Wyvern — Old Screen Shots

Here's a collection of some screenshots from August 11, 2002 and August 2, 2003. The game has come a long way since then and will go a lot further with the hard work of talented wizards who strive to push boundries and break new ground.

Click on any image to see the enlarged version.

Newbie Village

Party in Minath Elion Tavern

Shopping in a Department Store

Rakshasa Harmya Town

Brifrost the Rainbow Bridge (9/02/2003)

Zifa's Workroom (9/02/2003)

Kupior's Workroom (9/02/2003)

Ice Caverns (9/02/2003)

Garignor's Mansion

Dragon's Den in Nagatown

Desert Village

Royal Chambers

Rakshasa Tavern

Minath Ruins

Newbie Village Tavern

A Mountain Pass

Mountain King Village

Minath Castle - High Tower

Aquator's Castle - Nagatown

Aquator's Castle - Nagatown

City of Havnor

Fighting in a Jungle

Rhialto's Workroom

Minath Elion, Elf District

New Verden after a snowstorm