Wyvern Support and Disclaimers


Right now, while we're in beta testing, there isn't much support. You can mail me (contact us) if you have questions or comments, and we will eventually set up mailing lists and/or newsgroups where other users can answer questions.

There are several dedicated Wizards on nearly around the clock. You're welcome to ask Wizards for help, but they're not required to help you. There are often Wizards on who are invisible, and you can shout "Are there any Wizards on? I need help." But there are no guarantees that anyone will respond.

There is lots of documentation on the website. There are tutorials, explanations, and policies. You should read as much of this website as you can, because it's your best resource for support. But the documentation on the website is not guaranteed to be in sync with the way the game actually works — sometimes we change things and forget to update the website.

The bottom line is: don't expect any support. I'll do my best, but there's only one of me.


Wyvern is offered as-is, with no warranty whatsoever, express or implied.

Cabochon reserves the right to make any changes to the game, with or without prior notice, at any time.

Fair warning - any of the following things may happen:

I've worked hard on this game, and I hope you enjoy it.

But it's free, so don't expect too much.