Wyvern Handheld Client — Screen Shots

These screenshots were taken directly from the Sharp Zaurus and Compaq iPAQ PocketPC using screen capture applications.

Click here for screenshots of the Wyvern Desktop Client and the Map Editor.

Splash Screen. (Zaurus)
Disconnected Screen. (Zaurus)
Playing Sokoban. (Zaurus)
Near the elven village of Almien. (PocketPC)
Deep in the jungle. (Zaurus)
Firepad open, casting a spell. (Zaurus)
Inventory and Ground displays. (Zaurus)
Inventory display — widened. (Zaurus)
Inv display with popup menu. (Zaurus)
Having a conversation online. (PocketPC)
In a Zoo. (PocketPC)
In Rhialto's Workroom. (PocketPC)

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