Wyvern System Requirements

Network Connection

You have to be connected to the Internet in order to play Wyvern. Also, your computer has to have unrestricted access to network port 2222 on your computer. So:

Also, if you use AOL, your parental control settings must be set to "General Access", or Java will be disabled.

Network Speed

Wyvern plays best over a 64k or better connection - DSL, cable modem, or other broadband access.

You can also play over a 56k modem, and it should work just fine. We've done a lot of work to optimize the network protocol, so you shouldn't notice any lag with a 56k modem connected at 33k or better.

You can even play over a 28.8 modem, although you'll experience a tiny bit of lag after each move. We have at least one person playing over a 28.8 modem in Australia who claims it's not too bad.

The handheld clients will be able to play at even lower bandwidth (e.g. 19.2 kbps), since they have a smaller screen.

If you want to just log in and chat with people, you can do this:

  telnet opal.cabochon.com 2000

This will open a Telnet session to the game. You won't get a graphical view of the game, but you can talk to people and see messages from them. You can do this using a very slow connection and it will still work fine.


You should have at least a 233MHz computer with 64MB of RAM to play the game. With 96MB or more it should play even faster.

Operating System

The game client is known to run on the following platforms:

Macintosh Users:   Whenever the game asks you to right-click on something, use ctrl-click — it works the same as using the right mouse-button.

If you get the game working on another platform, please let us know.


Wyvern is a Java application, which means you have to have Java installed on your computer. You need at least Java 1.4.1 or newer. The Windows installer offers you the option of installing the latest Java on your computer during the installation.