether evil is about. They range over the woodlands, destroying evil and healing the land.

Others, perhaps learning from the pixies, or mixing with the elves or other magical races over the generations, eventually became powerful mages, able to draw power from the earth, the air, the water, and some even to draw upon the power of life and death itself.

And as is their wont, others used the chaos in the lands as an opportunity to enrich themselves. Waylaying travelers, stealing from towns, attacking trading ships at sea, they stole from all. Some eventually banded together for protection from the rulers of the land, and became a recognized guild of thieves. Most people still do not trust them, but even powerful rulers have been known to hire them for their special skills.

Seeing the advantages for training and support that a guild offered, more were formed, including guilds of axemen, cavemen, and masters of the art of unarmed combat, the monks.