Wyvern Handheld Client FAQ

Make sure you read the Quickstart Manual — it shows you how to use the Wyvern Handheld Client for maximum efficiency. You won't be a good player until you read it!

You should also read the Wyvern FAQ, which answers common questions about Wyvern itself.


That's it for the FAQ so far — nobody has asked me any other questions, but I'll be sure to add entries when they do!

Q: Does the Wyvern Handheld Client run on the Toshiba e740 PocketPC?

A: Not at this time.

You should encourage Toshiba to get a JVM for their device.

Q: Is this thing really free?

A: Yep!

You can download it and play as much as you want for free. It may not stay that way forever; see the Wyvern FAQ for more details.

Q: Why did you make a Handheld Client?

A: The Sharp Zaurus is a <em>really</em> cool PDA.

I bought one as soon as they came out. It comes with Linux pre-installed, as well as a bunch of extremely useful productivity applications, including email, web browsing, and some cool games.

It also supports Java applications, which made it possible (but not easy!) to port the Wyvern client. The HP/Compaq iPAQ has the same Java support, so after the Zaurus client was written, running it on the iPAQ was trivial.

More and more handheld devices support Java these days, including some cool new cellular phones, and the newer Palm Pilot devices coming out next year. Wyvern's going to be everywhere by 2003!

Q: Did someone pay you to write the Wyvern Handheld Client?

A: Nope, although that would have been nice.

I wrote a skeletal, barely-functional version of the client in April 2003. I heard about the JPDA Competition and decided I was going to turn it into a world-class application. That turned out to be harder than I'd anticipated, since the better it got, the more of a perfectionist I became. I wound up working on it for about 2 months, full-time.

Sharp released a developer's kit and some documentation that made it pretty straightforward to get started. Anyone can write apps for the Zaurus, in C++/Qt or PersonalJava.

Q: Are you going to write a C++ client?

A: Possibly, if it's popular.

The Wyvern network protocol certainly supports it. A C++ client would be a little faster and a little smoother. The Java one seems to work fine, though, so I don't have any plans for a C++ version this year.

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